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Zainabia Islamic Education Center Announcement
 Milaad - Birthday of Imam Ali & Other Masoomeen(a.s)

May 18th, 2013

Rajab 7th, 1434


In The Name of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful


Dear Momineen, As Salaam-u-Alaikum:

Zainabia Islamic Center will celebrate the birthday of Imam Ali (A.S.)  
and other Masoomeens (A.S.), born during the month of Rajab, on Friday May 24, 2013. Program will start with Maghribain Prayers at 8:30 pm.


After Qasidas Hujjatul Islam, Maulana Syed Nafees Haider Taqvi will deliver a lecture on what lessons we can learn from the life of Imam Ali (A.S.) and other Masoomeen (A.S.).

Children and youth are encouraged to participate in the program either
by reciting a Qasida or giving a speech in English or Urdu.
Please participate in the program and inform other Momineen about the program.

To sponsor Zainabia programs, please contact Zainabia management. May
Allah (SWT) for the sake of Ahlul Bait (A.S.) shower His blessings on you and your loved ones, and reward you both in this world and hereafter, Ameen.  



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