APRIL   2018
Be In Your Body   

Our bodies are prophets. They know when things are out of whack and they say so, although most of us welcome their news about as warmly as the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jeremiah's. We would rather lock up our bodies than listen to what they have to say. Where Christians are concerned, this leaves us in the peculiar position of being followers of the Word Made Flesh who neglect our own flesh or-worse-who treat our bodies with shame and scorn. From An Altar In the World, by Barbara Brown Taylor

Being in our bodies is tricky business. It means there is not only pleasure but pain. It means we have to acknowledge we are truly multi-faceted. We cannot segregate our spirituality from our humanity. We must be willing to hear the message our body speaks and honor it as the voice of Spirit as surely as we harken to the whispers our mind hears as Spirit. If God is everywhere present, then the divine is with us in the messy parts of life as well as those pristine moments in meditation.

Our body challenges us to praise the temple as well as the Spirit. When was the last time you spoke positively about how God expresses through your body? Do you look with love in the mirror and praise the temple you've been given?

Try being in your body this week without judging or condemning it. Try feeling the oneness expressing throughout your body, not as a bit of vapor somewhere near your heart. Try allowing the pain and hunger and discomfort to remind you of the delight and satisfaction and connection you also feel. Try knowing we are more than our bodies while being present in the body. 

Live in peace, love and harmony in the world this week.
Rev Joy Wyler-Bradburn
Calendar for this week

Thursday 4/12
7pm: Choir Practice
Friday 4/13

Sat  4/14

Sun 4/15
10am:  Listen, Listen

11:30am: Healing Service

4:30pm:  Iglesia Emmanuel Service*

7pm:  CODA meeting*
Monday 4/16
Office Closed

6:30pm: A Course in Miracles*
Tuesday 4/17

To listen to our service, "The Mysterous Answer", from 04/08/2018, click on the link

Dates to Remember:

THIS SUNDAY: Guest musician Mike Holliday
                     Healing Service

May 20th: Bob Sima and Shannon Plumber: Music, Message and Meditation

June 17th: Jon Mundy, A Course In Miracles: Message and Workshop

July 13th: Iron Pigs Game

Sept 9th: Annual Picnic


Connection Practice: Module 1
April 14-15

This session has been cancelled. If you are interested in future sessions of the Connection Practice please contact Rick Stober or Sandy Stober

Thank you for your service Eva Burkhart!

Eva Burkhart has stepped down from her position on the Board of Trustees.  She has served 5 years, including over 2 years as Board President.  Her leadership during the church renovation was priceless.  We deeply appreciate Eva's generosity, integrity and willingness to practice principle.  Eva has vowed to find new ways to serve ULV that fit with her busy schedule.  

Congratulations to Jennifer Hertwig

The Board of Trustees has appointed Jennifer Hertwig to serve the unexpired months of Eva Burkhart's term on the Board.  Jen has been active in the Choir and on the Prayer Chaplain Team.  Welcome to our newest Trustee!  

Claiming, Clearing and Cleaning
Saturday, April 21 8am

The Board of Trustees will be going through items in the attic on Saturday, April 21st, beginning at 8am.  If there is something you know is up there but you haven't seen used in many years and you would like to claim it, please join the Board on Saturday morning.  

The goal is to identify what we need, keep what we will use or records we are required to keep and release the rest.  Releasing can mean recycling or sending home with you.  

Please dress for work and join the Board at 8am!  

Rumi In Song
Saturday, April 21
7:30 pm 
doors open at 7pm 

Tickets are:
$10 Students
$20 Adults

Join Michael London and his guest, Paul Butler on Clarinet/Sax, for an evening of the poetry of Rumi set to music.  Michael will also share some new music.

Tickets are available at the door with cash or check.  For tickets in advance using PayPal see our website.  


All God's Children
Saturday, April 28th
7:00 pm  doors open at 6:30pm 

Unity of Lehigh Valley Choir concert to benefit Mercy School for Special Learning. The concert features ULV's Men's Quartet, Singer/Songwriter John Thomas, Soloists Mark Eutermoser and Jo Sieger. Also, featuring the Tone-Chime choir and the Magical Movement Dancers from Mercy School for Special Learning. 

