Issue 6-22   
                 October 31, 2016 
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Dear Milwaukee,

We thank you for reading this edition of the Prevention Journal! As always, please email me to keep me informed  of your coming events, job opportunities, grant availability, and other activities. Your ideas and feedback are welcome.
Yours in prevention,
Elysse Chay Wageman
Prevention Services Manager, Public Policy Institute
Tobacco Free PSA video released

'Lady J' discovered her inner diva 10 years ago and quit smoking. Watch and share why life isn't a drag without cigarettes!

This video was made in partnership with the  UWM LGBT Resource Center. Thank you to our star,  Jaz Nance, for sharing your story and  Moonstone Media ( Selma Sea) for capturing it.

Milwaukee's teen birth rate reaches historic low
Milwaukee's birthrate for girls 15 to 17 years old continues to plunge, reaching a historic low in 2015, the Milwaukee Health Department plans to announce Friday.

The decrease was seen across all racial and ethnic groups, according to the department. The city's teen birthrate has declined 65% since 2006, when one out of every 20 girls gave birth to a child.

Discarded cigarette butts: More than an annoying eyesore in Milwaukee

Gross. Annoying. Ugly. But, illegal? This week, WUWM's  Bubbler Talk answers the question: Is littering by throwing cigarette butts legal in Milwaukee? 

The City of Milwaukee has had  an ordinance on the books since 1999. But according to a spokesperson, "To the best of our collective [Department of Public Works] knowledge, we have not issued any citations for cigarette butt littering."

Have you heard of Progressive Community Health Centers?
Since 1999, Progressive Community Health Centers has provided high quality, comprehensive care primarily
to underserved and uninsured populations in Milwaukee's central city. As a thriving, trusted focal point in the  community, we work to build neighborhoo d assets and eliminate health disparities by offering medical, dental, integrated behavioral health and social services. Financial counselors are available at all clinic locations to help patients with financial assistance and benefits enrollment. We also partner with Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin when medical needs are more complex, referring patients to some of the most skilled doctors in the area.
Project Coordinator,
Walker's Point Youth & Family Center
Milwaukee, WI

Family Support & Empowerment Program of Walker's Point Youth & Family Center is seeking an individual to assist in providing educational and support groups for youth and families. More information can be found online.
Internships available with
Teens Grow Greens
Milwaukee, WI

Teens Grow Greens  is looking for 14 to 17 year olds that are looking to improve themselves and their community.  The starting pay is $7.25 but if the teenager follows the Principles and Policies, they will be able to earn a raise to $8.50 an hour. More information available online.

Brighter Futures

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