June 16, 2017
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Interim Principal, Deborah L. Bulkley
Assistant Principal, Donna B. Johnson
Principal's Message
Deborah Bulkley
Dear Parents,

As we head off into summer, it is with sadness that we say goodbye to some of our long-time staff members.  Retiring this year are Helen Mulcahy, Deb Okolo, Cynthia Tatirosian-Augustin, and Victoria Williams.  We wish them well as they enjoy some well-earned time to relax and enjoy life's next adventures.

We also must say goodbye to some beloved staff members who are moving on to new school districts.  We wish Terry Bolduc, Sue Clark, and Kristen Cardarelli all the best in their new jobs.  We will miss all of these wonderful teachers and hope they meet with continued success in their careers.

I will enjoy spending time with my grandchildren again this summer and I have collected ideas all year to have activities to enjoy with them rain or shine.  I thought I would share the list with you in case you end up with a day or two out of the 70 days off when you are completely out of ideas.  I have 2 grandsons and 2 granddaughters and they range in age from kindergarten (going into first grade) to fourth grade (heading to 5th).  These ideas work for everyone.  I usually set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes and have everyone read a good book (myself included).  Then we turn to the list and find something fun to do together.

Sunny Days
Rainy Days
Set up a lemonade stand.  Add cookies for more sales appeal.
Bake sugar cookies and decorate with frosting and sprinkles
Have a picnic in the backyard
Play a game of charades or I-spy.
Wash the car
P icnic on the floor inside
Drive to a nearby park and have a picnic.
Pop popcorn and show a movie
Plant/transplant flowers into a new garden and leave it for your child to take care of
Build a fort with chairs and extra blankets or sheets
Hide little toys in the yard and have a scavenger hunt
Inside A-Z scavenger hunt (find items corresponding to the letters of the alphabet).
Go for a nature walk and collect items.  Make into a collage when you get back.
Plan and cook dinner together using only items you have on hand.
Lay out in the yard and read under the trees.
Do some summer reading.
Collect litter along a nearby roadway (wear gloves)
Learn origami
Play in the sprinkler.  Invite friends to join in.
Crank up the radio and have a dance party
Plan and hold a neighborhood yard sale for kids using outgrown clothes and toys.
Melt peanut butter, add bird seed and make a cake for the birds.  Use string to tie to a tree.
Hold a neighborhood water balloon contest
Make your own postcards (4X6) and send to friends.
Make your own ice cream sandwiches.
Write your own comic book.
Have a camping trip in your own backyard.
Paint rocks to put in the garden
Make a giant mural with chalk on the driveway.
Draw a picture of your house in the rain.
Take a trip to the public library.
Take turns reading aloud from your current book.
Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool, blowing through straws for wind.
Make paper boats and race them in the bathtub
Find lots of different kinds of rocks in your yard and make a display.
Make a sculpture using only old newspaper and masking tape
Set up an art studio in the back yard and paint or draw from nature.
Have a sock puppet show.
Make up your own outdoor game with items on hand.  Write down the rules and teach your game to a friend.
Read a chapter from your book and create one illustration for it
Draw a treasure map of your yard and hide something for a friend to find using the map.
Have a tea party. Invite friends to join you.
Hold a talent show with your friends and invite parents to watch.  Karaoke anyone?
Hold a poetry slam, reading aloud from books or write your own poems to use.
Create an obstacle course in your yard with items on hand.  Time yourself and friends finishing it. 
Play a board game until everyone has won at least once.
Make a birdhouse with popsicle sticks.  Hang it in a tree.
Play memory using a deck of cards.

Have a fantastic summer!

Deb Bulkley

SRHS Senior Walk Thru at Memorial
Today, Memorial School welcomed the Sanborn Regional High School Class of 2017 graduating seniors back to where their education all began.  The students walked through our Memorial hallways, lined with our entire staff and student body, to be recognized.  They finished their visit by opening a time capsule they made when they were Kindergartners, visiting old classrooms and teachers, and talking to current students.  Check out the amazing video below.  

