Look Before You Book!

To make the most of your health care dollars, always make sure a provider is In-Plan before receiving care, especially when...
1. You're Seeing a New Provider
Always use our In-Plan Provider search tool to make sure your new provider is In-Plan. That includes doctors, specialists, pharmacies, laboratories or any other health care provider. If you need assistance, call the Member Services Team at 855-644-1776 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).

2. You're Having an Elective Surgery or Procedure
If you know you'll be having surgery or a procedure ahead of time, make sure all providers involved (including laboratories) are In-Plan. Even if you choose an In-Plan Hospital, some providers involved in your procedure may be out-of-plan. Always let the hospital or surgeon know beforehand that you only want to use In-Plan Providers.

3. You Receive a Referral
When your In-Plan Primary Care Provider (PCP) refers you to a specialist or lab, make sure the specialist is In-Plan prior to scheduling the appointment.

4. You Need Urgent Care Services
If you're experiencing a health problem that isn't life-threatening and aren't able to visit your 
In-Plan Primary Care Provider (PCP), using an In-Plan Urgent Care Center or Walk-In Health Clinic is a great option.
Important note:  If you need urgent care when traveling outside of the seven-county Massachusetts service area you will be covered at out-of-plan urgent care facilities and walk-in health clinics. (When inside the Massachusetts seven-county service area, you must STAY 

5. You Need Emergency Care Services
When it comes to life-threatening emergencies, MinuteMembers are always covered. However, staying In-Plan for emergency care may involve lower out-of-pocket costs than care from out-of-plan services and facilities. So, if there are two equally close emergency rooms in the event of an emergency, choose the In-Plan ER.  
It's easy to find an In-Plan Provider. Simply visit our In-Plan Provider search tool or call the Member Services Team at 855-644-1776 (Monday through Friday from 8am until 6pm).
In-Plan Provider Spotlight: Lowell General Hospital
Lowell General Hospital has been serving the Greater Lowell area and surrounding communities for over one hundred twenty-five years. With two primary campuses, Lowell General Hospital offers the latest state-of-the-art technology and a full range of medical and surgical services for patients, from newborns to seniors.
The Lowell General Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) is a non-profit organization comprised of approximately 350 member physicians and its hospital partner, Lowell General Hospital. The PHO was established in 1995 with the goal of developing a local, integrated delivery system providing outstanding quality care to patients in the Greater Lowell area.
Reminder: Take Advantage of the MinuteMember Wellness Rewards Program

Good news! Did you know that getting your annual preventive visit with your In-Plan Primary Care Provider (PCP) will benefit your health AND your wallet? MinuteMembers enrolled in a fully insured plan who are 18 years or older will receive a $50 wellness incentive check after visiting an In-Plan PCP for an annual preventive visit anytime during 2017.
There's even more good news--you don't have to fill out any paperwork. We do all the work!
In-Plan Provider Network Updates

Minuteman Health's Massachusetts 
In-Plan Provider Network continues to grow. Currently there are over 9,300 
In-Plan Physicians, Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Urgent Care Facilities, Behavioral Health providers, Walk-In Health Care Clinics and other health care providers practicing at over 17,700 locations throughout our Massachusetts service area.
The In-Plan Provider map shows where our In-Plan Hospitals are located, as well as the reach of our In-Plan Provider Network.
MA In-Plan Hospital Map 
Pharmacy Benefits - Now on

You spoke and we listened! 
From our last Minute to Think survey, we heard that members want easier access to pharmacy information on Your wish is our command! Visit our new pharmacy pages to find:
  • Preventive Medications: A list of preventive medications that are available to you at no member cost-sharing (that means no out-of-pocket costs).
  • Specialty Medications: Information about specialty medications and easy instructions on how to sign up for our specialty medication home delivery program.
  • OptumRx Member Portal: A convenient, direct link to the OptumRx Member Portal. Once signed on, members can review and retrieve medication history, refill or renew prescriptions, determine cost-sharing for medications and find In-Plan Pharmacies.
 MA Pharmacy 
Health & Wellness: Tick Bite Prevention

With experts anticipating an increase in tick-borne illnesses this year, be sure to protect yourself and your family from tick bites! The Northeast is at highest risk for incidents of Lyme disease, Babesiosis and a rarer virus, Powassan, especially during the summer months.
To protect yourself from tick bites, always:
  • Check yourself for ticks after being outside
  • Wear long layers when outside, especially when you're in humid, wooded or grassy areas
  • Use bug repellent with at least 20% DEET on exposed skin and clothing
  • Use preventive measures on pets to reduce the chance that they will carry ticks into your home

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