Miller Denies Gerrymandering
Former Governor O'Malley, Senate President Miller and House Speaker Busch were recently deposed for their role in the state's blatant gerrymandering.

O'Malley said that it was "[his] intent to create ... a district where the people would be more likely to elect a Democrat than a Republican," per the Baltimore Sun.

When asked if he wanted to draw districts that unfairly favored Democrats, Senate President Miller said "No."  Miller said he wanted "lines that are drawn fair to everybody."

There is only one problem with Miller's testimony - Governor O'Malley says otherwise.

O'Malley said that is was "certainly [his] hope, and it was part of [his] intent" when asked whether he thought the revised districts would help Democrats.

The former governor also said "state legislative leaders who took part in the redistricting process, including [Busch and Miller] had the same intentions," per the Washington Post.

Despite Governor Hogan's attempt at non-partisan redistricting, progressives in Annapolis repeatedly kill his attempts.

You can read Miller's deposition here, as well as Busch's and O'Malley's.
Senator Oaks Officially Indicted

Earlier this year, Sen. Nathaniel Oaks was charged with accepting cash payments in exchange for using his position to influence a development project.

Last Thursday, Oaks was indicted on nine fraud and bribery counts.

He was paid $5,000 by an undercover FBI agent in a hotel room.

If convicted, Oaks faces up to 20 years in prison.  Oaks has previously been convicted for stealing more that $10,000 from his own campaign fund in 1989.
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