The staff at Memorial would like to wish the SRHS graduating class the very best as they begin their next adventure!
Sanborn Regional Budget Committee News
Sanborn Budget Committee Seeks Candidates for Kingston Seat from Sanborn Budget Committee

Did you know that the Sanborn Regional School District (SRSD) is seeking to fill the seat of one of the Kingston representatives who has resigned? The term will go through budget season this coming year, until the new elections in March. 

Applicants will be interviewed by two Budget Committee members who represent Kingston, and a third who represents both Kingston and Newton. They will select the person to serve on the Budget Committee, according to New Hampshire RSAs. 

The next Budget Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, August 24 at 7 PM at the SRSD High School. Budget Committee meetings will then be held on Thursday nights at 7 PM, from October to February, sometimes weekly, sometimes every two weeks. Members also typically invest time between meetings to prepare. 

Candidates are invited to contact Annie Collyer, Chairman, at, with a letter of intent on or before July 5. The Kingston members will contact all applicants to set up the interviews.
Student Council News
The Memorial Student Council has wrapped up another very successful year. Our fundraising and donation collecting efforts have made a large impact within our community, our state and even internationally for the students in Haiti. Our students have also worked hard throughout the year advertising for our events, operating the school store, taking part in the menu planning for school lunch and helping to keep our school beautiful inside and out. Thank you very much to parents, relatives, friends and faculty for all of your help and generosity supporting all of our endeavors. As we look toward next year we have already started planning ideas for what we want to accomplish at Memorial School. Thank you to our 5th grade members and officers, and good luck at middle school! We know you will continue to do great things.
School Nurse
If child has medicine currently being kept at the Memorial School Health Office. Ple ase be aware that per School District policy, all medications must be picked up by a parent, NO LATER THAN Tuesday June 20th.    No medication is permitted to be stored in the sc hool health office during the summer months.   Any medication NOT retrieved by a parent will be discarded.   Children are not permitted to carry medication home on the school bus on the last day of school, per District policy.
In the fall, a new form with your doctor's orders for any prescription medicine (inhalers, EPI-PEN's, Insulin, nebulizer medication) must be submitted with a new supply for the school year 2017-2018. Please contact Cindy Cole, school nurse, to make arrangements to collect your child's medicine, at 382-5251, ext. 106 or .
Thank you,
Cindy Cole, RN
Library News
NEWS from
by Mrs. Mulcahy

Choose Books for Summer Reading
Students of Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 who have returned all their Library Books will be coming to the Library so they can choose up to 3 Mem summer kids reading pic.jpg orial School Library books for their summer reading.  
Please remember to pack up those books as soon as school starts, so they will be checked in for the new school year!
Great Summer Reading Books -- along with activities that flow in and out of the books -- are waiting for you and your child at Gale Library: please see Mrs. Mears's Gale Library News in this newsletter!  

Want a Great Refrigerator List of Suggestions for Summer Reading?
2. Then  Look For This Link:
  Sanborn School District  Suggested  Reading List
                           KIDS ! ! !  Want To FindYour Next Great Read?                           
Follow this link (or copy and paste it into your browser (either ie or Mozilla firefox  is fine for this):    Choose EBSCOhost icon
Choose NoveList K-8 Plus.  Need a little help?

The TUTORIAL video on doing Power Searches is at: 

The TUTORIAL video on finding read-alikes whe n you want to read another book like the one you love:

Once you are at the YouTube screen, you can see all the Tutorial videos in the list to the right.

And on a personal note, thank you all for everything.
It's been a pleasure being your Librarian   :)
------      E N J O Y   !      -----
News from our School Counselor 

Memorial PTO
The Memorial PTO would like to thank everyone for their support over this past school year.  We look forward to seeing you all in the Fall.  Have a wonderful and safe summer!
Box Tops News
Memorial School Box Top clippers rock!

