We just made a great buy on there wrenches and are passing it on. Made in the USA by Armstrong, brand new with a lifetime warranty. The down side is we only got one size- 1/2' x 9/16". The up side is that this is a great size for anyone with an older American made car, motorcycle or tractor because it covers the two most common fastener sizes, making it a great glove box or tool kit wrench. The fact that it covers two sizes in one wrench makes it great for times when storage space is limited like on a motorcycle or tractor. We are offering these for just $8.95 with free shipping, a huge markdown of more than half from what these or any American made wrench usually sells for.

We also just got a shipment of these US Military Vehicle Tool Bags/Pouches and are selling them at $12.95. These bags are a time-test design that dates back to the WWII Jeep tool kit but made of modern materials. They are 20 1/4" x 10 1/8", made of heavy duty MILSPEC vinyl material like HMMWV tops are made from with a flexible plastic strip sewn into the top to keep the opening rigid and easy to use and a closure flap that ties around to keep everything snugged up and secure. These are brand new, real military issue, made in the USA tool bags. Great for keeping a small selection of tools, tire chains, spare parts or anything else handy and together in your trunk or behind a truck seat.

Special note- If you are an Amazon Prime member, we offer a growing selection of our gear- including these waist packs- on Amazon that can be seen at this link. Since our last email several more items have been added.