July 25, 2016

Dear Kent School Parents,

Our new Head of School, Nancy Mugele and her family officially became Chestertown residents this past weekend. They moved into their new home and have already started to enjoy some of the best our community has to offer. Nancy regrets missing the 2016 Kent County Fair but assures us she will be there in 2017!

We hope you are enjoying these summer days and finding ways to stay cool. Here on campus, we have reached that tipping point when we are ready to see the joyful faces of your children! We still have several weeks to go but we are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school.

In preparation, here are a few reminders:
  • All Back-to-School forms may be downloaded from our website. Please return them no later than August 5.
  • The bus forms for the Queenstown-Centreville route are now online and available to download. Please return these at your earliest convenience (no later than August 5) since seating is limited.
  • We are still evaluating the re-introduction of a second route and hope to have more information within the next two weeks.
  • Download the Kent School App on your iPhone or Android for important reminders. 
  • Follow us on other social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr by clicking the icons below.
  • Check the all-school calendar on our Home Page frequently. You may print pages for your personal use by clicking the blue plus sign and enlarging the view.
  • Important upcoming dates: 
Thursday, September 1 - New Family/Student Orientation at 3:00 p.m.
Tuesday, September 6 - First Day of School
Friday, September 9 - Installation ceremony for Nancy Mugele as Head of School at 3:00 p.m. All students and families are invited and encouraged to attend. After care will be available at no charge.

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Keep track of our Educational Passages sailing vessel, The Osprey, by tracking progress  here. Plot its point on a map or chart and follow its course across the Atlantic Ocean. Although launched together, The Osprey is now ahead of the Radcliffe Creek and Country School boats. 
ASK ABOUT: Ask your child or children why The Osprey is so far ahead? Submit your theories  HERE.

Enjoy these summer days!

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