Message from the Director
Dear TCGIS Families,
Our visa agencies, the Amity Institute and the Center for International Career Development, appealed to us today to take action with regard to the following:  

According to their message, senior White House staff are now embracing the idea to significantly restrict privately funded exchange programs as part of the Buy American, Hire American (BAHA) Executive Order implementation. While discussions initially focused on H visa programs (which would hurt our school as well), we understand those discussions have now broadened to also include interns and camp counselors. Should this come to pass, it would impact our work significantly.
TCGIS has been hosting German native-speaking interns since its founding. Each year we invite close to 25 individuals from German speaking countries to work and learn in our classrooms. Interns offer language and cultural skills that ensure quality instruction in our immersion setting. International staff are vital members of the TCGIS community and help us provide the innovative educational opportunity for our students and families promised in our mission statement.

According to the visa agencies, if this policy is implemented - which could happen as soon as early September 2017 -  the school will be unable to invite international interns to join our school in the future.

The Alliance for International Exchange  in Washington, D.C. and many of our partner organizations, like the Concordia Language Villages and other immersion schools, have been working on critical next steps . The most important thing we all can do TODAY is contact our Congressional delegations.

Please click here and act now!

It is a simple and automated process, and the Alliance for International Exchange has crafted a letter that you can just upload or also personalize. You are welcome to include additional information that you feel is important. However, some of the information that the Alliance has inserted in the standard letter is key to economic impact, even if it doesn't exclusively talk about the J-1 Intern visa.

If you wish to have a significant impact engaging politically and advocating for our school, you could do any or all of the following:
  • Call your Senators and House Representatives using these talking points . Please call these offices rather than writing an e-mail message or letter. A call is immediately registered by staffers and therefore has more impact than a letter.
  • If you can, visit your Senators' and House Representatives' local offices for an in-person meeting. If you can't get a meeting scheduled, just show up!
  • Contact the White House, the Department of State and share these talking points White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111
    State Department Operations Center: (202) 647-1512  
Please also consider forwarding and sharing this message with friends and family in other parts of the country in order to cover as many congressional districts as possible.

We thank you in advance for your time and effort. We hope to preserve a program which is at the core of our vision: "weltoffen denken und handeln (to act and think with a global mindset)".

Ted Anderson