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Mental and Emotional Health
February 2014
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Mental and Emotional Health

Have you noticed that emotional stress reactions run in cycles? Everything will seem good but then someone in the family will break, have a small or large breakdown, and that will filter through everyone else.  Or, one may be feeling positive and productive, and then in a moment's notice, it changes to inadequacy, fear, hopelessness. Of course there can be deep insecurities or other issues from previous periods of time in ones life that need to have some reflective time put into understanding them, but there is also the fact that the body is like a binary computer program which blows circuits of adaptation, just like a house when it is overloaded and the circuit breakers switch off.  When this happens in the body, the survival system takes over and displaces the higher self, causing the individual to either react by withdrawing into depression or exploding into anger, rage, projection and control.  It is not always possible to come in for an appointment to find the cause, or see a psychologist, or worse yet, not even being aware that some delving is necessary.  Here is where essential oils come into play.   Having a small collection and using them daily helps the body keep from switching into survival and losing control, maintaining emotional stability.  Essential oils can stabilize moods, and alter emotional responses.  The key is to use them regularly and not wait for the episodes to occur.  To take 2 to 3 minutes per day of meditative peace and apply essential oils to yourself, mate and children can be one of the best self help or family help rituals known.   Some of my patients turn on an essential oil diffuser every morning when the family is getting ready for work and school and again in the evening.  Those that do this, have the most harmonious days, with the most focus and inner calmness.


If you are already a member of Young Living and have a catalog, look through it and pick the oils which apply to your circumstances or call my office and ask for me to pick what I feel you need.   If you are not a member, let me pick the ones and get you linked in to the best sources.


Healing is never ending and evolving for everyone.  To keep on the path, let us keep you well adjusted and balanced, cleared of stress buildup, and nutritionally re evaluated, including supplements.


Do the same for your family and motivate those closest to you to do the same so that your world is more balanced and enlightened.

Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC