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September 8, 2016

In Their Own Words: 
Not Who We Are Day 3 

New York – Each day, more Americans of all ages and backgrounds, from a wide variety of employers are standing up to say that Donald Trump and his campaign of racism, bigotry and divisiveness are Not Who We Are.  Newly launched campaigns from employees of Microsoft, Sears and federal contractors show that ordinary Americans are using the Not Who We Are platform to organize their friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Below, in their own words, are their reasons for standing up (as always, these are real quotes from real people who started real letters):

“I am proud to work at a company that values diversity, now we must show that we more than value it, we must stand up in support of it. There is no place for this kind of discrimination at Microsoft or in America. Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who Microsoft is.”
---Ron Critchfield, creator of an open letter from Microsoft employees

“We are a country founded on freedom and Liberty. Donald Trump is not who or what this country is. He is not trustworthy and not qualified to lead our country or represent the US in domestic or world issues. Join me in saying: Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who Sears is.”
---Victoria Hartig, creator of an open letter from Sears employees

“As a member of the Union Station Workers Council in Washington, D.C., and a proud supporter of Good Jobs Nation I stand with federal low wage contract workers against racial, religious, and other intolerances that Donald Trump and his campaign promotes. We are deeply concerned that labor victories and executive orders such as fair pay, employee respect, safe working conditions will become undone if Donald Trump is in office. We are also deeply concerned about the hateful rhetoric that targets groups such as African Americans, Muslims, and women. This kind of hate and negativity threaten the basic freedoms, safety, and dignity of our communities.”
---Brittany Butler, Good Jobs Nation organizer who created an open letter

“I have lived in this city all my life and I love our city, and I know from long experience, that we are better than this. As a member of the St. Louis, Missouri community, I invite all members to stand together against the racial, religious and other intolerance that Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric promotes.”
---Jane Keller, creator of an open letter from residents of St. Louis, MO

“Not Who We Are” is a movement of people from across the United States who are speaking their conscience by starting open letters as employees, professionals, students, and members of civic institutions to say that Donald Trump’s racially intolerant rhetoric and policies are “Not Who We Are.” The campaign features , an innovative online platform that allows Americans who are disgusted by Trump’s attacks to sign an open letter or create a more targeted one of their own.  

To learn more about Not Who We Are, follow us on twitter at @NotWhoWeAre or visit . 

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