Miracle Grow

Almost everyone I meet in the far-flung places I visit is convinced that miracles no longer happen. I unswervingly disagree. For you see, I believe that with enough "Miracle Grow" you can cultivate your miracles.

Miracle-Gro usually refers to a plant food brand made by Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. It is commonly used in gardens and houseplants because Miracle-Gro provides nutrients that are otherwise depleted from the soil over time.

In this article, Miracle Grow refers to the ingredients necessary to support, nurture and produce miracles.

Bring It To Life

Miracles happen to those who believe. If you believe in something with all your heart and mind, you bring it to life. Miracles may be tremendous, or they may be small and subtle. Sometimes we try to grow a miracle, and we won't see the results for many years. On occasions, we don't even recognize something as a miracle until we suddenly realize it was there all along. Sometimes miracles are almost instantaneous and make us wonder why we didn't try growing them sooner.

Here are ten things that cause miracles.
  1. The Power of Appreciation  
    No matter your current situation, please allow yourself to appreciate at least one gift you've been given. If you have just gone bankrupt, appreciate your health. If you are sick, appreciate your friends and family. If you think unconditional love no longer exists, hold a baby or a puppy or both. Appreciate the smallest things and always remember that a 75-foot oak tree started as half an acorn. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
  2. The Power of Understanding -     
    It is very challenging to forget terrible things that may have happened to you in your lifetime, but understanding why and even forgiving the past are possible. As long as you are unable to forgive, those who wronged you will hold a certain amount of power over you.
  3. The Power of Letting Go -     
    You have come a very long way. You have seen things and have experienced things that might have broken others. Stop running destructive tapes through your mind. You are a good, kind and decent person; celebrate that. The more you celebrate yourself, the more unexpected miracles will pop up around you.
  4. The Power of Choosing Joy -     
    Every day, we have a choice to be joyous or to be sad. It is ours to control. Without joy, without choosing to be happy, we will not allow our right light to shine. Psychologists quickly assure us that happy and positive people attract other happy and positive people. No, it will not always be easy, but never underestimate the simple power of a smile. In fact, your joy could very well be someone else's miracle.
  5. The Power of Positive People -   
    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting negative people out of your life. Chase them away, discourage them, run away from them as quickly as you can. Negativity kills miracles, and nothing good comes from people who constantly tell you what you can't do, what you shouldn't do, what is flawed with your ideas and what is wrong with your optimism. You are better than how miserable people view you.
  6. The Power of Commitment -    
    If you want something, go after it. Miracles don't like passive people. You have the ability to accomplish far more than you believe, but you need to want it and to start right now. There has never been a lottery winner who has not first bought a ticket, and there has never been a batting champion who didn't take years of batting practice. Commit to something you are passionate about and never look back.
  7. The Power of Effort -  
    Sitting on a couch, wishing and dreaming about a miracle has never truly brought one about. Companies large and small, victories major or minor, hard-to-attain degrees, grand artistic talents and even magnificent gardens have never been created by inactive, lazy people. True miracles require some kind of exertion. Are you willing to put in the work?
  8. The Power of Attention -  
    The distractions of social media, chattering about people who have what you don't, or complaining to friends and relatives as to why someone doesn't deserve what you want destroys miracles faster than almost anything I can imagine. If detractors believe that miracles have no substance or form, what then can we say about digital keystrokes that divert our attention away from what is important?

  9. The Power of Blessings -   
    There are blessings and miracles all around you. If you try hard enough, you can start to see them. You must learn to appreciate miracles even though they might be affecting someone else. I recommend you go out and buy a notebook. Every time you see a miracle, write it down. If wonderful miracles seem to be happening to a friend or co-worker, bless them by expressing how happy you are for them. Karma has a menu from which you get served what you deserve.
  10. The Power of Prayer -   
    I recently read an article that concluded that when the chips are down, most atheists, even "devout atheists," pray. There is tremendous power in prayer, and I believe our prayers are heard. There is no right or wrong way of praying. In fact, I would submit that deciding to give up your ego to something higher is a miracle in and of itself. We are at our best in all things when we admit that we cannot do everything on our own. Pray. It causes miracles.

There are two ways to live. You can believe that miracles no longer happen, or you can live realizing that life itself is a great miracle


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