A MAGI Temple World Belly Dance School is Closed on Monday 5/29/17 Memorial Day
Have a Safe & Happy Holiday!
$10 off 10-class card $80 thru 5/27/17
Reg. $90.  Valid 6 months
PLUS COSTUME SALE BLOWOUT!  NEW (Joharah Int'l from Egypt) & USED at ridiculously LOW Prices - Priced to SELL!!!  
A  MAGI  Temple
Special Classes & Worshops!
Classes by A MAGI Melanie
Level 1 Beginners Egyptian FUN(ky) Style:
Mondays 5:30-6:30pm (NO class 5/29/17 Memorial Day)
Wednesdays 7-8pm   (NEW TIME!!)
Saturdays 11am-Noon (Always a Belly Dance Class PARTY!!)
Level 2 Adv. Beginners/Intermediate:
Thursdays 6-7pm NEW Choreography 5/25/17 - Drum Dance! Get ready to AMP UP your Dance and Shimmy! Plus Cairo Balady with Veil review!
Intermediate and BEYOND (by approval/audition):
Saturdays 12:15-1:15pm ZILLS THRILLS technique & Mid-East Beats - Take along with 11am class for warm-ups & Beledy choreography that you'll learn the Zill patterns to on 5/27/17!  
Mondays 6:45-7:45pm GYPSY DANCES Learn Skirt Turkish Dancing 5/23/17, & Skirt/Fan Andalusian Dance 6/5/17
Mondays 8-9pm A MAGI MASTERS TROUPE ($15/class or Class Card)

Class Rates:  $12/class or A MAGi Class Cards:
$90 - 10/class Card (Valid 6 Months - On Sale $80 thru 5/27/17!)
$50 - 10/class Card (Valid 6 Months)
Monthly Class Cards: $36 - 4/classes; $68 - 8/classes  
Add $10 to any package to buy Melanie's Instructional DVD over 1 hour! (Reg. $15)
No Registration Fees or Contracts.  No Refunds. Non-Transferable
Bollywood & Masala Bhangra 
Dance Fitness Class

Tribal Belly Dance by Cat
Tribal Tuesdays - American Tribal Style (ATS)
Level 1: 7-8pm;  Level 2: 8-9pm 
Tribal Muses Cat
Tribal Fusion:  Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm

Also YOGA $5!  Tuesdays 6:15-6:45pm by Cat

$12/class or ask Cat about Tribal Class Card!

June 9, pm - A MAGI perform for Altamonte Springs' Special Needs Fundraiser
June 10, 11 - We are planning special Workshop(s) centered on HEALING for the anniversary of the  6/12/16 PULSE Nightclub Tragedy that shook our neighborhood. Watch for SPIRIT ASCEND - FREE Class with Spiritually Uplifting Dances & Meditation to honor the victims and to foster healing in our community!
#LoveandKindness #OneOrlando #OrlandoUnited #PULSELOVE

A MAGI Melanie Performs Angels Wings/Fire Bowl to Jewel's
A MAGI Melanie Performs Angels Wings/Fire Bowl to Jewel's "Hands" to PULSE LOVE in honor of the Pulse Nightclub Victims
June 17 - A MAGI Celebrates TBD  - I think we need a Party & a SHOW! What say YOU?
Sept. 16 - Morwenna & Walif Assaf of Lebanon teach Lebanese Dance (Folkloric & Belly Dance) plus Doumbec Drum at the A MAGI Temple!
Look for more info & Melanie's Belly Dance ANNIVERSARY SHOW!