April 25, 2013
Surviving The Mud Run

The mud dash is like taking your neighborhood 5K and letting a bunch of sixth grade pranksters organize it.


These events are billed as a 5K obstacle run. Your optimistic self thinks it will consist of a handful of little mud puddles to leap over or that you might have to scale a small fence.


The reality is that you will scale walls, over hay wagons, hay bales and slog through waist-deep water. That's just the beginning. You may crawl on your belly through stinky water topped with barbed wire. There could be real cow bones to dodge as you trek through mud. You might have to hang on for dear life to skimpy tree branches on a mud-slicked embankment or risk tumbling into a small creek. You might have to run up and down a hill carrying a tire.


These were among the 20 obstacles I encountered last June during the Hog Dash 2.  It was sloppy and messy and sometimes really gnarly. But I think I laughed the entire time.


If you have signed up or are contemplating signing up for HD3, here are some helpful tips to make the experience better.


  1. Sign up for an early wave, unless you value sleep. This ensures that you get first crack at the obstacles and you get 'er done before the heat starts.
  2. Don't wear expensive or beloved gear. It will likely be un-wearable afterward. (Then again, I threw my entire mess in the wash afterward - shoes, included - and everything was fine.)
  3. Go with friends. I went with a handful of my running buddies, one of whom gamely hung with me (because I am slower). This came in handy when charging up a muddy, slippery hill with massive streams of water shooting at you from hoses. My friend, Renan, who had already made it uphill, threw his walking stick (found along the way) to me and I used it to finish the job.
  4. If you need help, ask for it. When we got to these giant hay bales, I figured that I could make it over, no problem. I'm a country girl. But I kept smacking into the bale and couldn't get over. I looked at a girl nearby. "Can you give me a boost?" And she put out her hands and I used it as a ladder to vault myself over.
  5. Conversely, if someone needs help, offer it. There was a woman who was sliding down a muddy hill and began crying. "I can't do this!" I reached my hand out to her and said, "Oh yes you can!" And we pulled her up.
  6. To tape or not to tape? The night before the Dash, I frantically looked up articles online about whether one should tape their shoes for a mud run. You see, the mud is like a vacuum that sucks unwitting shoes from one's feet. I opted to just tie my shoes really tight and hope for the best. Plus, tape on shoes is just plain unaesthetic.
  7. Wear snug clothes unless you want your shorts and shirt to get weird air pockets. I wore some short tights from Champion (at Target) and they were perfect. I found a T-shirt at the Pharr Goodwill that said, "I Make Dirt Look Good." It was a children's large and, luckily, fit me. I also wore an old pair of bike gloves that helped immensely on the climbs.
  8. Bring a change of clothes, plastic trash bags for the sodden ones and towels to sit on for the ride home. (I opted to wait until I got home to shower because of the lines at the convenience store hose off were long)
  9. Do not carry anything of value on you. Rings, watches, phones etc. will not fare well.
  10. Don't look down when you climb really high walls - if you're scared of heights, like me.

And that's pretty much it. The mud run is something everyone should do once. Laugh a lot, but keep your mouth closed when splashing through water. Just sayin'.


by Donna Pazdera

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