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  • City Council Review on Bubb Road/Recology Schedule 
  • Silicon Valley Bike Coalition Survey
  • Stevens Creek Trail Presentation Update
Council Agenda January 19th: Bubb Road Trash Schedule:

The city has been working with Recology to test an earlier pickup time around Regnart, Lincoln, Kennedy and Monta Vista Schools.  With the earlier pickup times, trash bins can be moved out of the bike lanes before the school commute begins.  On Tuesday, January 19 th, the council will be asked to adopt the new schedule. In earlier meetings there was a small number of neighbors who argued against this, with their main concerns being early morning noise and a question on the efficacy of the program.  While far from perfect, the earlier pickup times do help clear the bike lanes and this change is fully endorsed by Walk-Bike Cupertino.   If you support this change, are you willing to lend your support?  It is listed as item 10 on the agenda.   FMI:

Silicon Valley Bike Coalition Survey.

Our partner, the SVBC, would like to invite you to participate in and share a quick survey about   Envision Silicon Valley and the potential transportation sales tax being discussed for the November ballot (background info here:  

SVBC is participating in discussions to help craft the tax measure, and it would like to know what kinds of bicycle and pedestrian projects would benefit you the most. Please take the survey at and  share far and wide.  Thanks for your support! Colin Heyne, Deputy Director SVBC.  



Stevens Creek Trail Update - Council Presentation in February   -  The Cupertino Parks and Rec  team will make a presentation to the city council in early February - date to be announced.  Walk-Bike Cupertino supports developing Safe and Easy Biking and Walking throughout the city's neighborhoods and off the busy thoroughfares.  WBC also recommends that any through-neighborhood routing of the SCT should be postponed  for future consideration.  If you have an opinion on this agenda item, you can attend the meeting to voice your opinion, or write your city council. 

City and CUSD/FUHSD Leaders meet to continue Safe Routes Plan

A recent initiative to embed student bike safety training in our CUSD school curriculum has received major focus. Walk-Bike Cupertino hopes to see a bike/ped training program (modeled after one used in Palo Alto and other communities) that makes bike/ped training a part of the PE curriculum at all CUSD schools.  It is our hope that a portion of the program can be started this Spring at all CUSD Middle schools. (no time like the present!)  For more information of SRTS see .

 Website Updates:
  • Check it out -  review the information and links to other resources and  leave your comments and suggestions - we'll forward them on to the city and keep track of them! You'll continue to see additional content added each week.
  • Check out the Safety Section for best cycling practices, safety and video link to help you and  your children understand safe cycling. Many thanks to Dick Blaine and Byron Rovegno for      their good work!

Walk-Bike Cupertino Strongly Supports

  • Making Cupertino the Bay Area model for Safe and Easy walking and biking;
  • Create direct bike-ped pathways;
  • Educate drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists on best practices and sharing  the road;
  • Embed bicycle safety training in our schools' curriculum;
  • Incorporate "Way-finder" signage, historical markers and points-of-interest into bike and walking pathways
  • Support the $10M funding set aside for Cupertino's strategic walk-bike    improvements.


Thank you for your support and your actions.... your efforts do make a difference.

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