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Newsletter, February, 2016  
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            Visiting Phnom Penh Clients  
Starting last November we moved our lending program to Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh. It's been a challenge, but now we are firmly established there. Our loan officer, Um Norak, visited several of the newer clients prior to the holidays. Here are three of them, with a comment from each:

1. Hem Sothea ($100 loan)
Mrs. Hem Sothea ( Selling breakfast and lunch food):
"I am very happy to take the photos with Mr. Norak to come visit my selling place. I am earning some money from my business so that I can have fund to pay back my loan and feed my children and they can go to school. I am very thankful for this MfM program in Cambodia. Your assistant is very much appreciated. I thank you your team to visited me again."


2. Mrs. Penh Raksmey ($200 loan)
Mrs. Penh Raksmey (selling Pate Bread with meat):
"This month is the 3rd month that I could pay my loan back to MfM program, with this program I did earn some money to help my family and I have some left over money to buy food and children could go to school. I know your program is very important to my family. Your team distributed the fund so that I could start my small business. I am happy to get the loan from you. I am happy to meet Mr. Norak again for this month!"


3. Mrs. Khon Saroeurn ($150 loan)
Saroeurn receives her $150 loan in November

Her business continued successfully in December  

Mrs. Khon Saroeurn ( Selling soft drinking, water, fried egg ):
"My small business is doing fine. Once I got the loan from MfM, I bought more crackers, more soft drink, so my local students can come and buy more from me. I am happy to get the loan from MfM. I thank you for Sophaul who had introduced the program to me. I had earned some money this month so that I could pay my loan back. Your program is very helpful to my family."       

Click here for the printable November report

Click here for the printable December report 

                 Sanitation Program

                        Latrines for Life

Over the holidays we initiated our Latrines for Life project to continue the help we've been giving to alleviate some of the serious sanitation problems we see in Cambodia. It was a very successful campaign, and I want to thank all of you who made the special effort to donate at that time. From the excellent response it is clear that building latrines is an issue that many are interested in supporting. For this reason we've decided to make this program a central part of our mission. 

             Families are waiting in Cambodia for help

Good sanitation is essential for health and well being, but it's not the norm in rural Cambodia. Old habits of poor hygiene, of using open fields to eliminate body waste, are still wide spread. The result is the contamination of streams and soils, the spread of disease, high rates of infant and young child mortality, and heavy caseloads of diarrhea and other infections.

                  The double pits are positioned in the ground

                 The foundation for the ceramic toilet seat is prepared
        nearing completion
           An enclosure is constructed to create the finished latrine 

Choose your level of support:

1. Concrete culverts for septic pit (6 needed @ $10)........  60
2. Labor cost (two workers for two full days)...................  35
3. Ceramic squatting toilet and base cover........................  30
4. Construction materials (sand, cement, brick, tin)........... 15
5. Pipes for ventilation and base-to-pit connection............. 15
6. Materials transport and delivery to site........................... 10
7. Construction coordination and management................... 35
                                                               Total Cost........... 200 
Donors who cover the full cost of one latrine ($200) will be recognized in Cambodia with a decorative plaque for the recipient family (see photo below).

     Help Fund a Latrine now - donate here.                       
(When filling out our secure donate page, mention your level of support in the comments section at the bottom left. Your donation will be used to support the Microloans for Mothers Latrines for Life program.)  

                      Smart & Easy Giving 
          (when you make an Amazon purchase online)

Your Amazon purchase can also help us build latrines. Amazon's "Smile" program will make a donation to our non-profit organization based on your purchase amount. It's free to you. The donation is from Amazon. Here's what to do:

     1. Go to
     2. Log into your Amazon account.
     3. Use the following search: "10-0003835"
     4. Click the Select button.
("Class Arts Children & Technology Inc." is our IRS official non-profit organization name) (Federal tax ID# 10-0003835)

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In This Issue
Phnom Penh Clients
Latrines For Life Program
Niels October  
Hi Everybody!
In the last two months or so our loan officer, Um Norak, has  made a number of the required visits with our clients in Phnom Penh, including our very newest client, Khon Saroeurn, who received her $150 loan in November.
The poor in Cambodia get by on less than $2 per day - in other words, about $50. So when you look at a small loan of just $150 you are really looking at an amount equal to three months' income, which is a large amount of money for Saroeurn. It's an amount that she could never hope to save up on her own, and gives her the capital she needs to build her business.

All of our current seven clients are doing fine. They're making their required loan payments on time, and as we can see from the comments to the left, are thankful for the opportunity we are giving them to grow their businesses. I'm really pleased with the work Norak is doing on our behalf. It's a good fit for our program.

If you would like to read more comments from some of the other women in our lending program, and see the photos, you can do so by clicking on the links to the left. You'll see the links to the monthly reports from November and December. They come to me every month as our program progresses. Our director, Suy Leang, does a great job in putting them together and sending them to me in a timely manner. It's encouraging for me to see the successes our clients are having, as I'm sure it is for many of you.
If you would like to add your name to the list of donors you too can make a real difference for other women. Please give it some serious thought.

Click  here to make a donation.   

And, don't forget, there's an easy way to have Amazon donate a little extra cash to our cause. Check the bottom of the newsletter for detail. It's smart, quick and so easy to do.


As I mentioned in our last newsletter before the holidays, we are continuing to serve the rural community of Kos Khel, but with only the Sanitation Program, in which we building latrines for poor families. We've been  doing this on an occasional basis as funds are available. It requires far less ongoing supervision and support than the lending program in Phnom Penh, and the benefits to the overall community are very significant.

As we improve the health of one family after another the whole community benefits by living with neighbors that have a higher level of sanitation.

You'll have noticed that we made a major push during the holiday giving season to raise funds specifically for  latrine construction. We had a very successful campaign. One that far surpassed those of previous years. It's a sign that improving sanitation in the developing world strikes a chord here in the Western world where we take for granted the availability of clean water and proper sanitation facilities throughout our society.


Some Detail: Two to three years ago we announced our plan to start a Cambodia Sanitation Project that supplies latrines to families in poor rural areas. Since then I've been getting the word out, and more interest has been developing in assisting with the funding. Specifically, we have now built 21 latrines, and are in the planning stages for building five more in the near future. In the photos to the left you can see construction photos of some that have been completed.

Good sanitation is essential for health and well being, but it's not the norm in rural Cambodia. Old habits of poor hygiene, of using open fields in elimination of body waste, are still wide spread. The result is the contamination of streams and soils, the spread of disease, high rates of infant and young child mortality, and heavy caseloads of diarrhea and other infections.

According to the World Bank's Sanitation program (2008) only about 17% of Cambodian rural poor households have access to improved sanitation facilities, and by other studies it shows that among the very poor, fewer than 5% have access to a decent toilet facility. I'm extremely pleased that we are able to provide a small measure of assistance in this complex issue.

We're still raising funds to build more latrines for families in need. The cost for one latrine is $200. If you would like to assist in this area simply click the link below to reach our donate page. Mention "latrine sponsorship" in the "comments" section below the credit card information. You can do a one-time donation for the full amount, or do a monthly payment plan, as some donors have done. It will make a world of difference for a poor family.  
And, don't forget, there's an easy way to have Amazon donate a little extra cash to our cause. Look to the left here and see detail of how its done. It's smart, quick and so easy to do.

Take care for now.    
 Niels Lund
Executive Director
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