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Mieko Mintz Textiles

Mieko Mintz Textile
July 22 - August 20, 2017

4 weeks only

KOBO Gallery
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in Japantown)

Mieko Mintz Textiles
One of a kind garments made of vintage sari,
hand stitched kantha

Originally from Kyushu, Japan, Mieko Mintz uses handcrafted textiles from around the world to make contemporary pieces. Her signature line includes jackets made from vintage sari, each with its own variety of colors and its own story. 

Mintz's designs are made into kantha throws in West Bengal, which she then cuts to fit her jacket designs. Her focus is a unique line that is not only comfortable, but also contemporary, sophisticated and timeless. 

Traditionally, kantha textiles were supposed to help keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity.

Cuttings left over from making the jackets are recycled one more time to create hats, bags, and jewelry.
2017 SS Collection

Seattle Art Fair 2017

The Seattle Art Fair is a one-of-a-kind destination for the best in modern and contemporary art and a showcase for the vibrant arts community of the Pacific Northwest. Based in Seattle, a city as renowned for its natural beauty as its cultural landscape, the fair brings together the region’s strong collector base; local, national, and international galleries; area museums and institutions; and an array of innovative public programming. Founded in 2015 by Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair is produced by Vulcan Inc. and Art Market Productions. 

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