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4th Annual Orphan Conference
On Saturday, 9/26/15 we hosted our 4th annual Orphan Conference. About 50 attendees and agency reps gathered at Community Life Church in Catskill, NY to be inspired and equipped to heed the call of
James 1:27.
Former foster child and now adoptive mom,
Mandy Litzke of Safe Harbor Orphan Care Ministries was our inspiring keynote. Guests were also moved by John Moritz of Hearts of the Father Outreach and Cher Joseph, home finder for Albany County.
Thanks for all your support . . .
As we close out 2015 we are celebrating a year of fruit and growth here at JFO! We are excited about the testimonies YOU have been sharing with us at our events. We thank God for all of you and your support.
Many have begun or even completed foster parent training classes. Several adoptions, especially through foster care, are coming to fruition and one international adoption is in process!
We've been busy building good relationships with local foster care agencies and feedback from them echoes their appreciation for what we do as our work helps them find families for waiting children.
We'd love to hear from you! Please send your feedback if you've attended any of our events and/or heard us on the radio. 

Mandy Litzke of
Safe Harbor Adoption and
Orphan Care Ministry
John Moritz of
Hearts of the Father Outreach

On Air - "Orphans No More"
Our radio program "Orphans  No More" airs   
Sandra Flach
Radio Host and Director of Justice for Orphans
3x's weekly on  
The New Light WDCD 96.7fm  Albany  
Fridays at 1:30pm, 
Sundays at 10:30am, 
Wednesdays at 1:30pm.

JFO Minute Spots can be heard twice daily on The Sound of Life radio network.

5K for Orphans Fund-raiser

Over-All Winners:

Women: Judith Wines, 23:11 of Albany
Men: Steven Longden, 18:45 of Ravena
We had a total of 49 participants
Cher Joseph
Representative from
Albany County
Pastor Stan & Mary Slager
received the JFO Micah 6:8 Award  for 30 years of walking humbly  and doing justly as they have  adopted 6 children and are still 
fostering in their senior years.


L ooking  Ahead . . .
As we step into 2016 we're excited to announce that JFO has stepped out as its own entity and we've incorporated! We are just awaiting our 501c3 but tax-deductible gifts can still be made to JFO/GCC until the transition is complete! 
Our mission is always to rally the Church for the cause of the fatherless. God sets the lonely in families and JFO is calling families to open their hearts and open their homes to vulnerable children in foster care and in orphanages.

Orphan Sunday
Two local children adopted through Foster Care

There were twenty three New York churches that 
we officially know of
who observed
Orphan Sunday this year!

Please consider us for a year end gift
(or a New Year's gift) to help us continue our
mission, our radio ministry, and our events.
To donate to Justice For Orphans, send a check to:
Gospel Community Church
121 Mansion St.
Coxsackie, NY 12051
Checks should be made out to
Gospel Community Church
with "Justice For Orphans" in the Memo line.
Wishing you and your family a very 
Merry Christmas 
and a Blessed New Year in 2016!

Sandra Flach
Director Justice for Orphans