Your clipping has earned over $1000 for our school!  Keep thinking Box Tops for Education when you plan trips to the beach or campground and those great backyard BBQ's.  Let's see which class can bring in the most on the first day of school .  

Have fun this summer!  Happy Fourth of July!
Summer Enrichment Camps
There are still plenty of spot available!

Click here for program descriptions, registration form & emergency/medical forms

Press Release from the NH Dept of Health & Human Services
Concord, NH  - The ticks are already out in New Hampshire, and the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) wants to remind people living in and visiting the State to take precautions against being bitten by ticks and potentially exposed to Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. New Hampshire has one of the highest incidence rates of Lyme in the country. According to the DHHS Division of Public Health Services (DPHS), there were an estimated 1,373 cases of Lyme disease identified in the State in 2015, the most recent year for which data are available.
Tick bites can cause other diseases besides Lyme disease. In 2015, there were also 110 cases of anaplasmosis reported, which is caused by a bacterium, and 53 cases of babesiosis, which is caused by a parasite. There have also been two cases of the Powassan virus in New Hampshire residents, the first in 2013 and second in 2016, but it is not known if these were acquired in New Hampshire. The majority of Powassan cases are seen in the Northeast and upper Midwest, which is similar to anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Lyme disease. These diseases are all transmitted by the blacklegged (or deer) tick.
"Ticks are out, and while we want to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, we also want to encourage people to take steps to prevent themselves, family members, and pets from being bitten by ticks," said Dr. Benjamin Chan, NH State Epidemiologist. "Preventing tick bites is the best way to avoid getting sick from any number of diseases that ticks can carry."
DHHS recommends taking the following precautions to prevent tick bites:
  •        Avoid tick-infested areas such as overgrown grass, brush, and leaf litter
  •        Use an insect repellent containing DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus every             time you spend time outdoors
  •        Wear protective clothing (long pants and long sleeves to keep ticks off skin)
  •         Do daily tick checks on yourself, family members, and pets after being                 outdoors
  •        Reduce ticks around your home by keeping grass short and removing leaf           litter
  •        Speak with your healthcare provider if you are bitten by a tick or if you                  notice a large bull's-eye rash anywhere on you
  •       To remove an embedded tick, use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick as           close to the skin's surface as possible or if none is available use your                   fingernails. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. After removing the tick,       thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, an                  iodine scrub, or soap and water.
Lyme disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdoferi and is transmitted to people by the bite of an infected black-legged  tick, also known as the deer tick. The greatest risk for Lyme is between the months of May and August, when the black-legged  tick is in the juvenile stage; it's the size of a poppy seed and very difficult to detect, so individuals may be unaware that they have been bitten.
Early symptoms of Lyme disease may include fever, headache, fatigue, and often a skin rash that is round and/or looks like a bulls-eye . Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics, but if left untreated can lead to severe headaches and neck pain caused by meningitis (inflammation of the protective covering surrounding the brain and spinal cord), pain and swelling in the large joints, shooting nerve pains, and abnormal heart rhythms.
Symptoms of anaplasmosis and babesiosis may include fever, headache, chills, and muscle aches; some individuals may not have symptoms. Individuals who are older or whose immune system may not function well can have severe infection with these organisms requiring hospitalization. Both anaplasmosis and babesiosis are treatable with antibiotics. 
Powassan is caused by a virus transmitted through the bite of a black-legged tick, and symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, loss of coordination, speech difficulties, and seizures. Approximately half of people who become sick from Powassan have permanent neurological symptoms, such as recurrent headaches, muscle wasting, and memory problems. There is no specific treatment for Powassan.
For more information about Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, visit the DHHS website at  or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at  .

Gale Library News
Build A Better World Summer Reading at Gale Library, Newton

Readers of all ages  are going to be building a better world and winning prizes as the Gale Library, Newton begins their  Summer Reading Program . Activities include building challenges, Tower Power,Imagination, and Magic along with reading clubs for Read To Me, Independent Readers, Teen/tween, and Adults. Registration and program sign ups begin  and is ongoing.  Activities and programs begin,  stop in to play Build or Boom and check out the many building tools and activities we'll be using this summer! The program is open to all from preschool to adult with programs, reading clubs, Prize drawings, story times and more.

