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November 2017                       
Volume 28; Issue 2                 
From the Executive Director's Desk
Dick Sievers Executive Director
November is always a busy time at Mid-Sioux. Outreach staff is working on LIHEAP applications and holiday projects. Fiscal year end activities are underway as we prepare for the audit and calendar year end activities as well. All of the projects seem to pick up intensity this time of year.
Most of our contract renewals are competitive these days. That means that every 3 to 6 years we must write a competitive application to continue to provide services including W.I.C., Maternal/Child Health, Child Care Resource & Referral, Head Start/Early Head Start and any related contracts. We have just recently competed for our Maternal/Child Health and W.I.C. contracts and they have been renewed. Thanks to Cindy Harpenau for writing excellent grant applications. Our Head Start/Early Head Start contracts will be competitive at the end of our 5 year grant cycle which means 2019 will be a competitive year. Child Care Resource & Referral is competitive this year. Melissa Juhl is leading the development of that application which is due the first part of December. There is a lot of other staff involved in writing these applications. Fiscal staff provides financial information and gives guidance on budget preparation, program staff provides input into goals and objectives and the final approval comes from the Board of Directors. I'm confident in our ability to renew these contracts. Mid-Sioux provides quality services and our grant writing skills have been refined over the years.
Some of our other services such as Family Development & Self-Sufficiency and the Community Services Block Grant (Outreach Services) are renewed on an annual basis. These require a good deal of time and effort as well. Other contracts such as LIHEAP and Weatherization are renewed annually without a grant application but with requirements for program operation that may adjust from year to year.  
The requirements for reporting and accountability seem to increase each year. Accountability is very important of course. Thanks to all the staff and agencies we work with for supporting our efforts in the contact renewal process.
The holidays are fast approaching. It's a great time of year and I hope it is very enjoyable for all of you.


Cindy Harpenau
It's hard to believe another fiscal year has come and gone! We have definitely experienced another year of changes and challenges! In FY'16, our staff challenges included transitioning to a new WIC computer system, implementing the electronic WIC food benefits, and helping Medicaid families shift their health insurance to a Managed Care Organization. Ironically, FY'17 staff challenges focused around the same topics - a new computer system for Maternal and Child Health; in addition to the ongoing challenges with Medicaid Managed Care. While I don't see the challenge of a new computer system in FY'18; unfortunately, I do see staff continuing to be challenged with changes in the Medicaid Managed Care system. This is being faced already with the elimination of AmeriHealth Caritas as one of the MCO options, effective December 1st.
A recap on some of the services families received through the WIC/MCH, hawk-i, and I-Smile programs over the past year include (unfortunately, due to the new electronic data system for Maternal, Child and Oral Health services, some of the numbers below are best "guestimates" between the two systems):
  • The WIC program served 2,602 unduplicated clients. Each of the five counties served the following number of participants:
FY'17 Unduplicated WIC Participation
Total Women
Total Infants
Total Children
Grand Total
Sioux (4 clinics)
  • Approximately 260 pregnant women participated in the Maternal Health program with over 200 oral health screenings and fluoride varnish applications being completed.
  • Almost 1,250 lead screenings were completed on children under the age of five.
  • Approximately 100 children were immunized at the WIC/MCH clinics.
  • School sealants were provided to almost 760 students with over 1,060 children screened in 17 different schools. Over 70% of the students screened were in need of sealants and almost 3,000 sealants were placed on students in 1st through 8th grade.
  • Of the 760 students who received sealants, almost 40% required an "urgent" referral to a local dentist. Dawn Ericson, I-Smile Coordinator, provides Care Coordination services to help these families obtain the necessary dentist appointments. Almost $5,000 was reimbursed to local dentists for dental treatment on uninsured children.
  • Over 675 dental screenings and fluoride varnish applications were completed on WIC and Head Start children by the WIC/MCH Registered Nurses and Dawn Ericson, Registered Dental Hygienist.
  • Approximately 1,500 Newly Eligible Medicaid families received information from Mid-Sioux staff regarding their health insurance. Client education in regard to Medicaid Managed Care was emphasized.
  • Over 60 Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility applications were completed at WIC/MCH clinics to help families obtain health insurance.
Currently, FY'17 WIC and MCH Year-end reports are being completed; the MCH Cost Analysis report is being compiled and then it's time to get started on the FY'18 WIC and MCH grant requirements.
A big thank you to all the WIC/MCH staff for providing quality services to the children and families we serve! Our families are very fortunate to receive WIC/MCH services from such a caring group of staff.
Head Start & CDC
Kendra Rensink
Head Start and CDC have been going strong since September 5th and it's been going great! We now have six centers going full day and of those, three are going all week! In addition to that, we have four centers running in the mornings four days a week and the Child Development Center is now having school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Home base is still going strong in Ida Grove with a full program! That's 198 Head Start and CDC kids growing and learning in our centers!

