CoP Newsletter, Spring 2014 - Volume I
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Welcome to the first Math in Common Community of Practice newsletter. These quarterly digests showcase the work happening in the community and up-coming opportunities and events. Feel free to share these with your network and districts!
What is Math in Common?
Coming Up
Next MiC Leadership Convening - May 14th-15th 
Meeting Details and Draft Agenda 

Prep-work will be sent April 23rd

Summer MiC SfMP Principal Institute - Register Now!

June 19th-20th at UC Davis (limited space remaining)

July 23rd-24th at CSU Long Beach
Design and Innovation Team

Invite your Teachers and TOSAs 

MiC Program Manager Nick Resnick is bringing together a team to use design thinking to prototype and test solutions to our CCSS-M and instructional technology challenges - get your team on-board!

MiC Exclusive
Stanford Support with Video and Assessment of Student Discourse 
Kenji Hakuta, Jeff Zwiers and their colleagues at Stanford University have invited our MiC community to co-develop videos and materials for their upcoming MOOC and SBAC formative assessment library around language and ELL's.
More Information
MiC Expert Q&A
Q: Oceanside is hiring nearly 100 teachers for next year. Many of those teachers will teach math. If you were to ask one question in an interview for math teachers what would that question be?"

Tim Kanold Answered:

A: "We're about to give you a classroom (or 5-6 periods) of students.

1) Why on Earth should those students follow you?

2) In May, what evidence will you bring me to show you've been successful?

3) At the end of the year, how many of your students will have failed your class?"

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Past Convening Quote
"One of the problems we have with formative assessment is a paradigm that is often called, "data-driven decision making". ...

I'm thinking that we ought to perhaps reverse the ideas in data-driven decision-making and instead focus on decision-driven data collection.

Let's first figure out the decisions we need to make, and then figure out the data that would help us make that decision in a smarter way."
  ~Dylan Wiliam  


Materials from Dylan Wiliam's December MiC Talk 

We're always interested in your ideas and experience in the MiC Community.
Please always feel free to email the Math in Common team with any concerns or requests
Notes from the Road: SfMP in OUSD!
MiC Program Manager Nick Resnick's visit to Oceanside
The Standards for Mathematical Practices were alive and customized in all classrooms! Students actively engage with their SfMP worksheet which remains in the middle of their 4 desk pod. Below is a tool created by one Middle School teacher... read more
Excited and interested by what Oceanside is doing? Watch this page for details on their upcoming MiC Peer Led Learning Session.
Are your teachers WINNING?
Tim Kanold's March Presentation to Elk Grove's Principals
Tim Kanold asked the principals at his breakout sessions during Elk Grove's tremendously successful Saturday March 22nd workshop whether or not their teachers knew if they are a 'winning team' or not. This conversation about monitoring and celebrating adult behaviors was followed by the same vision circle more
Have MiC help bring a CCSS-M expert to your district
WestEd Reference Desk Launch
Our WestEd partners are ready for your research questions, with a promise to have an answer in 7 days.

CORE Connection: March SAI Brainstorms
Answers to Sanger and San Francisco's Burning Questions

"How do we integrate technology without lessening the importance of quality instruction?

How do we accelerate the blending of technology without replacing effective instruction?"
MiC SfMP Summer Principal Institute
Sacramento session almost full!
This summer, MiC will offer two opportunities for two days of intensive work targeted at site leaders on the Standards for Mathematical Practice and lesson planning design to help strengthen their leadership of CCSS-M classroom instruction and the SBAC assessments. These will be designed and led by Dr. Tim Kanold.Travel and accommodations for this event will be reimbursed through California Education Partners directly, so there is no cost to your district or participants.   
More Info and Save the Date
CCSS-M Resource Highlights

Go to the MiC Resource Page for more, and make sure to post your favorite resources to share while you're there. 

Math in Common Mission
The Math in Common Community of Practice offers the time, tools, and expertise for education leaders to work together, in and across districts, to advance student success in mathematics.

Math in Common Vision
All Math in Common districts are achieving their visions of student success in mathematics.