Once in a while we get something we have never offered in 29 years in this trade- here is one of those times. These pole systems were designed to hold up military camo netting and work great for that, but they are good for so much more as well. They are 4' long and 1 3/4" around and stack, so you can make a pole as long as you need to make an antenna tower, flag pole, sign poles, hunting blind supports, garden poles- the possibilities are almost endless.

Each set has 12 4' fiberglass poles, 3 of the "flower petal" type spreaders that are made for holding the camo netting but can be modified to be guy wire mounts or anything else you can imagine and the heavy duty duffel bag style transport case. 

We are also offering the option to add 12 military aluminum 12" tent stakes for $10- less than half what those normally cost alone.

Below is just one picture we found on the web of someone using these poles with a little ingenuity to hold an antenna in a highly mobile way!