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This Week 01-25-17 at Sea Hag Marina
Greyson Pyle from Trenton, FL, caught a sheepshead that is almost as big as he is.

Claudia Green from Valdosta, GA, is showing off the redfish she landed.

Jeremy King of Steinhatchee, FL, caught these amberjack on a lime green SPRO Prime Bucktail tipped with squid.

Debbie Prado of Steinhatchee, FL, caught & released this 6.5lb/28" redfish.
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Evan Dodd from Steinhatchee, FL, is holding an amberjack he caught on a Williams Abyss Speed Jig.

Nick & Lauren Feagin celebrated Nick's 30th birthday with some reds & trout. 

Larry Danger of St. Augustine, FL, was excited about this amberjack for dinner.
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Ava Truluck from Gainesville, FL, reeled in this Florida snapper while with her family.
Sea Hag survived the unexpected flooding from the storm that blew through. 

Fish Tacos

Tide came up little higher than expected at the Sea Hag , but we fared it with minimal damage.

Alex English of Old Town, FL, & his crew used pink shine Gulp Jerk Shads on these two redfish.

 29' 48.99 W 
083' 36.51
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Roy Bass of Old Town, FL, landed two nice reds with a friend on his day off.
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Sea Hag's tackle specialist and future captain, James, was invited to Bass Pro to speak on the current saltwater fishing lures.

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Vanessa Allen from Newberry, FL, was ecstatic to fight this redfish all the way to the boat.

Dan Rosen from Chattanooga, TN, caught the biggest redfish in his crew on an Unfair Rip-N-Slash.

Bobbi & Ray McGraw from Jacksonville, FL, caught these fish on MirrOlure Twitchbaits & pearl white Gulp Jerk Shads.

Garrett Molloy from Gainesville, FL, caught a mess of seabass with his friends.

Vanessa Allen of Newberry, FL, & Vinny Nguyen-Phu of Gainesville, FL, doubled up on the reds.

Dan Rosen, Pat Neuhof & Steve Perrin of Cattanooga, TN, didn't let the weather keep them from the reds & trout.

Gary Winzenburger from Washington, MO, had a blast catching redfish on the gulf for the first time.

Dan Rosen, Pat Neuhof & Steve Perrin of Chattanooga, TN, caught fish rain or shine.

Deanna Deese from Gainesville, FL, snapped a picture before releasing this juvenile red grouper.


Tyler Rayborn from Steinhatchee, FL, found the sheepshead while night fishing.

Through the wind & rain the sunsets are still gorgeous.

Chase-N-Fish used the new Live Target  to land this bull red.

Berkley Series One Spinning Rod with a PENN Clash Spinning Reel works best for Brett Molzen

on Shack #4 Cobia Corner
#4 Cobia Corner can accomidate up to 12 people, it has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen & a laundry room.
#4 Cobia Corner has a nice private deck with an outdoor grilling area, great for spending a relaxing evening.

Adam Davis from Gainesville, FL, had a blast pulling in this redfish while in the "Hatch".

Brett Molzen from Steinhatchee, FL, used the new LiveTarget Swimbait to catch this monster redfish.

Photo of the Week
January 25, 2017 
Gray and Peggy Winzenburger from Washington, MO, made a special trip to see Sea Hag Marina and caught a mess of fish while here.

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Pink Columbia Rain Jackets
Frog Toggs


The Shacks at Sea Hag
# 27 Scallwag                                   #13 Shrimp
  • Our smallest "Shack" is the little and pink
  • Built in 1937; it still has jalousie windows
  • Two rooms, sleeps 4
  • The bathroom is tiny too
  • Amenities includes a coffee maker, TV, window A/C
  • The Largest "Shack" - sleeps 15 people
  • 6 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths
  • Granite counter tops & ceramic tile flooring 
  • Outside hot water shower 
  • Laundry room, full kitchen and a large covered screened deck. 
  • Great for families, meetings or events!