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Delve into the witchy world of spellcraft, divination, the paranormal and everyday life.

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Oseaana's Spell of the Moment

Love Dovey Spell

This spell will bring back that lovey-dovey feeling in your relationship. Remember that feeling you first had when you and your mate started dating? Remember this giddiness and joy and anticipation?

What you will need:
Photo of you
Photo of your mate
Pretty red fabric at least 12" x 12"(silk, satin, lace something pleasing to your eye and romantic)
White cord or ribbon (not string, it must Lock of you hair
Lock of your mate's hair
24-carat Relationship Oil
Mastery Incense
Heat-safe dish to burn the incense

Light the Mastery incense in a heat safe bowl on a piece of charcoal. Lay out the red cloth. On top of the cloth lay the photos face-up. Place your lock of hair on your mate's photo and your mate's lock of hair on your photo.

Add one drop of the 24-carat Relationship oil on each of the photos/hair and say "As our love was once new, so now shall it grow stronger."

Add a few drops of honey onto each of the photos/hair and say "May our love be sweet and rich like honey."

Now place one photo/hair pile on top of the other (your choice who goes on top of whom here *wink*).

Wrap the photos and hair dressed with the oil and honey in the red fabric. Then wrap that bundle 7 times with the white cord/ribbon while speaking aloud your wishes and desires for your relationship.

Place the bundle between your mattresses and reclaim that lovey-dovey feeling!

Blessed Be!
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We carry lovely gift items that are intended to enchant your spirit. Most of our items are created by Oseaana, owner and creatrix of The Moonlit Sea, however you may also find amazing items by other creative craftspeople.

In addition to offering amazing crafts, Oseaana is gifted in divination forms such as tarot, cowrie shells, and pendulum. and offer these services via phone or in-person. is also where you can find out about Oseaana's rootwork/hoodoo, spellwork and light setting services.

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What's Brewin'
Thank you for subscribing to the Messages in the Foam Newsletter .

It's been a while since I sent out a proper newsletter. Winter has set in and I am running full steam ahead conjuring changes and manifesting dreams.

Thanks to my lovely wife, Dawn, I am now the proud owner of a new computer. You could say that it is my dream computer. A Dell Alienware laptop that is as pretty as it is functional!


I love it! Yes it is extravagant but, we need to feed those pleasures a few times in our life and this is one of those times.

So after playing on the new computer...literally playing Sims, Guild Wars, Nancy Drew...I finally transferred everything from the old laptop to the new and got to work re-organizing and re-designing.

I will say that I have had some problems adjusting. The biggest being that my previous graphic and web design software was at least 10 years old. Now I must re-learn new software and I am not too happy about that. So the new design changes are coming along slowly but surely and I am learning something new which is always important (no matter how frustrating LOL).

In the meantime I am still able to create and conjure items that folks have been wishing for!

Attracting Love Spell Kit

Be sure to read more about the first in our new line of

Spell Kits just in time for Valentine's Day!


I am offering a Magickal Mentorship Winter Special. See below how you can save $100 and get personalized 1-on-1 magickal training with me.

As a special thank you to newsletter readers, I am offering a pre-spring cleaning special 20% off shop wide at! See below for details!

The Moonlit Sea Vinyl Record Bowl

And The Moonlit Sea crafts are back! I have been sewing my little heart out making sacks, wallets and fabulous and funky vinyl record bowls.

For the time being The Moonlit Sea crafts are being offered on Etsy. See below for those details too and a special offer that will save you some cash!

Many blessings of the season and a glorious new year to you all!

I am always open to suggestions and comments. Please direct them to

Abundant Blessings of the Sea,
The Moonlit Sea

  Magickal Mentorships

Magickal Mentorships are an on-going training and involve learning witchcraft/spellcraft and conjure in one-on-one personalized sessions with Oseaana.


Mentorships can be done in-person or long-distance via the internet.

Your mentorship will focus on the areas of spellcraft and conjure that is of interest to you. Magickal skills that you will learn include:

  • candle magick
  • divination
  • mojo bags
  • working with poppets
  • contained spells such as honey jars
  • working altars and Spirits

Areas students have focused on:

  • Money Magick and Luck Manifestation
  • Finding and Working with Spirit Guides
  • Enhancing Personal Power
  • Magickal Techniques to Improve Your Life (protection, love, money, etc.)
  • Defining Your Spiritual Path
  • Advanced Witchcraft
  • Advanced Conjure & Hoodoo

Mentorships are for 3 months (1 level) at a time. 
There are 3 levels of training offered.


Magickal Mentorship Program Fees: $300 per level

Winter Special saves you $100

Please email Oseaana at oseaana (at) scarletandamethyst (dot) com with questions and to register.


Mentorships include:

  • one phone or in-person one-on-one sessions with Oseaana each month of the mentorship
  • access to Oseaana via email, chat, etc. as you need to answer questions and/or get guidance
  • access to the private Mystical Journeys Network
  • 20% discount on supplies purchased at Pumpkin Cottage Conjure while you are an active student 

Grand Re-Opening!

The Moonlit Sea Orange Sack The Moonlit Sea Wallets
  Find me on Etsy.

Sacks are great for traveling altars, storing runes or precious stones, jewelry, trinkets and more!


Business card/credit card/money wallets

Vinyl Record Bowls


Use Coupon Code: TMS2011

Get 10% your order on Etsy

All handmade by Oseaana!
Each is one-of-a-kind and unique!

Visit The Moonlit Sea on Etsy!
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20% Off Sale 
A bit of early spring cleaning is happening around Pumpkin Cottage.
For newsletter readers only, I am offering a site wide
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Stock up on oils, incense, baths, powders! Have a spell you been putting off? Now is the time to try it out with a poppet or mojo bag or amulet!

Don't forget our Mama Da's Waters of Life,
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Now is the time to try out our products if you haven't already. And if you have now is the time to stock up on your favorites.

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