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Wit's End...notes from the principal
The act of saying goodbye. Truth be told, it is probably something to which most of us, most often, give little thought. The word, and more importantly the actions connected to the word, are a primary focus for me these days. Since I can think of little else, it naturally fit as the topic for this, my final Wit's End.
The act of saying goodbye. We utter the word to our kids, our parents, or others present as we exit the house in the morning. We say it when we part ways from those we've joined for dinner, or an event, a party or occasion at another's home, or to co-workers seen at the end of a day. We say it to our son or daughter as we drop them off at the dorm of a university on move in day. For loved ones who live a distance away, we say it when we have had the chance to visit them. We say the word so many times a day and pay no attention to the meaning it carries. Goodbye is a leave taking, a parting. Why unimportant? The simple answer is that we never voice the unstated assumption, that is, that such a word said in the majority of instances will be followed with a hello after a measure of time.  
We know this to be true and we also are fully aware that life's circumstances prevent this from being true all the time. Case in point, we say goodbye thousands upon thousands of times and we learn over time that we will never get the chance to again say hello. Think of the many people you have met in your lifetime, even people you spent considerable time with and you parted ways, never to see each other again. You said the word goodbye, and that was that. Friends you met in grade school, pals, chums, best friends then. High school connections. College buddies. Maybe you still have the contacts and maybe some are closer than ever, but you had a moment with hundreds of individuals in the distant past, when you uttered your final goodbye.
So back to my initial thought. The act of saying goodbye. Some moments are far more significant than others. The ones that quickly rise are moments of farewell that were final goodbyes but I had no advance knowledge that they would be. Death, unexpected loss or tragedy quickly make whatever I had as the moment of goodbye emotionally impactful. Over time, especially when the memory was of a loved one, I have learned to cherish the last goodbye.
So this final column is an act of goodbye on a larger scale for me than many. I say goodbye to hundreds upon hundreds of members of the Mercy family. I say goodbye to my place of employment, to colleagues and friends with whom I have worked over some five decades. I say goodbye to current students and their parents, acts of goodbye that began a few weeks ago and are now trailing off. But since I know full well that with my retirement, I have this last opportunity to say something more than just goodbye, I am not going to squander the chance.
This place, this particular school called Mercy, is quite extraordinary. I have learned this over time and and I have learned this through many circumstances. This school changes lives. It provides different things to different young women, yet all of those things are purposeful and all of them necessary. This place challenges each girl to tap her inner strength, to withstand hardships beyond what she sees as her capabilities. It requires each girl to take a stand, to accept leadership at times when others are satisfied with complacent following. This place forces each girl to wrestle with personal mistakes, difficulties that hopefully propel her to learn what it is that she must learn. This place is, and hopefully will remain, an institution that is counter-cultural. Here, young women are asked to be more, to think more, to want more for themselves and their fellow man, than society would suggest possible. They are asked to work on behalf of social justice, and to care about one another, to do what is right, not just what is expedient. Here, they grow a conscience, and a backbone, and hopefully a spirit and determination that will make them unstoppable.
This place plays a major role in the formation of these young women, the ones who have walked these halls in past years, those who walk here now, and for all those who have not yet crossed the threshold. Because the education at Mercy is so transformational, it is my deep desire that this education continue. My dear husband, who has supported my work at Mercy from the very beginning, feels as strongly as I do. To that end, we have initiated a scholarship fund, the Carolyn and Robert Witte Scholarship. We want to grow this fund so that young girls who just need a small portion of financial support in order to come to Mercy can get that assistance. We hope that over time, this fund can impact girls' education here in a very tangible way.

My act of saying goodbye is therefore also one of invitation. It is an invitation to invest in the future of Mercy by making a donation of any amount to this scholarship. So many of you have shared your kind remarks with me about my time here and your gratitude. If you are so inclined, a donation to the scholarship would be most meaningful.
I do hope that our paths cross again. I hope that if and when we meet, you will say Hello and reignite whatever our connection was here at Mercy. I hope every Mercy girl in your life continues to make you proud and that each of you reaps blessings and rewards.

