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A sweet old family photo with
my great-grandfather
(sticking out his tongue) and my grandfather (third row, on left).

It's Memorial Day as I write this note to you.  It's a day of family togetherness but is intended as a day to remember and honor those who served our country. There's a long history of military service in my family: my great-grandfather, both of my grandfathers, my father, my uncle, great uncle.  I'm an Army Brat myself, I grew up during the 20 years my father was in the Army. 

Memorial Day is also the weekend that marks the start of summer. This particular weekend didn't give us any hints that summer is starting until today.  I know many of you spent the weekend doing a lot of fun activities with your friends and families--that's what life is all about, right?
Hope Parish, co-inventor of the NuRoo Pocket, a babywearing shirt available at Babies in Common (and the only place in Central MA you can actually try it on before you buy it!).

It was fabulous to kick of the weekend with an Open House at Babies in Common. We had an excellent speaker on the Science Behind Skin-to-Skin, which was excellent  (Hope Parish, co-inventor of the NuRoo Pocket--thanks, Hope!).  The take-home message was that babies need to be skin-to-skn (their naked torso against your naked torso) for many hours in their first days and as often as possible after that (minimum one hour per day) for their health (and yours).  It's NOT just about breastfeeding, by the way, either!  Click here for more information on why you need to know about skin-to-skin and share it with everyone you know!  You can try on a NuRoo Pocket at BinC (by appointment for a child carrier fitting or get fit after a class or group with me) or give someone a gift certificate for it via the BinC gift certificate page. If you haven't already, like the BinC Facebook page to get more frequent updates, articles, fun posts, photos and more! 

Ashley, your host for the BinC Outing at Davis Farmland.  Thanks, Ashley!

The 1st Babies in Common Outing!
Woot-woot!  Finally, THIS THURSDAY, May 30th at 11:00 am, is the first Babies in Common Outing to Davis Farmland in Sterling! One of the BinC moms, Ashley, has volunteered and organized a group outing there for us, so meet her at11am on Thursday, May 30th at the gate.  It costs $10.95 per person (pay at the farm) and includes a 2 1/2 hour visit with a guided tour of the animal showcase and animal feeding along with a Safari Hayride.  

Email her to let her know you're coming or call her at 978.424.7880 (and keep that number handy when you go in case you need to find her once you are there!).  If you're interested in volunteering to lead another Babies in Common Outing this summer, please contact me



How to Save a Life
Do you know how to give someone CPR?  What do to when someone is choking?  What if it's a child?  Do you know what todo if your child is bleeding or hits their head?  Or what about cuts, bruises and abrasions they might get, especially during the active summer months?  We can always learn more to help our children (and the children of our friends) be treated correctly after a boo-boo.  There's ONE spot left in the Friends & Family CPR class on Saturday, June 1 and several spots left in the Pediatric First Aid class, also on Saturday, June 1.  Sign up soon and learn what YOU can do to help your family, friends and community members in an emergency.  Kim makes the classes fun but yet chock full of valuable information that will make you say hmmm...

Summer at Babies in Common
As you start to plan your activities for the summer (especially those of you who are teachers and have more time to play in the summer), check out all the things you can do at Babies in Common...

To see what is going on at Babies in Common for expectant parents, those with babies and those with toddlers or old kids, always check out the
Babies in Common Calendar!  I'm starting a Natural Birth Ready class series the evening of Sunday, June 2, a Prepared for Birth class series starting Tuesday, June 18 and a Move & Get Comfy for Labor class the evening of Saturday, June 22.  For those who are nursing/pumping or getting ready to, my Milk Harvest class is the evening of Thursday, June 20.  And there are (almost) always Breastmilk & Cookies moms groups on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and Fridays at 10:00 am as well as the Nurture Me moms group on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am and Wednesday afternoons at 1:00 pm.  Jocelyn has a Baby Signing class scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, June 15. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, please check back or email me because there are some classes and groups we're working on for the summer that aren't yet confirmed (like  babywearing workshops, baby massage, workshops for parents of toddlers and even older kids, those interested in nutrition, partner massage classes and others.  There are a few new things in the works that I'm excited to announce once they are confirmed...

                         Can I get a "Woot-woot!"?   Woot-woot!

A Big Worcester Community Event Worth Attending
There's a great event on Sunday, June 2 in Worcester that I wanted to be sure you know about: StART on the Street. It's a family-fun-filled activity that shouldn't be missed!  Come out and support local artists, food vendors and nonprofit organizations (including Kai's Village)!  And a small request: if you see any pregnant women or folks with babies, please let them know about Babies in Common.  Word of mouth is the best way to spread the word if you're a fan of BinC. Thanks so much! 

I'm excited to see you soon or hear from you.  It's wonderful watching the parents that come to Babies in Common becoming such a tight-knit community!

Big Hug,

JMF signature
Jeanette Mesite Frem
Chief Mama, Babies in Common

P.S.  If you don't know about this already, I started a closed group on Facebook for you!  Ask to join the Babies in Common Community Share/Sell Facebook page, where you can post baby/child related items you want to give away or sell or things you're looking for. 

the office at Babies in CommonP.S.S.  Do you have an expertise that you'd like to offer?  Leading a toddler art class?  Our art teacher recently moved away (so bummed, we miss you, Emily!), so if you are an art teacher and are interested, please contact me.  Perhaps you do private consultations of some sort and need a part-time office? Or are looking for a peaceful (and recently reconfigured and redecorated) office to use for a few hours a week?  Consider Babies in Common...

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