Dear Toastmaster,

Have you had a chance to check out a few of our District 101 programs?

Our Club Ambassador Program helps you stretch beyond your club, meet new people and bring back new ideas to enrich your Club. It can make a significant difference in your growth as a speaker and leader. Learn more about our Club Ambassador Program (CAP) here.

We just completed our ​very first ​Club Officer Training season. 52 Clubs ​can boast being our very first Lucky 7 ​clubs, as all their Club Officers were able to attend Club Officer Training. Our sincere thank you to all Division Directors, ​event organizers, trainers and our Club Officers who made these training sessions amazing!

Please welcome our District’s brand new Clubs ITU Toastmasters and Cupertino Electric Toastmasters. We are very excited to add these 2 Clubs to our District! Thank you Kalpana Manickavasagam and Christine Mamuad for being IT Toastmasters Club sponsors!

Last month we held a GREAT event on starting new Clubs. It was a successful event that demystified the process and brought in great ideas. Do you have an idea to start a new Club? Don’t wait too long! We’d love to work with you in turning YOUR idea into reality. Send an email with your idea to Karthik at

It’s time to renew your membership with your Club! Take a moment to pay your dues to your Treasurer. Remember that Toastmasters International dues are now 45 USD for 6 months. Please check with your Club on Club dues. When you pay your dues early, your Clubs can earn up to 100 USD in District credit. Find out more about how you can make September Steller here! Please note that starting this renewals season, members no longer have a grace period to pay dues.

Join us on October 26th for our next GREAT event Powerful Insights: Presence for Leadership. This interactive session will be led by Bud Everts & Rebecca Lindquist, American Accent, Speech & Executive Presence Coaches. Learn how to improve your speech and change how you “show up” using posture, breath, articulation & movement practices that start working within minutes! Register today to attend this free event!

District 101’s very first Conference is scheduled to be held on November 5th and 6th at the Biltmore Hotel, Santa Clara. Take a moment to avail the best rates and register for the event  here! If you’d like to be part of an amazing team to make the Conference successful or you’d like to make a donation towards the conference, please send a note to Dave Spence at today. Congratulations to Sriraj Vaidyanathan on leading the charge as our Conference Chair!

As always, please reach out to me should you have questions, concerns or just want to say hi!

Our brand new District is what we make of it. We all have a chance to make a big impact as charter members of our District. Each time you Challenge Yourself, you shape the future of our District. Let’s challenge each other to find what’s out there and how we can be our personal best, by challenging ourselves! ​


Mythili Prabhu, DTM
District 101 Director