And I close by referencing the first known use of the term goodbye, and its etymology, which dates back to the mid 16th century. The word goodbye was an alteration of the message "God be with ye." Enough said!
Mrs. Carolyn Witte, Principal
God Bless the Students of 2017!
Leadership. Service. Character. Excellence. The entire Mercy school community convened for the annual HONORS CONVOCATION to recognize all the stellar students of 2017. Visit these links to see the full list of student awards: grades 9 - 11 and grade 12

Sr. Emily George Award ~ Nicole Belans
Principal's Leadership Award ~ Ciara Lopus
Garn Griffin Athletics Award ~ Sophie VanAcker and Emily McCann
Salutatorians ~ Chiaka Ibe and Jordyn Kreucher
Valedictorian ~ Sarah Kurpiers
Let's Hear it for the Staff!
This year, we bid adieu to inspirational teachers and leaders retiring from Mercy High School after touching the lives of generations of young Mercy women. Thank you, Mrs. Carolyn Witte, Mr. Mike Gruber, Sr. Marianne Bennett, Mrs. Sherri Howard and Mrs. Georganne Salvia for your enthusiasm for education and dedication to the Mercy community. We also thank and honor Mrs. Katy Koskela who is leaving this school year. You have been an invaluable, influential member of the Mercy family!
Here's to these super staff who achieved a milestone in serving Mercy High School:

5 years
Ms. Marianne Corrigan
Mrs. Angela Harris-Schultheis
Mr. Chris Janusch
Mrs. Sara McGavin
Mrs. Dianna Shamus
Mr. Mike Card
10 years
Mr. Cliff Finney
Mrs. Stacy Guerrero-Hurst
Dr. Alison Kline-Kator
Mrs. Eleasha Tarplin
15 years
Mrs. Kristen Casey
Mrs. Lisa Schrimscher
Ms. Lisa Solack                   
20 years
Ms. Lisa Robinet
Mrs. Colleen Rozman
25 years
Mrs. Ann Lusch                       
Mr. Jay Wesch
40 years                    
Mr. Mike Gruber
Student Successes
HONOR ROLL - To qualify, students must earn a minimum 3.2 GPA for reported current semester.
Congratulations 2017 Hometown Life Top 6 Students from Mercy High School Chiaka Ibe; Edith Jones; Jordyn Kreucher; Sarah Kurpiers; Marissa Lobbia and Katelynn Smith. Read all about them here.
More college bound athletes! Congrats Jackie Bauer - Basketball, Albion College; Danielle McDonald - Track, Indiana Tech; Chloe Godbold - Basketball, U of M Dearborn.
Congratulations to Regan Castle '17 who was awarded an AXA Achiever Scholarship yesterday. AXA Achievers set and reach ambitious goals; demonstrate drive and determination, respect for self, family and community, and the ability to succeed in college .
2017 - 2017 Student Government

Student Council Officers
President - Mary Doman
Vice-President - April Seilo
Treasurer - Grace Canty
Secretary - Sophie Lamphier
Class of 2018 Class Officer Board
Annie Acho-Tartoni
Benicia Booker
Catie Coffman
Lena DuBois
Brooke O'Brien
Class of 2018 Human Relations Council
Dani McClain
Marshele Parker
Luma Qashou
Ana Warner
Class of 2019 Class Officer Board
Maddy Ballard
Olivia Fras
Grace Kane
Alley Neary
Ava Ruggirello
Class of 2019 Human Relations Council
Tracy Ellison
Jasmin Hudson
Shayna Jankowski
Priyanka John
Class of 2020 Class Officer Board
Julia Canty
Macey Earle
Lauren Piziali
Gabriella Pluszczynski
Suha Qashou
Class of 2020 Human Relations Council
Brooklynne Bates
Fran Lauck
Mia Lollo
Ava McElmeel
Lore Awards
The 2016 Lore, Know Yourself, was named a Spartan yearbook, the highest recognition available from the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association. In addition, the staff received awards in a number of individual categories from MIPA at its spring conference. Awards included:

