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AB 450 Moves Clears Vote on Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee
The Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee voted today 3 to 1, along party lines, to advance AB 450 (Chiu-D) (spot bill on immigration-related discrimination to employees) to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The vote that was largely expected, comes after amendments offered by the author still fail to address vital concerns that the CALPASC government affairs team has with respect to the no-win situation that the proposed legislation creates for our members.

The lone legislative dissenter on the committee, Senator Jeffrey Stone (R-Temecula), commented at the hearing his concern that the private sector was being dragged into a political fight with the White House and that resources needed to enforce this bill would take away focus from the DLSE in other areas of underground economy enforcement--a point that was made clear to him by Bruce Wick during our recent visit with his office as part of Specialty Contractors United on May 17th. You can see Sen. Stone's comments by CLICKING HERE

The bill now moves on to the Judiciary Committee. 

CALPASC Executive Director David Murillo attended today's hearing and testified in opposition to AB 450 and also testified in opposition of AB 1565, that accelerates the  minimum salary for exempt employees for overtime.

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