February 2018 Edition
NABA member Kemberley Washington, CPA has tips on how you can turn a hobby into cash.  VIEW VIDEO 
Source: WDSU News
Minority business owners face challenges when starting or expanding a small business, including access to affordable small-business loans. Here are some of the best small-business grants and other useful financing resources for minority-owned businesses.   READ MORE 
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As an entrepreneur, it is your job to make sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It can be addictive to throw yourself into the role and work day and night to make sure your business succeeds. You may have a strong drive or unstoppable motivation that powers you forward, but at what cost?   READ MORE 
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The transition from employee to entrepreneur can be very stressful and uncomfortable. Join Jay Jones as he gives you three keys to navigate the transition successfully.   LISTEN TO PODCAST

Source: Black Entrepreneur Blueprint
Your accounting practice provides traditional tax and possibly advisory services. Your clients are thrilled with you, but who keeps an eye on the big picture for them?  It's usually them and they probably consider it a chore. This is where you could come in, if they only knew you could help. 
Source: Accounting Web
This video will show you how to build your own accounting website with no coding knowledge necessary! You will also be shown how to create a mobile version of your site so you can have maximum visibility.  
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As busy season deadlines approach, work can feel rushed and it may be easier to make errors.  Errors or gaps in work could result in unhappy clients, or even a dispute over work product.  Slowing down and documenting are essential to avoiding mistakes.   READ MORE 
Source: Journal of Accountancy
In order to thrive, accounting professionals needs to transition their businesses to a model that meets the needs of today's clients - and quickly.  Gaining an honest awareness of what your target clients are seeking - and the current state of your accounting firm - is the first step...   READ MORE      
Source: Accounting Web
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