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From Chair Amanda Adkins 


Fellow Republicans, 


    Due to your hard work the Kansas Republican Party has been incredibly successful.  We hold all federal and statewide offices for the first time since the 1960s, have the largest legislative majorities since the 1950s, and hold over 80% of county and township elected positions.  Yet we face many challenges.


     In partnership with Governor Sam Brownback, the Kansas Republican Party seeks reforms with an eye toward the measurable results our policies achieve.  Significant reform is critical to the future of our state. As we close in on an important election next week, let me remind you of the record in this state before Governor Brownback took office.  From approximately 2000 - 2010 the following statements were true about our state (1) Kansas was dead last in private sector job growth; (2) Only 10 states out of 50 had worse out-migration than Kansas; and  (3) We were primarily losing out to surrounding states with a lower tax burden.


     People in our state trust Kansas Republicans. Our families expect that GOP elected officials will be appropriately focused on job creation, effectiveness and competitiveness for our state and country.  Our leadership has resulted in the most significant period of pro-growth reform in Kansas legislative history.  Major tax reform was instituted to encourage job-creation and reverse the decade of lost jobs.  The size of government was reduced and state government underwent the largest reorganization in Kansas history ending the year with $500 million on hand. 


     We must not squander the trust that has been put in us.  When you go out and vote in the Republican primary, do your research and know from whom you take counsel on this important decision.  Ask a basic question:  Does this organization support the stagnant, anti-growth status quo or do they have a reform-to-results agenda.  I ask you to know the difference.  For example, it has come to my attention that one organization active in the primary has labeled itself a "Jobs" PAC but it is merely a shell for other entities that are not supportive of our philosophy or our plan for pro-growth change.  Another labeled itself "Kansas" and "Republican" but was funded by out-of-state interests and hired a Sebelius operative.  Sadly, these are only two of many.  Know the difference.


     I encourage you to vote on Tuesday, August 7.  I am a big believer that competition promotes excellence, and am thrilled that so many state and county candidates are waving the Republican banner and seek to be the party's representative in the general election - with the coveted "(R)" after their name. I thank them for their commitment, and for yours in participating in the process.


With appreciation for all you do for our state,



 Amanda Adkins

 KS GOP Chair

Adkins, Amanda  




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