3rd in Feature Writing - Nicole Belans
Honorable Mention in Feature Writing - Madeleine Byrnes
Honorable Mention in Sports Feature - Samantha Kleedtke
Honorable Mention in Academic Writing - Samantha Schubert
3rd in Personality Profile - Catherine Best
Honorable Mention in Personality Profile - Samantha Schubert
1st in Sidebar Coverage - Nicole Belans
3rd in Headline Writing - Madeleine Byrnes, Jordyn Kreucher, Nicole Belans
Honorable Mention in Student Life spread design - Sydney Swindle
3rd in Academic Spread design - Samantha Shina, 2016 graduate
Honorable Mention in Sports spread design - Samantha Kleedtke
Honorable Mention in Academic Spread design - Claire Murray
1st in Advertising spread design - Lore staff
2nd in Individual advertisement design - Samantha Schubert
1st in School Spirit photo - Nicole Belans
Honorable Mention in Theme Development - Lore staff
2nd in Cover design - Lore staff
Honorable Mention in Opening and Closing design - Lore staff
Honorable Mention in Division page design - Lore staff
Honorable Mention in Index design - Lore staff
Madame Campbell and her 3rd year French students boarded the "Diamond Belle" on May 27th to participate in a historic cruise on the Detroit River in French! The cruise was organized and sponsored, at no cost to French teachers and their students in the Detroit metro area, due to the kindness of the Alliance Française and the French Institute of Michigan.

Monsieur John Cooper gave an eloquent narration in French giving the historical background of the city, since Detroit has deep French roots historically! We cruised the banks of the Detroit River and also cruised along the Canadian side of the river as well. The students found his stories very interesting and learned about our city all in French! It was truly a "Bon Voyage" for Madame Campbell and Madame Corte who accompanied the Junior French students.
Adopt A Seat
Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a part of the Mercy legacy by adopting a seat in our Rosemary Clooney Auditorium. You can take pride in knowing that your gift will benefit many future generations of Mercy girls. 

Each seat requires a minimum $200 donation and may be purchased in honor of or in memory of any loved one.  Your desired inscription will be permanently affixed to the available seat of your choice.  This is a great graduation gift for your Mercy Senior!

Please see this flyer  or contact the office of Advancement at  for more information.
Sports Headlines
Mercy spring sports teams have been making headlines all season! Check out sports newspaper articles here. Lacrosse finished as State Semifinalists and Regional Champions. Softball captured District Championship and were CHSL Runner-Up. Tennis won the Regional Championship and finished 8th in States. Track & Field finished as CHSL Runner-Up.

Mercy has teamed with Privit for MHSAA Forms & Physicals
Starting now, Mercy is taking its Athletic Forms digital! No more registration day and printing out paperwork, just go online and prepare to do some clicking and uploading. Using Privit will enable you to update forms from year to year without completely redoing, and your forms and physicals stay secure.

Log-in or Create Account
Step-by-step instructions

If you have already turned in a physical (like those who got the Henry Ford at Mercy physicals), the Athletic Office has scanned those in and can upload to your Privit account once you have created it.

Attention fall athletes! ALL forms must be completed using Privit by August 1, 2017. Feel free to email to confirm your information has been received.
Athletics Updates

Please be sure to visit for the most up to date summer camp offerings and all team date information, including 2017-2018 registrations and try-outs. 
Looking Ahead to 2017 - 2018
Friday, August 18 - iPad Orientation for all Freshwomen and Transfer Students. The Transfer Student Orientation will also be held this day. This day is mandatory for all freshmen and transfer students.

Monday, August 21 - Freshwomen Orientation with Link Crew and Marlin Business Day. Students will turn-in emergency verification and health forms, take school and ID photos, get parking passes, and order yearbooks. More details to come. Mandatory for all students.  

Tuesday, August 22 - Opening School Mass and Classes will begin for all grade levels.

Friday, August 25 - Senior College Information Meeting

Friday, September 1 and Monday, September 4 - NO SCHOOL

Further details about the full 2017-2018 school calendar will be shared and posted on the Mercy web site as information and dates are finalized. 
Mercy Dads Club
Mercy Dads Club Look
Moving forward in 2017-2018 starts with a new logo to establish an identity for the Dads Club that is simple and vibrant. The invitation and reminder is that EVERY DAD is a member of the Dads Club and it is in the participation of all of us that we are able to meet our stated purpose:
  • Invite, participate and flourish relationships within the Dad community of Mercy.
  • Share in the time our daughter has at Mercy; academically, spiritually, emotionally and in their participation in clubs and organizations.
  • Support the entire community of Mercy with leadership, strength, presence, spirituality and financial responsibility.
Welcome Mercy Dads Club Executive Board
We would like to welcome the leadership for the 2017 - 2018 school year:
President: Todd Forfinski
Vice-President: Mike McSweeney
Secretary: Paul Rzepecki
Treasurer: Brian Wilson
Membership/ Communication: Ken Johnson and Tom Pegler
In addition to the Executive Board there are a number of Dads that work on family and father/daughter activities that are scheduled throughout the year. The Executive Board is excited for the coming year and hopes to see all Dads joins in whatever capacity suits you.
First Meeting: Tuesday, September 5th in the cafeteria. Fellowship starts with a light meal at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:00.
MDC 500 Raffle
The MDC 500 Raffle, which is the only Dads Club fundraiser of the year, is gearing up for an August 1 Start. The Grand Prize is $10,000, Second Place is $3,000 and Third Place is $1,000. There are also four $500 Early Bird drawings with the first drawing on August 31. We are currently looking for sponsors to assist the Dads Club in making the MDC 500 a success and helping them to accomplish the many activities, projects, support of clubs and organization, and the school that they do on an annual basis.

