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from Bill Huber


Snow finally arrived earlier this month and was a welcomed change to the past few months.  As you recall, back in November, I mentioned our weatherman predicted no snow until late January or early February and at the time, who would have thought the weatherman would have gotten it right.  My good friend, Danny Z, said Mr. Weather should get an immediate promotion because he sure nailed it.
The Club is looking forward to introducing the membership to our new website which we will launch on Monday, February 2, 2015 at our monthly meeting.  Our new site will offer tools and capabilities not offered on our previous site.  We are fortunate to have Josh Bell, an enthusiastic new board member leading this effort.  If you have ideas or see something missing please let Josh know what we can do to make this new site more useful to our membership.
As many of you now know the Federal Subsistence Board announced the approval to use gillnets on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers from June thru August. The Alaska Dispatch News did a great job describing the situation and potential impact to the salmon and rainbows on the river.  To read more click on this link:http://www.adn.com/article/20150125/subsistence-gillnets-alaskas-kenai-kasilof-rivers-get-go-ahead.  In the next several weeks there will be letter writing campaigns encouraging Alaska Residents and those concerned to write the Subsistence Board to reconsider their decision. I hope we all can support this important request to protect the King, Rainbow, and Dollie Fisheries on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. This is a bigger issues than just the Red Salmon!
Finally, we continue our planning efforts for another outstanding Spring Auction, Great Outdoor Show, Fly Fishing Seminar, and Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T).  Club Members interested in getting involved these exciting activities should contact a Board Member so we can put you in touch with the Project Coordinator.
As always, keep the lines clean and the fish on!
Bill Huber
AFF President

Located in South East Alaska, Prince of Wales Island (POW) is the fourth largest island in the U.S. To those who know the Island's many rivers and streams, you will the talk little about the steelhead fishing available. For those who know the island's many rivers and streams, you will hear little talk about the steelhead fishing available. POW has several charming towns and miles of road to explore. Lee says this is an excellent location for a "dow it yourself" steelhead adventure. 

Lee Kuepper along with his partner, Paul Tornow own and operate a Kenai River guide service, Alaska's Angling Addiction. Lee and Paul have also made an annual trek to POW for steelhead over the last four or 5 years. 

Lee will be our presenter at our Monday, February 2, 2015 meeting. Lee will present almost everything you'll need to know to make a successful journey to POW for its famed steelhead. If you are interested in this little spoken of region of Alaska and fishing its coastal streams for steelhead, you won't want to miss Lee's presentation.


from Ben Rowell


The 2015 AFF Annual Auction is April 17th.  Members are welcome to add new or like new fly fishing gear and accessories into the silent auction, cash and carry, and live auctions. So think about what you would like to include in the auction now and look for the auction schedule in the March Fly Lines. 
It takes hard working volunteers to pull of a great auction. There are volunteers opportunities the weeks leading up to the auction and on auction day. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me at rowell.benjamin@gmail.com
Thank you,
Ben Rowell, Auction Coordinator
from Damond Blankenship


The rod building class meets on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:45 pm at the Educational Building at BP. If you have a rod you started, or a rod you would like to repair, you are welcome to join! The address is 900 E. Benson Blvd. Please call Damond at 351-6810 for more details.


Co2ld Waters - Official Trailer
Co2ld Waters - Official Trailer

Fly Fishing Film Tour - March 26th Bear's Tooth Theater & Pub


 by Bill Hauser

Fish Teeth

by Bill Hauser



Did you ever catch a northern pike or a pickerel and tell someone about it? Or can you recall a discussion about northern pike? Sooner or later there is a reference to the teeth that are packed into the mouth of a northern pike. (It's hard to not talk about teeth if you are talking about northern pike.) I've heard some say that northern pike have about a thousand teeth. Now, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but he also referred to how sharp the teeth are and how easily they will cut you up. Now that part is not an exaggeration!


Why are the teeth and mouth of a northern pike so different from a trout or salmon's mouth and teeth? The mouth and teeth of a salmonid are designed to be more "multipurpose" than those of a northern pike. In other words, the northern pike is more "specialized" as a predator whereas a salmon or trout is designed to take advantage of more different kinds of foods.  The trout or salmon can catch a minute zooplankton organism, pluck a nymph from the stream bottom or catch a smaller fish.


