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 December 2016
Issue No. 4
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The Lame Duck session of the Michigan legislature came to an end last week. Several pieces of legislation that have an impact on non-public schools saw action. There was also action on restraint and seclusion legislation that saw non-public school left out - which was a positive outcome given the costs involved in training and implementation. Please see the highlights below.

The November election did not do much to change the partisan makeup of the Michigan House (it is still a 63-47 split for the 2017-18 session). It did bring about 43 new house members to Lansing, many of them from your home districts. Please see the attached roster of new lawmakers for the next legislative session. MANS encourages you to get to know your legislator, whether he/she is in her first term or final term. The work we do in Lansing is much more effective with your support back home.

We hope to see you all on March 9, 2017 for Public Policy Day in Lansing. There you will have the chance to meet your lawmaker, interact with key figures in the Michigan Department of Education and advance the mission of faith-based schools in Michigan. Look for registration information early next year.  May you all have a blessed Christmas season and prosperous New Year!


Brian Broderick
Michigan Association of Non-public Schools
Quick Policy Update

Update: Restraint and Seclusion Legislative Package
The Michigan Legislature passed a nine bill package that bans restraint and seclusion practices in schools, except in cases of emergency. 

Update: Electric Choice
A compromise was reached at the end of the legislative session to approve bills enacting significant changes to the provision of energy across the state. The revised legislation eliminates the fees and restrictions on alternative energy suppliers and choice customers.

Update: Transportation
House Bill 5753, sponsored by Representative Amanda Price (R-Holland), clarifies existing law about transportation services for nonpublic school students.
MANS is dedicated to advancing the cause of faith-based schools in Michigan. Our work in Lansing is only valuable if we have support from knowledgeable stakeholders involved.  Join us! Together with parents, educators, pastors and friends, we can make a difference for Michigan's children.
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