We are offering:
Legacy Sponsorship (2) - For $2,500 you will receive 10 MDC 500 tickets (value $1,000), recognition on the Dads Club Endowment page of the Mercy website, and recognition throughout the year.
Gold Sponsorship (Unlimited) - For $1,000 you will receive 4 MDC 500 tickets (value $400) and recognition throughout the year.
Maroon Sponsorship (Unlimited) - For $500 you will receive 2 MDC 500 tickets (value $200) and recognition throughout the year.
Ticket Sponsorship (2) - For $250 you will receive 1 MDC 500 ticket (value $100) and recognition on all MDC 500 promotion.

If you are interested in any of the above sponsorship levels, please contact Tom Pegler at or 248.207.1225 or David Posch at or 313.350.3533.
MDC Summer Golf and Social
The Dads Club has three summer dates set aside to golf at Fox Hills starting at 5:30 on Friday, June 23 Golden Fox, July 21 Golden Fox, and August 25 Classic. If you would like to play contact Tom Pegler at or 248.207.1225 (cell to text).
Theater Riser Project
On Saturday, May 13th the Mercy Dads Club brought their power tools to the theater department of Mercy High School. The department had platform covers that were close to thirty years old and had been slowly falling apart from the many years of use. The Dads Club came together to rebuild and restore 15 of the risers by stripping off all of the old wood remnants and rebuilding the edging around the outside. Ms. Anne MacDougall of the Performing Arts Department was very appreciative of the effort put forth by the Dads Club.
Message from I.T. Office
2021 and New Student iPad Info - Please order your Mercy iPad package or pay the required Mercy App fee (if you're bringing your own) by June 30th. All iPad, App, system requirements, pricing and details are available here:

2020 iPad Turn In 
All Class of 2020 iPads must be turned into the I.T. Office by July 1st for Apple Classroom deployment. Please ensure all of iPad content is properly backed up. The process will be completed within 10 business days of dropping off the device. You will be notified by email when the device is ready to pick up. Assistance with backing up your content will also be provided when you drop off your iPad, if needed. For previous communications and FAQ's, click here.

2017 Mercy Google Account 
Attention Class of 2017! Your Mercy Google account will be deleted after you graduate. All email and any files you have uploaded to your Mercy Google drive will be deleted as of 8/1/2017. If you wish to transfer any of your content here is a link to Google Takeout which will allow you to download a copy of most of your content. Also if you have created any accounts on other sites or cloud based services (Dropbox, Box, Apple etc.) using your Mercy email address you may want to change those accounts to use a personal email address instead before August 1st, 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Mercy IT Dept at 248-893-3590 or email Mr. James ( or Mr. Janusch (
Transportation 2017 - 2018
Please review the 2017-18 Mercy Transportation information and required forms now available on


Informational Letter & Payment Information

Bus Rules

Bus Routes


Forms to Return

Rider Request Form 

Bus Rules Acceptance Form

Please note these important dates: 
July 11 - Due date for bus requests. Please return the completed form to Mercy with your non-refundable deposit. Deposits will be returned only to those families requesting stops that we are unable to accommodate. If you do not send the deposit, your application for transportation will not be processed.
July 15 - Contact will be made with individuals whose Bus Stop Request is deemed impossible. If you do not hear from the transportation department by this date, you will receive a bus route in August.
August 1 - Finalized Bus Routes e-mailed with Bus Rules. Bus Passes will be distributed by drivers in exchange for completed Bus Rule signature sheet.                             
Uniform s
If your uniforms are in great shape meaning no stapled hems, all buttons are present, have not been shortened to some crazy length, no holes, WHITE blouses or polos, etc. then please consider donating them to the Mothers Club Used Uniform Sale. We are asking for used uniforms, in great condition, from the sophomore and senior classes (freshman and junior uniforms are welcome, but remember your daughter will wear the same uniform for another year). Please bring the uniforms: skirts, sweaters, quarter-zips, and blouses (if they are in fabulous shape) to the Reception Area, now through the end of June.
Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the uniform will be simplified. The kilt patterns, blouses, and polos will remain the same. The sweater and quarter-zip color options will change. All grades will wear the same color black sweaters (cardigan and v-neck) and quarter-zips.

