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The 50 Greatest Guitar Books 
Rare 2nd/1st Edition Sale, Half Price!


Due to a mix-up at the printer, a new printing of The 50 Greatest Guitar Books labeled "2nd Edition" actually is a repeat of the very 1st printed edition, including the original typos. And although the content of the book is still accurate and the typo issues minor, I don't want to sell these books at full price. So, if you are interested in a RARE 2nd/1st Edition copy of The 50 Greatest Guitar Books, one (or more) can easily be yours for just $10 + $4 shipping. And I'll even sweeten the deal by signing every copy! 


A rare, signed copy of The 50 Greatest Guitar Books for just $14. I don't expect these to last long, so order soon! Please note, though, that this deal is only available when using PayPal.






The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar
10th Anniversary

"If, to paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, the mark of a great artist is being able to keep two contradictory notions in mind and still function, then Persinger's musical abilities know few bounds." - Gramophone 
May 4th marked the 10th Anniversary of the release of The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar. The release of this CD was a significant moment in my life as I felt I had found a new, unique voice as a solo fingerstyle guitarist. Happily for me, lots of other people seemed to agree. 

The record went on to garner dozens of positive reviews, including being called one of the "Best of 2004" by Acoustic Guitar, and receiving high praise from some of my favorite players, including  Mike Keneally and Tim Sparks

You can listen to most of the CD on Pandora, but you can also pick up a physical copy all this month for just $5 (postage paid!) on Amazon. Be sure to get you copy at the Prester John Music storefront on Amazon

Thanks for your support. The Art of Modern Primitive Guitar continues to be one of my best selling recordings and it's a work I'm very proud of.
Live Performance Videos 


All of my live music projects have been going video crazy the last few months. As a result you will find a plethora of new songs to watch and hear on YouTube.
Prester John, The Luck Pushers, and 11twelve13, all have new videos online. Here are a few of my favorites.

"Plain of Jars" by Prester John

Crazy Soul Train by 11twelve13
Crazy Soul Train by 11twelve13

The Luck Pushers Play Classic Country
The Luck Pushers Play Classic Country

As usual there is even more to tell...but that's enough for now. Thanks for your continued support. 
- Shawn Persinger
Feel free to email Prester John with any music, booking, or guitar questions you might have. 
Thanks for your support. Prester John: Shawn Persinger & David Miller