We all know that accidents and emergencies never happen at convenient times. Such is the case with animal rescues too. It takes very special people who care enough to get involved, especially when the timing isn't convenient. This has been true for most of the cats at Crash's Landing & Big Sids Sanctuary, and Sweets is no exception!  

As rescuer Jennifer recalled,  "O ne night my daughter, Ellie, and I were heading out to grab dinner. She heard a faint noise from under the stairwell located near our apartment. Mind you, it was an extremely cold and blustery night, so investigating a noise is not something I wanted to do. But we did, however, and found this adorable little girl, who came right into our arms without any hesitation. We found that she was extremely skinny and looked as if she had been abandoned or lost for quite some time."

That was in November of 2014. A year later, Sweets is a beloved member of our Crash family. But Sweets' story doesn't end here. She is patiently waiting for her next chapter, the one where she lives happily ever after in a home of her own. 

You can read more about Sweets' rescue story here and if you are interested in adopting her or any of our other cats, please contact us at adoptions@crashslanding.org.

We're family friendly!

If you're considering adopting or would just like to socialize with our cats, stop in during our Meet & Greets  held on the  1st and 3rd Sundays each month. 

Know someone who may be interested in 
becoming a  volunteer? Volunteer  Informational Sessions and tours are  the  2nd Sunday of each month.

We would love to have you join us in 2016!

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Don't forget! 
It is not too late to make your end of year


to everyone who helped to make our 7th Annual Whiskers & Wine Gala another huge success! 

These events simply could not happen without the contributions of all who donated items for our gift baskets and raffles, those who worked on organizing and promoting the event, those who attended and generously bid on all of the items, and of course, our amazing sponsors. 

We are already looking forward to next year!



December 6 - Meet & Greet Open Adoption Hours
While you are out and about, be sure to stop by for a visit! 1:00-3:00 pm. No appointment necessary. Crash's Landing is located at 1545 Diamond NE, Grand Rapids. For more information, contact  adoptions@crashslanding.org .

December 12 - The Mitten Kitten Christmas Show 
Beginning at 11:30 a.m., The Mitten Brewing Co. (located at 527 Leonard NW) will be generously donating 50% OF ALL FOOD SALES to Crash's & Big Sids all day long. In addition, from 8 pm-11 pm, they will have LIVE Christmas music! Crafts and goodies from the shelters will be available for purchase and The Mitten will also be holding a 50/50 raffle. Get into the holiday spirit at this guaranteed fun event!

December 13 - Volunteer Informational Session and Tour  
Now is a great time to consider becoming a volunteer. We have many shifts available to meet your needs. Visit includes a shelter tour, opportunity to meet some of our kitties and information on how you can contribute to our team! RSVP by email to  volunteer@crashslanding.org.
December 20 - Meet & Greet Open Adoption Hours
Our kitties have been so good all year. Please stop by to spread some holiday cheer! 1:00-3:00 pm. No appointment necessary.  Crash's Landing is located at 1545 Diamond NE, Grand Rapids. For more information, contact adoptions@crashslanding.org.

Our most recent adoptees!

*Scarlet O'Haira               *Bauble
*Messalla                          *Asher
*Diego                               *Mars
*Edamame                        *Truxton
*Junebug                          *Norbert
*Coco Puff                        *Dazey
*Maple                              *Ruxin & Shiva
*Zuzu                                *Oksana
*Missoni                            *Uno

Signs You Might Like Cats More Than People

1. Your phone has more cat selfies than anything else.
2. You have two-way conversations with your cat.
3. You miss your cats all the time when you are away.
4. You wonder if they miss you as much as you miss them. (Yes, of course they do!)
5. You spend more time/money/effort finding presents for them than for your family and friends.
6. You get more worried about leaving your cat while you are on vacation than leaving your house.
7. You sign birthday/Christmas cards with their signature "paw-o-graphs."
8. You have to stop yourself from talking about them at every opportunity.
9. When you aren't talking about them, you are showing/posting pictures of them.
10. When your friends are talking about their future children, you are thinking about your future cats.
11. Nothing makes you smile more than coming home and seeing them sitting in the window waiting for you.
12. Not only do you let your cat sleep with you but it has more of the share of the pillow than you.
13. You know exactly when your cat's birthday is and you buy it presents and a card.
14. You worry about your cat getting upset if it can smell another cat on you.
15. If given the chance to go out or stay on your sofa with your cat--the choice is pretty obvious.
16. You instantly dislike anyone who doesn't like cats. 
17. Everything your cat does is just cute. 
18. You share food with your cat.
19. If your cat falls asleep on your shoulder, you won't move for three hours for fear of waking it.
20. If it has cats on it, you have to have it.
21. You spend your free time watching funny cat videos.
22. You get distracted by any commercial with a cat in it.
23. You call and leave messages for your cat so it can hear your voice while you are away.
24. You think at least 10 times a day that life would be so much easier if you were a cat.
25. You're the person at the party who is much more comfortable hanging out with the cat instead of talking to real people.


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