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- Winter 2016 -
The first few months in the New Year are always a time of change and renewal for all of us on the Minuteman Health team as we welcome new members and welcome back returning members.
Our quarterly MinuteMember e-Newsletter will help both new and returning members get more familiar with important Minuteman Health features. Read on to learn about plan benefits and coverages, updates to our In-Plan Provider network, helpful health & wellness tips, and more.
We'd like to thank you for choosing Minuteman Health to take care of your health insurance needs in 2016. We really appreciate your membership and look forward to helping you keep your healthiest in 2016. It's going to be a great year.
Wishing you good health,
The Minuteman Health team
Stay In-Plan & Register for Minuteman Health Direct 
Stay In-Plan!

Are you an HMO member? (Not sure? Look at your ID card. "HMO" will be listed under the plan name.) If so, you must  stay in Minuteman's In-Plan Provider network when receiving any non-emergency health care services. From doctor visits to lab work and x-rays, all non-emergency health services you receive must be performed by an In-Plan Provider. To find a Minuteman In-Plan Provider, use the Provider & Pharmacy Search tool , and be sure to select the appropriate state under "Your Plan's State."

#MinuteMemberTip:  A provider can mean a doctor, specialist, nurse practitioner, hospital, pharmacy, or any facility providing health care services.

If you are a PPO member (again, take a look at your ID card. "PPO" will be listed under the plan name) you have a little more flexibility. You are covered when using a provider in the In-Plan Provider Network as well as the First Health Provider Network. However, your health care dollars will generally go further if you stay with In-Plan Providers in our network. You can use both the First Health Network Provider Search tool as well as the Minuteman Health Network Provider & Pharmacy Search tool to find a provider.

#MinuteMemberTip: The more you stay with Minuteman In-Plan Providers, the more money you can save. 

Register for Minuteman Health Direct

Our secure, members-only online portal is the best way to access information on your Minuteman Health plan. Once registered, you can do things like find and select an In-Plan Primary Care Provider (PCP), review claim activity, access important plan information, and much more. Go to Minuteman Health Direct (or click LOGIN at minutemanhealth.org) and make sure you have your ID card handy. You'll need it to register.

#MinuteMemberTip:  All members have access to a health risk assessment tool on Minuteman Health Direct powered by WebMD. It's fun, easy, and will give you some helpful insights on your current health status. Go to the "Healthy Directions" tab to get started.
Elliot Health System & Hallmark Health System
We welcome Elliot Health System to our New Hampshire In-Plan Provider Network. It is the largest provider of comprehensive healthcare services in Southern New Hampshire, with its cornerstone, Elliot Hospital, in Manchester. In addition to being the designated trauma center in the greater Manchester area, Elliot Hospital provides a regional cancer center, urology center, and one of only three Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units in New Hampshire, among a range of other services. Elliot Health System also includes the following:
  • Elliot at River's Edge
  • Elliot at Londonderry
  • Elliot at Hooksett
  • Elliot Senior Health Center
  • Primary Care Locations
  • New Hampshire's Hospital for Children
  • Elliot Pharmacy at River's Edge
Visit Elliot Health System's website for more info.
We also want to welcome Hallmark Health System to our Massachusetts and New Hampshire In-Plan Provider networks. Hallmark Health is anchored by two hospitals, Melrose-Wakefield Hospital in Melrose and Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford. The system also includes the following:
  • Hallmark Health Medical Center for outpatient care
  • Hallmark Health Hematology & Oncology Center
  • CHEM Center for Radiation Oncology
  • CHEM Center for MRI
  • Hallmark Health VNA & Hospice
  • Hallmark Health Medical Associates
Visit Hallmark Health System's website for more info.
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- Member Advisory Council Applicants - 
Minuteman Health (MHI) is unique in that it gives members a voice in their health plan. Our Member Advisory Council provides another opportunity for you to give your feedback. So for this issue, we are turning the spotlight on any members who would like to take this opportunity to participate in our Member Advisory Council, which will be launched in the spring.
The Council's purpose is to gather input from members on issues such as MHI's products, customer services, quality and wellness, and provider access. This information will be used to better educate members about their health plans, increase transparency of the health insurance system, and improve Minuteman's services. To learn how to apply, visit
minutemanhealth.org/members/mac or contact Liz Metrano at 857-265-3332 or lizmetrano@minutemanhealth.org.
From the Minuteman Health Newsroom:

