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Newsletter, April/May, 2016  
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Clients Complete Loans

These past two months have been a time of celebration in our lending program. Four of our Phnom Penh clients have in that time completed all their required obligations. Their loans have been repaid in full, allowing them to now continue with their business independently. It's a pleasure to show them in the photos below:

Hem Sothea ($100 loan)
Penh Raksmey ($200 loan)
Chan Heap ($250 loan)
Chea Sotheary ($150 loan) (seated to the right)


Click here for the printable February report
Sanitation Program

Latrines for Life

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, building latrines is an issue that many people clearly recognize as important and are willing to support financially. We're continuing to respond by now making the Latrines For Life program our central mission. To date there have been 26 latrines constructed for poor rural families. We want to do a lot more.

The most recent latrines were constructed with funding that came from the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club. Below you'll find a variety of
information from those projects - photos and comments from recipients:

             The Srey Mom family receives a double-pit latrine
         (Click here for testimonial from the family, and more photos)

        The Kim Heng family during construction of the enclosure
      (Click here for testimonial from the family, and more photos)

       The Mut Nuy family celebrates completion of their latrine
      (Click here for testimonial from the family, and more photos) 

                  The Moa Vuthy family in front of their home
      (Click here for testimonial from the family, and more photos)

          Help Fund a Latrine now - donate here. 

Choose your level of support:
1. Concrete culverts for septic pit (6 needed @ $10)........ 60
2. Labor cost (two workers for two full days)................... 35
3. Ceramic squatting toilet and base cover........................ 30
4. Construction materials (sand, cement, brick, tin).......... 15
5. Pipes for ventilation and base-to-pit connection............ 15
6. Materials transport and delivery to site.......................... 10
7. Construction coordination and management.................. 35
8. Administration................................................ ................ 25
                                                               Total Cost........... 225

When filling out our Microloans For Mothers secure donate page, mention your level of support in the comments section at the bottom left.

Donors who cover the full cost of one latrine ($225) will be recognized in Cambodia with a decorative plaque for the recipient family (see photo below).

                    Smart & Easy Giving
          (when you make an Amazon purchase online)

Your Amazon purchase can also help us build latrines. Amazon's "Smile" program will make a donation to our non-profit organization based on your purchase amount. It's free to you. The donation is from Amazon. Here's what to do:

1. Go to
2. Log into your Amazon account.
3. Use the following search: "10-0003835"
4. Click the Select button.

("Class Arts Children & Technology Inc." is our IRS official non-profit organization name) (Federal tax ID# 10-0003835)

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In This Issue
Loans Repaid
Latrines For Life Program
Niels September 2011
Hi Everybody!

Our lending program has been running for several years now. We started in 2010, and since that time have issued 169 loans to 130 women. The loan principal issued over that time has been $21,600 with a payback rate of 95%.

Our average loan calculates to be $128, which is a small amount to us but so crucial to these women. We've given them the help they needed, and now they are off to better lives running successful businesses without our continued support. 

I'm proud of what our small organization has accomplished, and equally proud of the women for following through with repayment at such a high rate. It's gratifying to know that we've helped so many women with that initial funding so desperately needed to start a business. So many have benefited, improving the lives for their families in significant ways.

The women to the left are four who have recently paid back their loans in full. Just like so many in the past, they now can move on independently without our help. It's the goal we have always had; to move women out of poverty and out of dependency to better lives.     

As we take stock of our accomplishments it's clear that we've made a difference. But there is so much to do, so many other issues that cry out for attention. In my four trips to Cambodia visiting our clients and staff I've become keenly aware of the poor sanitation that exists, especially in the rural areas. The board of directors of our small non-profit organization have recognized it too, and decided some time ago to improve the situation by building latrines for poor families. We're calling the program Latrines For Life. It's something the board feels very passionate about, so much so that a decision has been made to start shifting our focus away from the lending program and solidly into this new sanitation effort.

Many of you have seen the results we've achieved in this area over the past two years. Donations have come from many individuals. Especially successful was this past year's Holiday giving season, which I'm sure we'll be able to repeat or exceed this coming November.

We've done well for the poor country of Cambodia, but want to do more. I sincerely hope that many of you will continue with me and the board to expand the sanitation program into the future.

Please consider giving this new direction a push now. 

Click here to make a donation.


   Latrines For Life

Good sanitation is essential for health and well being, but it's not the norm in rural Cambodia. Old habits of poor hygiene, of using open fields in elimination of body waste, are still wide spread. The result is the contamination of streams and soils, the spread of disease, high rates of infant and young child mortality, and heavy caseloads of diarrhea and other infections. It's this critical issue to which we are now turning our full attention. As we improve the health of one family after another the whole community benefits by living among neighbors that have a higher level of sanitation.

So far we've been building the latrines in  the rural community of Kos Khel - on an occasional basis as funds are available.
Below the photos to the left you can click to see detailed reports on five recently completed latrines funded by the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club. There's information about Cambodia and a map showing the location of the community. also in the reports you'll see comments from the recipient families. Heart warming to say the least.

The cost for one latrine is $200. If you would like to assist in this area simply click the link below to reach our donate page. Mention "latrine sponsorship" in the "comments" section below the credit card information. You can do a one-time donation for the full amount, or do a monthly payment plan, as some donors have done. It will make a world of difference for a poor family.

Please donate here.


And, don't forget, there's an easy way to have Amazon donate a little extra cash to our cause. Look to the left and see the detail of how it's done. Amazon makes the donation with Amazon dollars, not yours. It's smart, quick and so easy to do.

Take care for now.

Niels Lund
Executive Director
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