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March 2015 - First Edition

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"But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word."

Acts 6:4


Now is the Time to Plan the Details of Your Important Mission

The winding down of winter is a busy time for those of you planning your mission and humanitarian trips. Perhaps it's the coming of spring, and Easter, and the impending feeling of rebirth. 

For those of you who have been in touch with Ministry Travel about your upcoming trips, thank you. We appreciate your faith in us, and we plan to continue to go out of our way to have our ministerial mission travel specialists take care of all of your details and needs.

For those of you who have not called Ministry Travel about your trip, please know that it is never too early to get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with any information you need, and there is never an obligation. 

You may also me interested to know that Ministry Travel works with several airlines that offer deferred billing. That way, you can understand your costs now and secure the lowest  airfares and travel expenses by taking advantage of advanced booking. This also gives you time to focus on your fundraising. Find out more by calling one of our ministry travel experts at 877-541-5726 or use our simple, no obligation Quote Request Form here.

Ministries of  the Month
Watering Malawi and Texas Baptist Men. 


"By providing the physical water 

the people already know they need, 

we are able to introduce them to the Living Water." 


~ Harold Patterson

Vice President for the Water Ministry of Texas Baptist Men



"Water poverty has become an increasingly popular missions focus for U.S.-based churches, ministries and denominational groups in recent years.


'It's a hot-button issue right now,' said Colleen Burroughs, executive vice president for Passport Inc., and founder and president of Watering Malawi, an advocate for clean water and systemic solutions to water scarcity, poverty and hunger in that east African nation.


It's also a complex one that involves educating people about sanitation and hygiene. Burroughs said it took her a while to learn that. Read more...


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The answer is absolutely YES.

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Easy Peasy.
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We have been thinking about that here at Ministry Travel. So we came up with a simple solution.

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