For more,  visit our Newsroom.
The Minuteman Health In-Plan Provider network is always evolving. Currently our MA and NH provider network combined includes over 11,200 doctors, hospitals, community health centers, and other health care providers. That includes over 8,000 In-Plan Providers in MA and over 3,200 In-Plan Providers in NH.
The In-Plan Provider map below shows where our In-Plan Hospitals are located, as well as the reach of our In-Plan Provider network.
#MinuteMemberTip:   New Hampshire members, your In-Plan Provider network also includes all Massachusetts In-Plan Providers, which means that you have access to all In-Plan Providers in both states. Just one more benefit of being a MinuteMember! 
MINUTEMEMBER BENEFITS - Emergency & Urgent Care
Good news, 2016 MinuteMembers enrolled in our HMO plans! We're making it easier for you to take advantage of urgent care facilities and walk-in clinics, even when traveling outside of our Massachusetts and New Hampshire service areas.
HMO members, if you need urgent care while traveling outside of our service area, you will be covered for urgent care services received at an out-of-plan walk-in health care center or urgent care facility. 
For HM O members in Massachusetts, this means that if you are outside our seven-county service area in Massachusetts, you will be covered for urgent care services obtained from an out-of-plan provider. (Please note if you are inside the service area, you will need to see an In-Plan urgent care facility in order to have your services covered.)
For HMO members in New Hampshire, this means that if you are outside our seven-county service area in Massachusetts and nine-county service area in New Hampshire, you will be covered for urgent care services obtained from an out-of-plan provider. (Again, inside the MA and NH service areas, you will need to see an In-Plan provider for urgent care services to be covered.)
All members are covered in emergencies--no matter where they receive services.
When it comes to life-threatening emergencies there is no need to worry about where you receive services. In a medical emergency, you should go to the nearest emergency facility. All emergency room services are covered in life-threatening situations regardless of where you receive services. It's important to know that staying In-Plan for emergency care may involve lower out-of-pocket costs than care received from out-of-plan services and facilities.  So if you have a choice, try to stay In-Plan. (You can search for In-Plan Urgent Care Facilities and In-Plan Walk-In Health Care Centers using our   Provider & Pharmacy Search tool. )
#MinuteMemberTip:  It's important to know the difference between emergency care and urgent care.
Emergency Care: Seek emergency care if your condition is life-threatening. You should call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room (ER) immediately. Notify your In-Plan PCP within 48 hours of your emergency care to arrange any necessary follow-up care.
Urgent Care: Seek urgent care if you need immediate medical attention but you don't think your condition is life-threatening. When you are in the service area, you can head to an In-Plan walk-in health care center, such as an In-Plan CVS MinuteClinic or In-Plan urgent care facility. Walk-in health care clinics are generally staffed by nurse practitioners or physician assistants, and can help with minor illnesses like colds, strep throat, ear aches and eye infections. Urgent care centers are overseen by physicians and provide care for conditions that are more than minor, like the flu, strains and sprains. If convenient, you can also visit your In-Plan PCP.
The opioid drug crisis has been a very prominent news story for many months now. It's clear that opioid painkillers are risky and may not be the best option for treating acute pain. What can you do to avoid the risks associated with opioid abuse?
  1. Talk to your doctor about treatment options--in many cases, over-the-counter pain relievers can be just as effective with fewer side effects.
  2. If you do take opioid medications, such as Percocet or OxyContin, take only what is prescribed in consultation with your doctor.
  3. Keep these medications locked away and out of sight.
  4. Don't keep leftover medications. You can check with your local pharmacy or police department to find take-back programs. Don't flush down the toilet or throw them in the trash.
There are also helpful local resources you can access for more information:
Sources: National Safety Council and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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