OKC 912 Project
Meeting and Event Reminder
scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th
Due to the library closing on Columbus Day,
our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 8th

Tuesday, October 8th
6:30-8:30 p.m.

 Our next meeting will be a discussion, planning, and goal-setting session in preparation for the next two election cycles.


We'll share updated information about November 9th's Oklahoma Tornado Re-Leaf Project and engage in brainstorming about the ideas Trevor Loudon presented this past week, including the Dream Team slate for 2016.  We look forward to your input and ideas.


See you on Tuesday!

November 9. 2013
Moore Community Center
301 S Howard Ave. Moore, OK 73160
Visit the
Oklahoma Tornado Re-Leaf
Page here.
Oklahoma Tornado Re-Leaf Project
A community service project with the  
9/12 Project, Tree Bank Foundation, and Mercury One 
Please join us on Saturday, November 9th, in assisting The Tree Bank plant trees that were lost across storm-ravaged Moore, Shawnee, and Newcastle Oklahoma.  
Thank our Oklahoma Delegation

A message from our Oklahoma Tea Party Patriots coordinator, Matthew Vermillion:

I want you all to know we are making a big difference. Please call the Oklahoma Delegation and thank them for standing strong and holding their ground on getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, and ask them to not stop now.

Also, be very clear that these things alone, or any combination of them, are not acceptable to us:  delay of the individual mandate, repeal of the medical device tax, and/or the Vitter amendment (which would get rid of the Congressional exemption). 
If our tax money is not spent on Obamacare for the next year, then ALL of those issues are not in play for the next year anyway. And, while they are at it, they will be preserving health care freedom and saving the jobs and the economy.

Possible Rally and Caravan to D. C.

There is  talk of a rally
possibly happening on
Sat., Oct 12th, put on by Tea Party Patriots and other groups. 
We'll keep you advised.

If it happens, the Tulsa 9/12 Project is planning to go as a caravan to D.C.  If you are interested in joining with their group, please contact  Ronda @tulsa912er@gmail.com

STOCK UP NOW.....get money out of the bank, gas up the cars, and support the truckers that are standing for us on October 11-13th.
No shopping, no banking, no purchasing gas.  Many locals are, also, going to be on overpasses, so the truckers can see the local support as they travel to DC.
Due to our solidarity with the truckers, the Conservative Coffee scheduled for Mimi's on Saturday, October 12th, has been cancelled.  
The 912 coffee will be held Saturday, October 19th, at Woodbridge Restaurant at 8:00 a.m.

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