Membership Renewal FAQs
What does my membership fee include?  

Your Girl Scout membership makes you eligible to participate in a variety of Girl Scout activities at the local council and national level. 100% of your nonrefundable $15 membership fee is passed onto Girl Scouts of the USA.   

How do I know if my membership needs to be renewed? 

After you login, look in the Membership Info box. If you are currently registered, your Membership Status will be displayed as "Active." If not, it will read, "You have no active memberships" and you will be given the option to "Renew for 1 year" or "Join Now".

I have activated my account, how do I renew my Membership?
  1. On the Registration page, look inside the Membership Info box to the left of your screen and select either RENEW or JOIN NOW
  2. Click Add to Cart
  3. Update Customer Profile and click Save
  4. Complete checkout by clicking Process Payment. CLICK ONCE TO AVOID DOUBLE CHARGES. 
  5. After the payment process, you will be directed to the Order Summary page and it is recommended that you print a copy for your records. Once you leave this screen you can't get back, so be sure to save or print before leaving the screen. You will receive a confirmation e-mail which contains your customer I.D. number, membership order number and troop/service unit number.
 Why don't I see a button to "renew" my membership?


You may already be registered. Look in the top half of the Membership Info box. This box shows the membership valid through date. If it is not correct, contact the Help Desk for assistance at  
How do I select or change my troop? Can I do this online?

You may renew your membership online. Upon initial re-registration, you will automatically be placed within your current troop. A troop transfer will need to be done offline by the Registration Department. E-mail  with member name, address, current troop number and new troop number.

Why can't I register my daughter from my account?


The Online Registration System places an order under each individual record when registering. This allows our system to reflect accurate history for each member. To register a girl for membership, an account will need to be activated for her specifically. An account activation can be completed with basic information; name, address, and e-mail. A parent or guardian's e-mail should be listed for any girl under the age of 13. Those over 13 should list an e-mail that is checked frequently by the girl and an adult. The best practice is usually to list the adult's e-mail address. To add an e-mail address to an account, please e-mail the Help Desk at
Why didn't I receive an e-mail confirmation for my membership registration?

Please make sure an e-mail is listed on your profile or on any person's profile you may have registered. Often times confirmations go into spam/junk folders, to avoid this please add to your list of approved e-mail addresses. 

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