The  NHSPCA  will visit and bring some animal friends on . Come learn about some of the pets that can be adopted, The SPCA has a Wish list of items that could be used to care for these animals on the web site and at the library so donations from used towels to paper towels and food would be appreciated.

Families are invited to come and build our  Fairy Village  on the library grounds on . Fairy Houses and gardens are made from natural materials like small branches, twigs, leaves, bark, shells, stones,feathers, acorn caps and pine cones so gather a bagful of materials and join us for a fun relaxing afternoon in the shade. We will also have additional materials to use. Children may also dress in fairy costume or wings so bring a camera to take some great pics. Who knows, maybe the fairies will visit that night!

Join us for  Magic By George  on  and the Museum of Science with  Science Magic  on . Both of theses special events will be held in the AC cooled Town Hall.

Weekly  Storyhours o at 10 will have us Building, Discovering, Transforming, and - having lots of fun.
Pete the Cat  and his Journal is ready to go on trips to record all the fun you have together. Sign up on his calendar and take him on your next trip.

The  Candy Ja r is ready for your best guess to win them all. Come discover what's in the there!

Saturday Drop in Crafts  begin on  and Friday  Flics  on  with "Beauty and the Beast" in our cool AC children's room. Bring your own drink and pals, we'll supply a snack!

Come in, Register, Pick up a Schedule so you won't miss the many activities that will be happening this summer.Remember Books Build Better Readers!  For more info, call 382-4691 or Facebook "The Gale Library" or The Town Website.

Summer Soccer Camp
Sanborn Youth Soccer will host its 18th annual Youth Soccer Day Camp, July 17-21 at Chase Field in Kingston. Boys & girls of all skill levels from Kingston, Newton and surrounding towns may register. Ages 4-5 may register for the 9-10:30 am session for a fee of $55. Ages 6-12 have one session from 9am-12 noon for $110 or FULL DAY session, 9am-3pm for $160. A soccer ball and shirt are included with the registration fee. If you register by June 18, you will receive an early registration discount.

Camp coaches are with Youth Elite Soccer Camps (Y.E.S.) and come from the United Kingdom. All coaches are trained to work with kids at their developmental levels and combine fun with skills-training to engage and excite the campers about soccer. Anyone interested in hosting a coach from the UK in their home for the week of camp will receive a $50 stipend. You do not need to have a child in camp to host a coach.

Visit the website at   to register online with a credit card. For more information about registration or hosting a coach, email   or call Cheryl at 642-3365.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Memorial School has purchased DreamBox Learning's Math Program, an online, Intelligent Adaptive Learning(tm) program that helps all students achieve better, faster math proficiency.

Your student can access DreamBox Learning from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using this link: 

DreamBox is an online program - there's no software to download! All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is free and is included with many Internet browsers.

To access DreamBox on iPad, go to , or search for "DreamBox Math" in the App Store. Download DreamBox Math Green and DreamBox Math Blue to ensure your student has access to the full catalog of DreamBox Learning Math lessons. When prompted in the app, use this School Code: 4f3h/memorials

Review your student's academic progress with a DreamBox Parent Account. Please follow these steps to create your free Parent Account:

 2. Have your student login to their profile just as they would at school.

 3. Click Setup Parent Access at the bottom of the page.

 4. Follow instructions to create a new login and password.

 5. Read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

 6. Click "Submit".

Log into your home account after set up:

 2. Enter your email address and password.

 3. To see student progress, click the "Family Dashboard" button.

If you have any questions, please contact DreamBox Client Care by calling them at 877-451-7845 (weekdays 7am to 5pm, Pacific Time), or email .

You can also contact our technology teacher, Jodi Tamayoshi, at with any questions.

Donna Johnson
Assistant Principal
Deborah L. Bulkley, Interim Principal 

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