The children in the center have been so busy getting to know the routine, learning about colors, shapes, letters and numbers, how to play with their new friends and getting into a routine!
   Child Development Center      Cherokee 1 
What's your favorite thing about school?           My favorite things about school ... 
Ryker - Hammer & pegs on the wood bench         Anabelle - Playing with blocks  
Itzayani - Playtime                                              Bradyn - Playing house 
Shayla - Outside time                                          Karsen - Toys 
Aaliana - House area                                            Aubree - I like playing house 
                                                                            Brooklynn - Riding on the bus 
A Head Start/CDC 's Child 's busy day begins with:
Greeting Time
Handwashing and Breakfast 
Small Group/Large Group
Planning Time/Work Time/Play Time
Clean Up/Recall
Outside Time and Lunch
 Story Time
 Home if a 12:30 classroom or Nap Time
 Outside Play/Snack
 Home if a 2:30 classroom
Parent Teacher Conferences will be starting soon. Volunteers are always welcome in the classroom! The children love new adults to play with!
Le Mars 3  
Hope's favorite things to do at school are painting and playing in the dress-up area
Lucie's favorite things to do at school are playing outside and singing songs
Rock Rapids 
My favorite things about school...
Kacen - I like to play with the play dough and cars
Alice - I like playing outside
Lucas - I like the pumpkins and leaves on the light table
Brianna - The fire trucks
Hadley - Playing at the light table 
Plymouth County Outreach 
A big 'Thank You' to Iowa State Bank for their recent donation to our office! These donations will be utilized for the Back-to-School program as well as the Crisis program. Pictured are Nicole Mier and Kayla Stubbe, Cherokee/Plymouth County Outreach staff along with Tom Bacon and Scott Jones of Iowa State Bank. We greatly appreciate their ongoing support! 
The Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LiHEAP) is in full swing. We will be taking applications by appointment for this program through April 30th. Appointments can be made by calling any of our Mid-Sioux offices. We will be holding clinics for LiHEAP in Kingsley on November 8th, Remsen on November 8th, and Akron on November 20th. In LeMars, our office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-4:00. The phone number is 712-546-6603.
We are currently looking for sponsors for our Holiday Gift Program. Our Holiday Gift Program assists families with children, as well as elderly and disabled persons with gifts for the holidays. If you know of any individuals, groups, or organizations interested in sponsoring a family in need this holiday season, please have them contact our office for more information. We will be distributing gifts to families the week of December 12th.
Early Head Start is a free, home-based program for expectant families and families with children birth to three years of age. If you know anyone interested, please have them contact us to complete an application.
Let's not forget about WIC! We can help interested families sign up for WIC services in Plymouth County. WIC is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for pregnant women and children under the age of five. WIC also provides information on how to keep your family healthy.  
Akron's food pantry is fully stocked right now due to donations received from Britton Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic.  We are so thankful for all of the donations that our offices receive. Akron's food pantry and office is open 10:00 AM-12:00 PM on the first and third Mondays of every month. Appointments can be set up by calling Deb McPherson at 712-548-6592.

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