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Message from Pastor
Tuesday, March 5, 2013  


The eyes of The Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love...we wait in hope for The Lord....In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His Holy Name.  May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, as we put our hope in You.    

        The requirement of a spiritual life involves a particular and deliberate placement of hope in The Lord, in His Holy Name.  The Lord realizes how alluring the competitive hopes offered by the world are, and therefore, His eyes are on those who choose to hope in His relentless, never-failing Love.  Wrong hope is as much a sin as wrong worship.  Few believers would sing praises to careers, popularity, bank balance...but enticements to hope in ourselves and others never seem to cease.  To hope in The Lord is not to remove yourself from daily optimism and routine encouragements, rather to see God's loving activity in the details of life.  
           I'm writing tonight, Sunday, from my kitchen table, eagerly awaiting the debut of "The Bible" (History channel, 7p) and reflecting again on the goodness of God displayed during our worship gatherings.  This was a pretty spectacular weekend, including Girlfriends, Final Four for TCS, Dagley wedding, and a worship experience long to be remembered.  Can you believe 173 new members on one Sunday?  God's presence was simply spectacular today.  Beck and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with Tammy Trent and Anita (her assistant), as well as our new friend Landon Schott. They caught planes home just a few minutes ago.

            The beard is returning for the Easter drama.

            As previously announced, I'm dedicating this email to another "Spirit story" over Trinity that seemed like it would take too long to share on Sunday.  So here goes!  On Monday of last week, we were made aware by our contractor that the bids from subcontractors probably couldn't hold much longer.  In other words, the price we had been calculating for the new building was about to go up significantly.  The contractors requested we make a decision about the project, either to launch or re-bid, by March 15.

            We began to pray and gather data.  Here's what we learned.  Our giving to #4generations averages right at $60k/month.  If we continue to donate at least that much over the nine-month construction period, cost would exceed revenue by about $850,000.  (The building cost is $3.1 million).  $850,000 was a number that grabbed our attention because our self-imposed debt limit of $10 million has been reduced by.....wait for it.....$850,000.  In other words, while we don't prefer to borrow again, if we needed to, we could remain below our threshold. Donna called the bank Tuesday to inquire, and by chance, Will, the regional president of our bank, called Shelia with his own story.

            Will said the "idea" came to him while dressing Tuesday, that he should pull Trinity's files and see if there's anything he could do for us.  He actually had our files on his desk when he was made aware of Donna's inquiry.  Will (Prosperity Bank) offered us a $1 million line of credit, no fees involved, at about 4% interest.  In other words, we would only borrow money if donations did not cover the cost of the construction, yet the contractors could rest assured they would be paid.  They wouldn't be required to live by our faith.  (Lol.)

            So the window looks like this: either the cost of the building accelerates while we try to steadily save an additional $850,000, (remember, that's counting on continued levels of giving), or we build now and activate faith for minimum, (zero?) participation in the line of credit.  Make sense? Our need for the additional space, especially Bible study space, stands critical.  It seems good to the Holy Spirit and myself that we pull the trigger, activate the benefits of the building....now.

            Everyone says people tend to give more strongly when they actually see the construction underway and that's proven true in our journey.  As our church continues to grow, I'm confident the resources necessary for this advance are "in the house."

            So, what do you think?

            I shared all this with our current and former elders, and they unanimously agreed to seize this window of low cost construction and believe God for His supply.  One elder pledged $20k (a puzzle piece) after the meeting.

            Groundbreaking planning is underway, and actual construction could start as soon as April 1st.

            Realizing again that many new members arrived at Trinity since we began this initiative, let me rehearse why this building is strategic:


1)    It relocates junior high ministries from across the street, and gives them a place to steward the youth revival.


2)    It provides MUCH NEEDED discipleship space for Bible teachers. Large classrooms will be available for all manner of weekly activities. It's not enough to gather large crowds, we must make disciples.


3)    It provides a venue for expansion of our Sunday morning worship experiences. We could add more services to run simultaneously.

            Ok, so now you know.


            Pray for missions' trips beginning this week.

            Pat Schatzline returns to Trinity Sunday, with his incredible evangelistic anointing.  PLEASE, invite friends and family in spiritual need.  I'll be on my way to Israel with Katee, but Beck will lead the weekend here.  Please don't forget to set your clocks

ahead for Daylight Savings Time this week!

            Our next baby dedication will be April 14th.   Contact Michelle or Katee to sign up.

            Thank you all who made Girlfriends last Friday night a huge success.  The offering from Girlfriends will be given to missionaries of the North Texas District in memory of Marian Crump and her love for missions.  If you would like to participate in this giving memorial, you can donate here.  Just make sure to specify it's for Sister Marian's legacy.

            Trinity Church is honored to host Ohana Ministries "Open Your Heart, Open Your Home" event on March 17, 1p.

Come hear about different ways you can be involved with foster children.  Adopt.  Foster.  Mentor.  Scrapbook.  Learn about CASA and Safe Families.  Lunch tickets are $2 in advance or $5 at the door.  Childcare with pizza provided for donations up to 4th grade. You can sign up in the foyer this Sunday or contact Cindy for more information.  
            How's your Lent offering coming along? If you have started from the beginning, your offering should be right around $45.  If you haven't started yet, it's still not too late.  We will be bringing our offerings of $2.50 a day on Easter Sunday, March 31.

            I realize this email is void of all the entertaining stuff, like stories about Chewbacca, but I should have plenty to write about next week from Israel, so don't unsubscribe!

            Until then, make sure you follow us on facebook and twitter!

             Love you more than you can know.  Hope your week is amazing.




Pastor Jim
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