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New Student Newsletter                          November 19, 2012




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Thanksgiving Holiday
Academic Calendar
Placement Tests
Finding Housing
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Peer Leaders
  Peer Leaders
Josh, Mirii, Nattamon and Trevor 
are here to make your transition 
to becoming a student at MiraCosta 
an easy one. 
We've created a discussion board 
specifically for you! Join the Peer 
Leaders at 
and learn all about housing, where 
to find cheap textbooks, how and 
when to register for classes, what 
you can expect your first weeks 
and months in San Diego and much 
more. Get first hand advise from 
students who know. Sign up today! 
Thanksgiving Holiday!
 Turkey dinner
We getting ready to celebrate a traditional American holiday called Thanksgiving on November 22 where families get together to enjoy time and a turkey dinner. Do you have a similar tradition in your culture?  Write us and let us know!
International Day Celebration
International students from Vietman wear their traditional costumes and perform a traditonal Vietmanese dance during the Multicultural Festival celebrated at MiraCosta College annually.  As an international student, you are encouraged to bring your traditional outfit with you to MiraCosta College to celebrate the special international day!
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Dear Student:
We hope you are doing well! Have you received your F-1 visa and made your travel plan?  As an important reminder, class registration for new international students begins on December 10. If you are already in the United States, you should visit MiraCosta immediately to prepare for the class registration. 

Academic Calendar for spring & fall 2013?
 To help you make plans for your travel, the start and end dates for spring and fall semesters are as follows:
Spring Semester 2013: 
First day of registration 12/10/2012    
First day of class 1/14/2013
Last day of class 5/20/2013

Summer Semester 2013:      

First day of registration TBD

First day of class 6/17/2013  

Last day of class 8/8/2013

Fall Semester 2013:     

First day of registration TBD     

First day of class 8/19/2013 

Last day of class 12/16/2013                               

Mark your calendar! 
 The new student orientation will be on January 8 & 9. All new students are required to attend the orientation. Please make your travel plans accordingly.   
Placement Tests:
All new students are required to take the English and Math placement tests. After arriving at MiraCosta College, please report to the International Office to prepare for the tests.  You need to bring your passport and SEVIS I-20 form. Review test questions before taking the placement test.
Need to find a place to stay?
All international students should plan to apply to stay with a host family or arrange for temporary housing for your arrival.  You will not be able to rent an apartment before you arrive.  We have a housing section on our website that helps you find a place to live in Oceanside.  Check it out!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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