This change was made because the other quarter-zip colors were becoming difficult to obtain. Students who have already purchased maroon or gray sweaters and maroon or white quarter-zips may still wear those colors, but, those colors will no longer be available for purchase.

The uniform for 2017-18 will be as follows:
Class of 2018 - gray kilt; gray or black sweaters; gray, white, or black quarter-zip
Class of 2019 - black kilt; black sweaters or quarter-zip  
Class of 2020 - blue plaid kilt; maroon or black sweaters or quarter-zip
Class of 2021 - green plaid kilt: black sweaters or quarter-zip

Kilts, blouses, polos, and sweaters (cardigan and v-neck) must be purchased from  Educational Outfitters. Quarter-zips must be purchased from  Lands' End.
23317 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington, MI 48336
Mercy's Preferred School ID # is 900181215
Book Purchasing and Selling
Ea rn some quick money by selling your books through our Mercy book partner MBS Direct. Mercy families can take advantage of this online book buyback option available now! Click here to simply log in to see how much you can get for your used books, list which books you want to sell, and MBS will give you a return label so you can send the books back for free. Shipping costs are covered!

Visit this video tutorial for guidance on the buyback procedure:

Online Buyback. It's fast. It's easy. It's convenient. Log in now to get cash for your books


At Mercy High School, it is our goal to make things as simple and as cost-efficient as possible for your family, which is why we partnered with MBS Direct to be our school's official textbook provider. They are constantly developing new ways to keep costs low while remaining user-friendly. For the 2017-18 school year, we will work side-by-side with MBS Direct to organize our Online Bookstore to match your student's course schedule. To order textbooks and course materials with convenience and accuracy, you will simply need to follow these steps once schedules are posted in August:
  1. Access our Online Bookstore at: 
  2. Select the courses in which your student is enrolled (in August 2017)
  3. Select new, used, or digital books
  4. Course materials are shipped to you within 24 hours of ordering
 We're confident MBS will provide a more streamlined book ordering experience at a very competitive price. Click here for MBS Direct info and more details available here:  
Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing

Save the date to join Mercy families and supporters at the Make a Difference for Mercy Golf Outing on Monday, September 25th at Fox Hills Classic Fox Course in Plymouth, which is owned by Mercy Alumnae Kathy Dul Aznavorian '64 and Sandy Dul Mily '74.

This is a great way to meet other Mercy parents, staff and supporters. Proceeds benefit Tuition Assistance and Athletics at Mercy. 18-hole shotgun scramble. Cart, driving range, contests, prizes. Continental breakfast and lunch.


Be a Sponsor!   




If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Hanna at or 248.893.3535.
MNotes ...Miscellaneous Info You Need to Know
Lifetouch Graduation Photos - 2017 Grads and Parents! To order Lifetouch commencement photos, please click here or visit click here or visit; click find your event and enter search criteria for Mercy High School.

Mosaic Magazine -
The spring issue of the Mercy Mosaic Magazine is in the mail! Look for features on Principal Witte and staff retirees, the Diversity Workshop, Alumnae Making a Difference and more. 

Car Pool
- The Mercy Car Pool list will be emailed to all families by the end of June. If you wish to remove your family's information from the listing, please email Amy Iacobell at

Sweepstakes Winners - The Sweepstakes Drive was a huge success and all winning tickets were selected. Click here to see this year's list of winners.

Stay Connected - Be sure to visit for important school info.
Snapshot of Mercy

Attention Graduates and Parents: To order Lifetouch graduation photos, please click here or visit and click find your event and enter search criteria for Mercy High School. 
If you have any questions or want to submit information for the Mercy MEMO, please contact . Want even more? Click the school year calendar and the Mercy web site . And don't miss all of the latest Mercy In The News articles . Check out the current announcements and browse the home page links to see what's happening at Mercy.