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Summer 2016
Happy summer! We hope you're enjoying the warmer weather and more time outdoors (while remembering to stay safe in the sun). If you're traveling this summer, rest assured that Minuteman Health has you covered for urgent care services when you are outside our service area-- scroll down to the MinuteMember Benefits section for more details.
You'll also find some helpful MinuteMemberTips, the latest In-Plan Provider Network updates, an In-Plan Provider spotlight and our Quick Links section in this MinuteMember eNews issue. 
Have a wonderful, healthy and safe summer!

Get Acquainted with
Minuteman Health's
Preventive Care Services

Our members' health is important to us and that's why you'll always hear us encouraging MinuteMembers to take advantage of the wide range of preventive care services included in every Minuteman Health plan. An extra bonus for MinuteMembers? When these services are received from an In-Plan Provider there is no member cost-sharing (that means no out-of-pocket costs.)
Dozens of preventive care services are covered including:
  • Annual Preventive Care Visits
  • Well-child check-ups, including hearing and vision screening
  • Well-woman check-ups
  • Routine prenatal and postnatal care
  • Blood Pressure Screenings
  • Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screenings
  • Many types of immunizations (including the flu vaccination)
  • A wide variety of contraceptives approved by the FDA and prescribed by an In-Plan Provider (please see our Drug Look-up Tool for contraceptives covered with no member cost-sharing)
It's important to know that while preventive care services do not include any member cost-sharing, your In-Plan Provider may recommend additional diagnostic services or screenings (i.e. tests or treatments needed to treat a previously diagnosed health condition) during a preventive care visit. If so, you will ONLY receive a bill for the services that are considered diagnostic. Always check with your In-Plan Provider if you have questions about diagnostic services.

For a full list of preventive care services visit Understanding Your Benefit Plan and scroll down to "Minuteman Health's Preventive Care." You can also find more information by accessing your Explanation of Coverage (EOC) while logged into your Minuteman Health Direct member portal account or calling the Member Services Team at 855-644-1776. 
As always, HMO MinuteMembers, you must always use In-Plan Providers when receiving all health care services. For POS MinuteMembers, you have more flexibility but your health care dollars will always go further if you use In-Plan Providers.
MetroWest Medical Center - "providing high quality, comprehensive care, 
close to home."
Named one of the Boston region's top hospitals in the U.S. News & World Report 2016 edition of "Best Hospitals," In-Plan Hospital MetroWest Medical Center is the largest community healthcare system between Worcester and Boston. The system is comprised of two hospitals and a network of supplementary clinical facilities servicing 26 communities with over 500 In-Plan Physicians. Facilities include Framingham Union Hospital, Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick, MetroWest Wellness Center in Framingham, MetroWest Cancer Care Center, and outpatient centers in Milford and Franklin.
Among its comprehensive range of medical services are the following:
  • Award-winning advanced cardiac care services
  • High technology cancer care including radiation therapy services
  • Onsite physician coverage from In-Plan Hospital Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center
  • Extensive surgical services including minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques
  • Comprehensive maternity services with a Special Care Level IIB nursery
  • A full range of behavioral health services
  • Community programs including aquatic and wellness classes, cancer support groups, childbirth education classes
    and more
Learn more at MetroWest Medical Center's website.
If you haven't already heard, change is coming to Nutrition Fact labels on all packaged foods and beverages. The FDA recently finalized the revised label to reflect new scientific information and help people make more informed food choices. Keep an eye out at the grocery store for these changes, which will be made over the next two years. Among some of nutrition label updates are the following:

Serving sizes will now reflect what people currently eat -e.g., servings that were once marked as a few chips might now reflect the whole package. For some food products that could be consumed either in multiple sittings or all at once-like that pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream-there will now be two columns to indicate the per-serving and per-package nutrition information to save you the math.

The total calorie count  will now be bigger and bolder.

There will be a new category for added sugars to help consumers differentiate between sugars added during processing-such as in cakes and cookies-and sugars that occur naturally, such as in fruits and dairy.

Vitamin D and potassium will be emphasized , with the labels now showing their gram amount (in addition to their percent daily values). However, Vitamins A and C will no longer be required on labels since deficiencies of these vitamins are rare nowadays.

For more information, visit the FDA's website
Take Advantage of the MinuteMember 
Wellness Rewards Program
If you haven't already heard,  g etting your annual preventive visit with your In-Plan Primary Care Provider (PCP) now pays off in more ways than one! 

Not only does your health benefit--your wallet does too. All you have to do is see your In-Plan PCP for an annual preventive visit and we'll send you a $50 incentive check

There's even more good news: We do all the work. You don't have to fill out any paperwork!

Learn more here
Minuteman Health's Massachusetts In-Plan Provider Network is always evolving. Currently our In-Plan Provider Network includes over 8,000 In-Plan Physicians, Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Urgent Care Facilities, Walk-In Health Care Clinics and other health care providers practicing at 13,600 locations throughout our seven-county service area in Massachusetts.
The In-Plan Provider map below shows where our In-Plan Hospitals are located, as well as the reach of our In-Plan Provider network. For a more detailed map visit. For a more detailed map,
click here .
Your In-Plan Provider Network includes ALL Massachusetts In-Plan Providers, which means that you have access to all In-Plan Providers in both states.
MinuteMember BENEFITS 
-Accessing Urgent Care Coverage while Traveling-
Summer is usually a busy travel time and whether you head to the ocean, the lake or the mountains you never know when an urgent care health issue might occur. But don't worry, MinuteMembers, we've got you covered -- inside and outside of our service area.
HMO members -
*NEW FOR 2016 *
- we have expanded our urgent care coverage so you are covered when visiting any urgent care provider located outside of the Minuteman Health service area. Of course when you're in the Minuteman Health service area  you MUST stay In-Plan and use In-Plan Urgent Care Facilities or In-Plan Walk-In Health Care Centers in order to be covered.
PPO members - you have flexibility no matter where you are. You are covered for urgent care services from any urgent care provider in or outside of the Minuteman Health service area. But remember, if you are within the service area you always save more money when staying In-Plan.
Did you know that CVS MinuteClinics are an In-Plan Provider? MinuteClinics are open 7 days a week and appointments aren't necessary. Visit the In-Plan Provider search tool to find a MinuteClinic.

For recent updates  visit our Online Newsroom.
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PPO members--need to find a provider? You have access to both our In-Plan  Provider & Pharmacy Network as well as our   First Health Provider Network . (Remember, though, the more you stay with In-Plan Providers, the more money you can save.)
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