Songs of Love, Hope, Bravery, Encouragement, Friendship, Truth and Peace. 

A love offering will be taken and all proceeds go to Mercy School for Special Learning in Allentown. Cash/checks only at the door. To donate in advance through PayPal please visit our website.  

 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life
Wednesday evening 7-9pm
May 2 thru June 6

Our next Book Study will be 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. Religious thinker Karen Armstrong has written more than 20 books on faith and the major religions, studying what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common, and how our faiths shaped world history and drive current events.

The twelve steps she suggests begin with "Learn About Compassion," and close with "Love Your Enemies." In between, she takes up self-love, mindfulness, suffering, sympathetic joy, the limits of our knowledge of others, and "concern for everybody." She shares concrete methods to help us cultivate and expand our capacity for compassion, and provides a reading list to encourage us to "hear one another's narratives." Armstrong teaches us that becoming a compassionate human being is a lifelong project and a journey filled with rewards.   from Amazon review

This interactive class will be facilitated by Reverend Wilma Alvarez, interfaith minister and LUT, on a love offering basis.  The book is available through Amazon and it is suggested you purchase the book and read the first two chapters for the first class.  

To watch Armstrong's TED talk, CLICK HERE

to benefit ULV
  Tickets are $3 each OR
2 tickets for $5
5 tickets for $10
10 tickets for $20

Basket prizes include a sterling silver mobius bracelet engraved with the Prayer for Protection;  a framed print of the Laughing Christ; and a Self-care basket featuring a Bev Freeman decoupage elephants, lotions by Jutland Creations and surprises.  Get your tickets from the office during the week or from Rev Joy or Jo Sieger on Sunday.  

The winning ticket will be drawn at our Choir Concert, April 28th.  You do not need to be present to win.  If you'd like tickets to sell in the community, please call the office during office hours.  

 Soles 4 Souls Shoe Collection at ULV
One person ' s unwanted shoes can help provide meaningful opportunities that many in developing nations need, which is why Unity of Lehigh Valley, is launching a shoe drive to collect new or gently used shoes.  Any size shoes for children, women and men are accepted.  
The shoes that we collect will be delivered to Soles4Souls -
a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Founded in 2006, the organization has distributed more than 30 million pairs of new and used shoes in 127 countries.

The shoe drive will run through April 29th.   There is a tub inside the church's main door to collect your donations during our shoe drive!  
For further information, please click on this link Soles4Souls

You can also contact Denise with any questions on this worthy cause at this link.  Contact Denise

 We see divine life as a living stream flowing through Pat Geelan, healing her at depth.

We join our prayers with Carol Brendlinger's family in love as her sister Joyce begins a new path on her soul's journey.   

What are you
grateful for?


Thank you to Mary Alice for offering to bring snacks in on the 3rd Sunday!  We are grateful for everyone who says YES to serving at ULV.
We are grateful for our new water dispenser that loads from the bottom!  
We give thanks for the daffodils bravely blooming despite the chill.     

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office: unitylv@rcn.com   

Saturday, April 14th, 2pm with Jo Sieger

Thinking about Unity based enrichment?  Planning a vacation?  Why not do both?  

SEE in the field at Unity Renaissance, Chesapeake, VA 
April 16-20, the Gnostic Gospels    For additional information and registration go to  https://unityrenaissance.org 

SEE in the field in Houston, TX, April 29th -May 4th featuring Rev Robert Brumet  For additional information and registration go to

SEE in the field in Gaithersburg, MD, June 3-8 featuring Revs Robert Brumet, Toni Fish, Eileen Goor and Cheryl Meyers 
For additional information and registration go to

Fillmore Festival at Unity Village: August 16-19  For more information and registration: CLICK HERE

Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration. Bishop John Shelby Spong and Bill Tammeus are scheduled in April with several other spiritual adventures throughout the year.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center  Classes, Workshops and Support  
Check out the many activities.  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE   The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  
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