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Dear Friend of Starr King,

"Cultivating multi-religious life and learning" is one of our educational goals at Starr King School for the Ministry. In a world where religious bigotry fuels conflict, the importance of this goal is obvious. Less apparent, however, is the joy that engaging deeply with religious diversity brings. Take a glance at the pictures below and you can see the joy. The photos show Geshe Lobsang Khenrab on the day he came to work with Starr King students in our "Educating to Counter Oppressions" (ECO) Seminar (see course description). Special thanks to Susan Shannon, ECO TA, who arranged his visit. A distinguished Tibetan Buddhist scholar, Geshe Lobsang Khenrab is in the San Francisco Bay Area preparing the way for the visit of the Dalai Lama next week (view poster announcing Geshe Khenrab's visit to SKSM). We are honored that Dr. Dorsey Blake, dean of Starr King's faculty, will be one of the religious leaders joining the Dalai Lama in his public appearances (see Dr. Dorsey Blake to appear with Dalai Lama).
In our new book, A House for Hope: The Promise of Progressive Religion for the 21st Century (article - A House for Hope #1 Bestseller at UU GA), John Buehrens writes that the mission of progressive religion is "bringing all the strength of our diverse cultures, languages, and creeds together to serve justice." I write,

"We need an ecumenics of beauty. .. The mission of progressive faith is to embrace the beauty of diversity and the diversity of beauty; to resist the crucifying powers by ministries of solidarity; to love one another and this earth as paradise, here and now."

At Starr King School for the Ministry, we are educating future Unitarian Universalist ministers and progressive leaders for society who will embody the joy and importance of creative interchange among people of diverse faiths. This commitment is integral to our identity as a Unitarian Universalist theological school, and it widens our welcome to students and teachers from a broad-range of religious expressions and practices. Today our core and adjunct faculty includes Unitarian Universalists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Pagans, Religious Humanists, Hindus, practitioners of Native American Spirituality, and wonderful combinations of the above.
We thank the Henry Luce Foundation for providing significant funding which has enabled Starr King to develop its multi-religious approach, and we celebrate the leadership of our Provost, Dr. Ibrahim Farajaje, whose educational imagination and scholarly expertise in interaction among global religious traditions has placed Starr King at the forefront of theological schools that are pioneering multi-religious theological education.

Our on-line courses and certificate programs in Unitarian Universalist Studies and Multi-Religious Studies are open to non-degree students. Check out what is coming up for the spring semester, and consider studying with us!

In grace and gratitude,

Rebecca Parker
President and Professor of Theology

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Ven. Geshe Lobsang Khenrab visit to SKSM, September 2010

Geshe Khenrab photo #1Geshe Khenrab photo #2

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(Photos courtesy of Susan Shannon)

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