Mercy Day of Celebration
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Dear Mercy Parents,   

As we near the end of another wonderful school year, we have planned a special final day of celebration for our student body. The date is Thursday, May 25th. On this day the schedule will include the Honors Convocation, the adviser group parties, and the closing Moving Up assembly.

We hope that this day is a fitting end for students of every grade level, with special focus on our graduating Class of 2017. Our expectation is that all students will be present for the entire day. Please do not make appointments or arrangements for your daughter to either arrive late in the day or to leave early.  Students who wish to participate in adviser parties and Moving Up also need to be in attendance at the Honors Convocation. Normal daily attendance procedures will be followed.

Please see important message about Moving Up procedures as well as a detailed schedule for the day listed below.
As always, we deeply appreciate your support and look forward to a memorable day of celebration!

 Thank you,
Mercy High School Administration

Moving Up is treasured event and we all want the students' experience to come first.
To make sure it goes smoothly, we ask guests to follow guidelines as described for the safety of students, orderly closing of the school day, and enjoyment of all. If you intend to join us next week we ask that you observe the following guidelines:
  • Seats will be clearly marked as reserved for students and staff and no one may venture into those areas.
  • No preferred seating arrangements can be made for the elderly, children, etc... since space is limited. This event is not suited for any visitor who cannot stand comfortably for forty minutes.
  • Absolutely no parking will be allowed in unlined spaces in the lot. Security will direct vehicles away from our bus lanes.
  • No one will be allowed to roam the aisles to take photographs during the ceremony . We truly need everyone to practice restraint so as not to hinder the students as they move to their new sections of the auditorium.
  • Please do not wander into other areas of the school.

Please help us give priority to the students and the procedures that will allow for buses to leave the lot on time. It is a special occasion that warrants a special request for cooperation.  

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Please dress up nicely for this special day.

8:00am to 8:45am - Adviser meeting and party set-up
All students should report to and remain in adviser group until they are called down to the Auditorium.

8:45am to 11:10am - Honors Convocation

11:15am to 12:00pm - Adviser Group Parties

12:05pm to 1:10pm - Moving Up

All students must sign-out. Buses depart at 1:25pm.