Read more!

Do you have a question for FISH TALK? 
Contact Bill at karelbill@gci.net


Bill recently published Fishes of the Last Frontier, Life Histories, Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska Fishes and previously, Letters from Alaska, the Inside to the Outside


from Chad Gage

Alaska Fly Fishers 2015 Fly Tying Contest


Josh Browning - 2014 Winner, Advanced Streamers

I will be out of town for the February general meeting, Jolynne Howard will be accepting flies for the 2015 Fly Tying Competition. Keep in mind that the deadline for submissions to this years competition is at the end of the tying clinic on February 21st and the winners will be announced at the March general meeting.


Contest Dates: December 20, 2014 through February 21, 2015


Rules and Contest Information:

  • Entrants must either be a member of, or related to a member of, the Alaska Fly Fishers Club or the Midnight Sun Fly Casters Club of Fairbanks.
  • There are three divisions:
    • Youth Division: 15 years of age or younger
    • Adult Division: 16 years of age or older
    • Advanced Division: Open to all members. Anyone who has previously won this division, or the adult division, in the last 3 years is encouraged to enter this division.
  • There are 4 categories:
    • Dry Fly
    • Mouse Pattern
    • Streamer
    • Nymph / Emerger
  • All flies will become the property of the Alaska Fly Fishers and will be used for fundraising for the club or donated to charitable causes.
  • Members may enter up to 10 flies in total, in no more than any 2 categories. Youth members may enter 1 fly in any category.
  • Each fly must be accompanied by two 3x5 index cards, specific with the following information:
    • Card 1 - Category of Entry, Fly Name, Name of Entrant including address, phone number, and email address
    • Card 2 - Name of Fly with a detailed tying recipe
  • All entries must be packaged so that minimum handling is required prior to judging
  • The final date and time for all entries is February 20, 2015 at 3 pm.
  • Entries can be delivered in person to Chad Gage at the club meetings on Jan. 5th or Feb 2nd , or at the fly tying clinics  on Dec. 20th, Jan. 17th, or Feb. 21st , or you may mail them:

Chad Gage

7201 Ticonderoga Pl.

Anchorage, AK 99502


**Note: The club is not responsible for delays in mail delivery. **

  • The People Choice Award will be voted on and all award winners will be announced at the March 2nd  meeting.
  • Judges and prizes are designated by the Alaska Fly Fishers Club and all decisions are final. There will be over $800 in gift certificates and fly tying related prizes in this years competition.
clip art fly


from Chad Gage

The January tying clinic was headlined by AFF Club member Rich Johnson demonstrating several mouse patterns. It seemed to be a hit as there wasn't an empty chair at the demo table. Thank you to Rich and every one who stayed behind to help with the clean up. I would also like to thank Josh Bell for the donation of the tying light / magnifier, it made for a great raffle prize.

Art Peck will be the featured tyer at our February 21st clinic. He will be holding a tying demo on classic Spey patterns. If there is any patterns or techniques you would be interested in learning let me know and we will see if we can make it happen. 

If you always wanted to learn to tie your our flies the clinic is a
great place for it, Dave Rooker is always happy to sit down at the beginners table with you. Our next clinic will be February 21st. We meet at the William Jack Henandez Fish Hatchery at the corner Reeve Blvd and Post Road from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The clinic is free and open to the public. Materials and vices are on hand if you don't have them.

Upcoming winter tying events:

February 21 - Tying clinic - 3:00 pm is the deadline for submissions to the 2015 tying competition. Art Peck will be holding a tying demonstration on classic Spey patterns.

March 2 - Fly Tying Competition Results at our general meeting.

March 21- Fly tying clinic - Dubbing brushes demo with Rich Johnson

April 2-5 - Members tying at the AFF booth at the Sportsman's Show

April 18 - Tying clinic

May 16 - Tying clinic - Rich Johnson will be demonstrating smolt patterns for those spring rainbows and greyling.


Chad Gage                                        
clip art fly
from Ben Rowell
No entries in December. 

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Keep the photos coming!

