The Sm1 gene for wheat midge tolerance was recently identified as naturally occurring in the following SWS wheat varieties:
  • AAC Awesome (CWSP)
  • AAC Chiffon
  • AAC Indus
  • ACĀ® Sadash
  • AAC Paramount is suspected to carry Sm1 but needs to be confirmed by field test in 2017

As with Midge Tolerant Wheat, specific stewardship practices are required to help preserve the effectiveness of the Sm1 gene. Here is the stewardship plan:

Seed growers will add refuge to all future seed stocks released of these varieties. In the meantime, w e're asking growers to help prevent creating resistance by following these guidelines:
  • If you grow one of these SWS varieties, add a refuge - 1 bushel of AC Andrew to every 9 bushels of tolerant SWS variety.
  • If you're unable to add the refuge, spray insecticide to eliminate the possibility of resistant midge (until you are able to add refuge).
Please discuss these new stewardship practices with your customers. We have created a poster to help with your communication efforts. You'll find it available in three sizes here.

There is No Plan B. We're counting on wheat growers to "do the right thing" and participate in the stewardship plan for SWS varieties.
You will find more information about this development and next steps in this industry letter.


This is a reminder that  al l customers - including wholesale transactions - need new Stewardship Agreements and Retailer Agreements signed each season.  
Please note that the deadline for submitting these contracts is July 31, 20 17 for all seed retailers . There is no need to wait until  the last minute, however, please  fax co m pl e t ed  S t e w a r dsh i p
A g r ee m e n t s as soon  a s po s s i b l e t t he  M i d g e T o l e r a n W h eat R esou r c C en tr e at 
1-8 6 6 - 22 2 - 7613.

By meeting these deadlines, we can be sure that the database is updated - this allows us to identify growers who are not in compliance and will prevent us from unnecessarily contacting growers who are.
All forms are available at and a detailed ch ecklist of your requirements is available here.
JUNE 2017
This edition features news and next steps regarding the recent detection of the Sm1 gene in some Soft White Spring (SWS) wheat. We need your help to get the word out about ensuring stewardship of our one and only midge tolerant gene.
We remind everyone of the ongoing stewardship protocols for growing Midge Tolerant Wheat and highlight the new deadline for submitting Stewardship Agreements.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact:
Wishing you a safe and successful growing season!

This message is from the Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team - a broad industry coalition representing plant breeders, government, seed growers, seed distributors and producer groups. The team is committed to maintain the viability of midge tolerant wheat by educating Canadian wheat producers on the importance of proper stewardship of the technology.
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