Youth Ministry-Summer 2018
for Middle Schoolers
Okay, you're going to call me crazy, but below you will find what middle school kids (incoming 6th to incoming 8th graders) can do this summer!
I think you will get dizzy reading it.
YM Contact Info: or (office) 415-883-2177 Ext 16, or (cell) 925-784-0098
Let the fun begin!
GREEN events are for all 6th - 12th graders.
RED events are for 6th - 8th graders only).
Wed 6/13: 6 - 9 PM, meet in Hall.
The Summer Kick-Off Polaroid/Digital Car Rally. Have you ever done this? It's super fun. It's like a scavenger hunt and you take pictures and earn points. We'll have food, so don't eat before you come. YOU MUST RSVP by Text or email for this (if you can, if you can't or forget, come anyway).

Mon 6/18: 8 - 10 PM, meet outside Church.
Movie Night. So, I love movies, especially in the summer. And, especially outside! I'l be setting up a screen and showing different movies. Our first one is called I Can Only Imagine! And, we'll probably have snacks and stuff. I'd like to suggest you bring a lawn chair or something to sit on.

Wed 6/20: 7 - 8:30 PM, meet outside Church.
Water War Night. This kind of speaks for itself. You'll get wet, very wet! They'll be some team challenges involving sponges, super soakers, etc...come! Did I say you'll get wet? You are welcome to bring super soakers & goggles.

Sun 6/24: 6 - 9 PM, meet in Hall.
PlayStation/Game Night Extraganza. We have a very kind soul who works for Sony at our parish. And, he offered to provide SIX PlayStations for our use. Gamers! WE WANT YOU! If you're not into video games, we'll have board games, ping pong, basketball, and other random stuff to do, or you can just eat (we always have food) and watch the pros go crazy!

Wed 6/27: 7 - 8:30 PM, meet outside Church.
Cell Phone Trivia Challenge Night . All you have to do for this is bring a cell phone. Leave the rest up to us. If you don't have a cell phone, that's totally okay. You can still help your friends find the answers! PRIZES and SNACKS will be part of the night.
We're just getting started...

Sun 7/1: 2 - 8 PM, Concord, CA
Spirit West West Coast. Some of today's top Christian musicians will be performing at the Concord Pavillion, including Mercy Me , the band who wrote I CAN ONLY IMAGINE , and whose recent movie hit the big screen. Tickets are limited and cost $22. You must let me know if you're interested in this event right away to book your spot. CLICK HERE to see what's all about.

Mon 7/2: 8-10 PM, meet outside Church.
Movie Night. Bring a chair!

Tues 7/10, All-day, Vallejo
Six Flags!!! Cost and details will be sent out via email.

Wed 7/11: 8:30 - 10 PM, meet outside Church.
Glow Stick Capture the Flag. This late night fun will glow in the dark! We'll play on our parish grounds and light it up!

Sun 7/15: 12:30 - 2 PM , meet in the Church
Ice Cream Social and Family Sing-a-long (feat. Vince Nims + the Padua Peeps) . This event is open to students and families! We will have some ice cream right after the 11 AM Mass, and start singing in the Church about 12:30! It will be fun to share some of my signature tunes with you!

Mon 7/16: 8-10 PM, meet outside Church.
Movie Night. Bring a chair!

Wed 7/18: 8:30 - 10 PM, meet outside Church.
Bonfire Night. Smores, songs and silliness for all! Bring a campfire chair!

Thur 7/19: 9AM - 2PM, meet outside Church.
Holy Hike. A local trail and destination will be selected for us to tackle together as a group--all for one and one for all! Details will be sent out in an email.

Tues 7/24: All day, meet outside Church.
Hurricane Harbor, Concord. One of the top ten water parks in California is just 38 miles away! Lots of fun and WATER for those who go. Details and cost will be sent out in an email.

Wed 7/25: 7 - 8:30 PM, meet outside Church.
25 Ft BANANA SPLIT & Stranger Things! Yes, ice cream is good! 25 Feet of it is amazing! And so is Stranger Things! We will combine the two on this night with a huge sundae and an episode of Stranger Things!

Sun 7/29: 8:30 - 9:45 PM, in the Church
Candlelight Worship Night
For Students (6th - 12th grade) and Parents
Let us pray. These are three of the most important words Christians speak. And, it is a privilege to worship God together. And, it's amazing to do this in song and through song! Come enjoy some of Contemporary Catholic Music's best worship music by candlelight!

Mon 7/30: 8 - 10 PM, Hamilton Coast Guard Housing.
MOVIE NIGHT! On this night we will move our regular Monday Movie Night off-site. Details will be provided in an email.
Yes, there's even more!

Wed 8/1: 12 - 5 PM, Cal Skate, Rohnert Park.
Roller Skating Day. We'll meet at the Church, and then head up to Rohnert Park for some Roller Skating craziness. Cost: $11 (includes skates and session).

Tues 8/7: All day, meet outside Church at 10:30 AM.
GIANTS VS ASTROS, AT&T Park. Did I tell you I'm a Giants fan!?! Game time is 12:30 PM. Day game in the sun! There is nothing better than that! Details and cost will be provided in an email.

Wed 8/8: 6 - 10 PM, in Hall or outside Church.
NIGHT CAMP FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. Have you ever heard of Day Camp? Back in the day, a kid could be dropped off and then parents would pick them up later. Well, this is like that, but at night. An evening of fun and controlled chaos for MIDDLE SCHOOLERS ONLY! It will be four hours of unpredictable spontaneity! AND, MAYBE DATE NIGHT FOR PARENTS. Do not miss this! Friends are welcome.

Tues 8/15: All day, meet outside Church at 9:00 AM.
BEACH TRIP, location TBD. Flip-flops and friends! School is just EIGHT DAYS AWAY at this point, so you better get your BEACH on! Details will be provided in an email.

Sunday, 8/19: 11 AM Mass, in Church.
BLESSING OF THE STUDENTS. Hey, come to Mass and get blessed for the new school year. It can only help! Students will be asked to stand or maybe even come forward....We'll see. Just come and receive God's grace-filled blessings of abundant love and support!

Tues, 8/21: 7:30 PM, in the Church.
Pray for Our Schools Night . It goes without saying that going to school is a life or death situation. This is sad, but it is also true. Countless violent acts have taken place all over the United States on what was supposed to be a regular day of school. We should not forget these events or the many students and teachers who have lost their lives in recent years. This special night will lift up all those communities that have suffered loss, and extend special prayers for our local campuses and students for the 2018 - 2019 academic year.
A Permission and Waiver Release Form is needed for all of the events provided by Youth Ministry. To make it easier for the summer, I have attached a list of all the activities at the end of the Archdiocesan form. Simply sign the form (as usual) AND initial the events you think your child might attend (it does not commit them to going). Please turn this form into Vince when your child comes to their first event. I will keep this on file for the three months of summer. To print the form, CLICK HERE .
I will always, ALWAYS need help at our Youth Ministry gatherings. All volunteers must follow the below instructions.

New Volunteers:
You can do the training with two basic steps.

A) You need to complete what is called Virtus Training.  Simply go to: Then click on the FIRST-TIME REGISTRANT button and follow the instructions. You may need to navigate it by knowing that we are from the Archdiocese of San Francisco/St Anthony of Padua (Novato), and that you registering as an Adult Volunteer.  CLICK HERE FOR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS.

B) You need to be fingerprinted and background-checked . It's the same form. To print it:  CLICK HERE . And, again, follow the instructions.