The photo facebook photo contest is currently running. Enter you fishing themed photos to www.facebook.com/alaskaflyfishers. Don't forget to Tag, Like, and Share your photo.The photo with the most Likes wins!

from Jan Schnorr
PHW logo

PHW Tying Clinics
                   PHW Participants focus on learning the basics of tying
During January, PHW sponsored four tying clinics on Thursdays at the Soldier Family Assistance Center on JBER, focusing on tying elk hair caddis and mohair leech patterns.  Participants will be using these flies on seven fishing trips scheduled later this year.  PHW volunteers who helped to staff the clinics included Mike Harsh, Dave Rooker, Mike Malone, Mike Morelli, Dean Williams, Chris Pouncey, Frank Stevens, and Jan Schnorr.  Dave Rooker continued to staff the Wednesday tying sessions at the Fisher House where veterans live while receiving medical treatment in Anchorage. 
                            Bob Wallick (lower left) and Dean Williams (upper right)                          talking about fishing and tying flies with PHW participants

 PHW fish 



PHW would not be possible without the support of the 
Alaska Fly Fishers

Thank you for your continued support.  


The International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) has a new feature, ClubWire Online News Service and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

The ClubWire Online News Services is a resource for IFFF Clubs and Councils. Read club/council newsletters with interesting stories and reports about their activities. You will also find IFFF announcements on new programs or incentives posted to the page.

     1. Visit IFFF's website at www.fedflyfishers.org
     2. Point at the blue tab "Resources" - then "Council and Club            Resources"
     3. Click on ClubWire Newsletter

Make a Difference
Get Connected

If you are interested in helping on any committee, please contact any AFF board member. Currently we are in need of volunteers for the Second Annual Fly Fishing Festival & Spey Clave, the Annual Fundraising Auction, the Great Alaska Sportsman's Show booth, Spring Seminar, the Kenai River Cleanup and more! Even if you only have a little time to spare, please consider volunteering. Every minute is valuable to us. 



And let us know about any cool things our members do! 
Email photos and stories to aff.flylines.ed@gmail.com.

I go fishing not to find myself, but to lose myself.

                                               - Joseph Monniger

(you don't have to have a Facebook account to see our page)




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In this issue: 

  • Tying Clinic News
  • Facebook photo contest winners
  • Fly Fishing Film Tour Teaser
  • More!

Banner photo "Reeling Stoner" 

by  Gerry Balboni,

2011 Photo Contest

2015 Alaska Fly Fishers Membership

RE-New your Membership!

If you're not a member, join today!

The cost for membership is:  
$25 Individual Annual
$30 Family Annual
$250 Lifetime
Be sure to get your membership card and save on fly tying materials.  Discount details printed on the back of your membership card.


AFF Logo Raffle!

All members who wear Alaska Fly Fishers logo merchandise to the monthly meetings will be eligible to enter a drawing for a great gift. Drop by the merchandise table, show us your AFF gear and you'll receive a ticket to be eligible for the free drawing.  
AFF Happenings

All General Meetings: First Monday of most months, 7:00 pm at the Millennium Alaskan Hotel, Redington Ballroom.

All Tying Clinics: Third Saturday of each month, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the WJ Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery at the corner of Post Road and Reeve Blvd.

All dates are subject  to change!


February: 2nd - General Meeting, Millennium Hotel                   21st - Tying Clinic, 
WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

March: 2nd - General Meeting, Millennium Hotel
    21st - Tying Clinic
    26th - Fly Fishing Film Tour, Bear's Tooth Theater & Pub

           17th - Annual Fund Raising Auction
           18th - Tying Clinic

May: 4th - General Meeting, Millennium Hotel

           16th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

June: 1st - General Meeting, Millennium Hotel
           20th - Tying Clinic, WJ Hernandez Fish Hatchery

July:  6th - General Meeting

August:  Annual Picnic& Fly Fishing Fesival / Spey Clave

September:  12th - Kenai River Clean-up!

October: 5th - General Meeting
to All Kenai River
Clean-up Sponsors
British Petroleum
Cast Alaska
Cooper Landing Grocery
Russian River House
The Shrew's Nest
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Fly Tying Outreach
Remember, AFF has 10 vises and tool kits available to loan if any members need them to teach youth. 

Please contact Chad Gage at swingingleeches@yahoo.com
to schedule the use of the vises or if you need a list of instructors.


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If you have an item to sell, something to share, or even a picture to post, please share it with the club.  

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