A Note From Your Middle School Teachers
Middle School Connections
September 8th, 2016

Dear Middle School Families,

Welcome to our first Middle School Connections! Please look for these emails every other Thursday. This is our primary way of keeping in touch.
We have greatly enjoyed getting to know your child(ren) over the past few days. These first weeks lay the foundation for the year to come. Already we have begun the work of building community, practicing routines, setting goals and learning the expectations in Middle School. 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful child(ren) with us!


Your Middle School Team

PowerSchool Parent Access for All Students New to the Middle School
All new families and all 6th grade families will receive access to PowerSchool (formerly named Haiku for those familiar with 2015-2016 nomenclature) on September 20, 2016. 

Students are expected to have their Chromebooks with them daily, fully charged and ready for use in the classroom.

For MS Students who have forgotten their Chromebooks at home, or come to school with uncharged Chromebooks, they should stop by the Tech Lab in the morning prior to their first class (8:30 AM) if they need a loaner for the day. There is a new online Loaner In/Out Form that they will have to fill out when they come into the Tech Lab. At the end of the day, they will also need to check it back in using the same form. Students should not expect to be able to check out a loaner after 8:30 AM or in the middle of class, nor should they expect to be able to charge in classrooms. Students who are having problems with Chromebooks are also encouraged to stop by before 8:30 or set an appointment for during Reflection period.

Chromebook Loaner  In / Out Form   (note: form will only be viewable to students because access is limited to those with seacrestschool.org accounts).

Fall Sports Registration

Registering for Fall Sports is now underway at Sea Crest. If your child is participating, and you have not registered for a fall team, please do so by this weekend. All Sea Crest Teams are managed through TeamSnap. Just use the links here to register your child on the appropriate team:  Cross Country Girls Volleyball Flag Football , and  Golf .

Registering is a two step process. After you have completed the Registration, Coach Strong will place your child on a team and generates an invitation to complete your Registration. You should receive an invitation for your child's team from TeamSnap by end of next week. Once you respond to the invite, you will be able to see team schedules and rosters.

Hungry Before Practice?

Middle school athletes are often struck by the munchies in the afternoon and may be tempted to ask for snacks at Extended Day (or After Care -- which is it?). After Care snacks are only for those students registered for After Care. Please have your child pack a healthy, energizing snack for after school. Suggestions for snacks to fuel your athlete can be found in the  Athletics Handbook.
Athletics Billing

All team sport require a payment of $175.00.  If you have paid your child's athletic fee of $175.00 already via a check then this has been noted on your TeamSnap account. Otherwise, you will be billed by Sea Crest School in this amount via FACTS be end of next week.

Looking for the Practice Schedule?

All League info, including practice schedules can be found in the  Athletics Handbook .
On The Horizon

Picture Day

9.14  Grades 4, 6-8

**Important Note**
Sibling photos are optional (they will not be automatically taken) and registration is required. If you have more than one child at Sea Crest and would like a sibling photo, please register here.
Volunteers needed!
Please sign up here:

Coastweek at Sea Crest

9.23  Special "Ocean Adventure" Assembly on Humpback Whales

9.24  Sea Crest Coastal Clean-up Challenge

Other Upcoming Events

9.28  Lice Check

9.29  High School Fair

How to Reach Us
  • If questions ever arise, please do not hesitate to reach out: jpatti@seacrestschool.org

  • If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at 650.712.9892.
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