October 2017 News
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Mitel’s UC Leadership Plan continues with ShoreTel acquisition announcement

2017 has been a busy year for Mitel!

In addition to its July 5th acquisition of Toshiba Telecom, Mitel completed a merger agreement with ShoreTel that catapults Mitel into 2nd place in the global Unified Communications market. 

The combined company provides an industry-leading portfolio of communications and collaboration solutions, and Mitel has pledged to provide continued support and an attractive path forward for all ShoreTel and Toshiba customers.

As your proven, leading regional Mitel partner, Third Generation can support all of your business communication needs, including the design, installation and support of your preferred UC deployment - cloud, premises, or a hybrid solution. 

We’re proud of our decades-long reputation for high performance and stability supporting Pittsburgh and Tri-State area businesses.

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Top Reasons to move to UC Cloud Voice Powered by Third Generation

Our clients are citing several factors driving their decision to move their voice communications and apps to our flexible, affordable Cloud solutions:

1. Flexibility of scaling up or down
2. Lower cost of ownership
3. Connects mobile and remote workforce
4. Ease and speed of adoption
5. Reduced risk of technology obsolescence
6. No-cost, instant system updates
7. Ability to assign IT staff to more strategic tasks

The time has never been better to begin your migration to the Cloud. According to Frost & Sullivan, the number of cloud communications users is projected to grow 25% to 30% annually through 2020. 

The benefits of the cloud are unmistakable - and making the switch to Third Generation’s Cloud Voice service is easier than ever.

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Connecting your Business with Cost-effective SIP Trunks
SIP Trunks are a popular replacement for traditional phone lines, offering cost savings, flexibility and features…

  • You can save up to 40% on your monthly phone bill. 

  • Automatic call-failover to a mobile phone or other number if you experience a power outage or disruption.

  • You can also transfer calls between your locations and/or enable advanced call routing features.

More business advantages… 

  • Nationwide support for all your office locations.

  • Local phone numbers for each of your locations, and easy-setup centralized call handling.

  • SIP broadband can eliminate the need for separate voice and data circuits.

  • Centralized billing for multi-location businesses.

Let’s talk about SIP trunks for flexible service and lower phone bills… Contact us today at 412-489-1100 or email  Mike@3GenUSA.com .
Getting the Word Out... The Ins and Outs of VoIP Paging Systems
Adding a paging system to your space can be accomplished two different ways – external paging through speakers and horns, or internal paging through the telephone sets. 

External Paging

Most manufacturing plants and warehouses, or other high noise areas, require an external amplified paging system. External paging speakers and horns are available as self-amplified systems, meaning that you do not need a separate amplifier to boost the sound levels.

When implemented with a premises VoIP system, such as Mitel’s MiVoice Office, a paging interface is included in the controller which allows easy connection to an external paging system. Connecting external paging to our Cloud Voice service requires a device which converts the VoIP to an analog voice signal that paging systems can use. In either case, paging can be divided into zones or areas.

Internal Paging

Internal paging through the phones is possible on both premises and cloud VoIP systems; however, consideration must be given to network design. Due to network requirements and other constraints, there are limitations on the maximum number of telephones that can be included in a paging group.

Cloud Voice phones use a service called multicast paging which allows the pages to be sent without the phone system being involved, whereas premises systems keep the controller active for the duration of the page.

Frequently we are asked if internal paging will work satisfactorily without an external system. Just keep in mind that telephone speakers are designed for low noise levels in an office environment. They probably won’t be loud enough to cover areas with higher noise levels.

When it comes to implementing a paging system, work with your local technology experts. Third Generation makes paging easy. Contact us today at 412-489-1100 or email  Mike@3GenUSA.com
Need an Avaya escape hatch? More reasons to go with Mitel & Third Generation
In case you missed it, Avaya filed another extension to exit bankruptcy in an effort to rally additional investment support.  

The Avaya displacement promos offered by Mitel remain in place until that time. Mitel’s limited-time offers are available exclusively to Avaya users or anyone actively considering investing in an Avaya solution in 2017.

With Mitel technology, your investment is future-ready, even as you grow or shift between on-premises communications, cloud communications, or a hybrid of the two.

Don’t miss this opportunity… Contact us today for all the details: 412-489-1100 or email  Mike@3GenUSA.com .
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