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Coming December 1, 2015

Looking for a place for your end of the year donations?  
Be a part of giving new HOPE for our FUTURE in 2016!   
We are looking for  
Child Sponsors!!

Sometimes sponsorship is a revolving door, sponsors have family issues or changes in employment and cannot continue to sponsor.
We are looking for several new sponsors, for our Miracle House Students and our Seedlings program.  Ask yourself, who can you talk to about MH and sponsorship?
Suggested Donations:
Sponsorship -
$30/$60/$90 per mo.
Seedlings Program -
$40 per mo.

If you are interested,
email us at:

Special Christmas Gifts 
Consider giving to provide an extra special Christmas for the children- suggested donation is $25. Please know any amount more or less is greatly appreciated and will be combined with all Christmas Donations to bless ALL the children.
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November 2015
The 2015 Holiday Season is upon us!
What are you THANKFUL for?
At Miracle House we have had an interesting 2015 and are excited for this upcoming season. We are thankful beyond measure for the amazing gifts we have received this year from our mighty God. We are celebrating this holiday season and ask you to join us in showing our true thankfulness - for the Lord's mighty hand on this ministry.
Psalm 65:11a "You have crowned the year with Your bounty..."

Please make sure to read through the stories this month and mark your calendars for some important and FUN events over the next couple of months!!

We thank God for YOU and pray blessings over your life.
A Special November Note from Deanna, Founder
Letter from Deanna November 1, 2015 ~ Praise God for His Presence in the lives of our students -
We visited a girl's secondary school (HS) in June and were met with greetings, photos, smiles... As we arrive, we know we have a very limited time with the girls and so do they, two of the leaders came and each of them engaged one on one with Samantha and myself. What they very intentionally shared was difficult to hear ...

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Read Letter to Mum Deanna HERE
Graduation ... and looking forward!
Graduation - three lovely young women, Happy Roda, Silvia, and Lona have completed Form 4 - equivalent to a high school senior in the US. They are our first Miracle House graduates and we are so proud! We will be celebrating them and their accomplishments while in Kenya this November. The big question they are asking is, "Mum, can we go to University?" We would very much like to say YES to that wonderful question. We are thankful it is even something they are able to consider, Miracle House has truly impacted the lives of these three and many more. (We want to support our students to go as far as they can - and do not believe in stopping support just because they have finished high school ...)

We are excited to announce: a scholarship fund, which is in process of being established for upper level education for our Miracle House students. The students will have to apply and they will have specific requirements to fulfill within the process to be eligible to receive scholarship. We are thrilled for this beautiful opportunity that is right out in front of our students!!

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, or giving toward this new fund - please contact us at info@miracle-house.org. 
~ TWO Upcoming Miracle House Events ~

Dinner ~ Maasai Market ~ Giving Tuesday
Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday ~ Giving Tuesday
Join us for Dinner:
Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015 @
Dillon Dam Brewery

- Tickets now available -
Adults: $15 (12 & over)
Kids: $7.50 (3-12)

Enjoy a nice dinner, do some Christmas shopping and help the 140 students at Miracle House Kenya with their education, school supplies and basic needs. New selections will be arriving directly from Kenya mid-November just in time!!
Great "Gift With A Purpose" Christmas Shopping!
Purchase Tickets at Dillon Dam Brewery or
email sam@miracle-house.org for other
advanced ticket purchase options.

Women's First Friday ~ January 8, 2016
A Special evening for Ladies only!
Cornerstone Real Estate Company, LLC and Miracle House are hosting a special ladies evening out at the brand new Cornerstone Real Estate office in Breckenridge.
Join us to tour the new office, see the superb real estate services we offer and learn about Miracle House, Kenya. Complete the evening supporting Miracle House by shopping at the Maasai Market brought directly to you from Kenya - offering a wide selection of handmade jewelry; baskets and more!
  Join us Friday, January 8, 2016
from 5:30-7:30pm
Cornerstone Real Estate Office
111-A Lincoln Avenue
Breckenridge, CO 80424

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