Get Lost In India
Rally For Health - India 2013

Get lost - and found - on the rural back roads in India... 


If you're searching for an experience that is equal parts self-guided adventure rally, medical & non medical volunteerism, and unforgettable cultural immersion, we want to invite you to join us on the humanitarian adventure of a lifetime.  


Provide invaluable medical care to remote communities that would otherwise go without vital care ... Make lifelong connections and indelible memories across cultural boundaries ... Enrich the lives of those in need as you push your own boundaries.


Quench your thirst for uncharted adventure, utilize your professional medical background, challenge your navigational and logistical abilities, and fulfill your passion for service - all as you make your way across rural India as part of a mobile medical rickshaw run, without a guide or an established route, in the country's most-trusted (and infamous) method of transport: the auto-rickshaw


Sound crazy? Sound dangerous?  It is - crazy, dangerous and amazing!
Still interested? Perfect -- we need you.


Rally for Health is an unique volunteer challenge -- truly unlike any other. You and your team of up to three will be provided with an auto-rickshaw, which will carry your team some 2000km in 21 days through the beauty, splendor, chaos, and sometimes danger that is India's rural road system. You'll make the memories and friendships of a lifetime as you and your team forge an uncharted path along the sometimes chaotic and dangerous back roads, working from one clinic site to the next, providing medical services to rural, underserved communities along the way.


No set route, no hand-holding ... you'll explore the boundaries of your team's collective abilities, supported by locals and their kindness, and your own resourcefulness and fortitude. For three weeks, you will be allowed to experience the India most people only read about. This is a rare opportunity to share your professional skills (each team must include at least one medical professional), immerse yourself fully in culture, and rally around those in need with a group of like-minded professionals. And did we mention the unparalleled adventure?

Rally for Health, India 2013.  Let's ride!


 Rally Dates: October 20th - November 10th, 2013


Cost: $2500 per team (1-3 participants share the cost)


Deposit: $1500 per team (1-3 participants share the deposit)


Fundraising Minimum: $1500 per team 


Not Covered: 

Airfare, Visa, Travel Health Insurance, Vaccines, Lodging, Food, Gas, Repairs 


Rally for Health 2011
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We are looking for both medical and non-medical team members looking to experience the adventure of a lifetime.
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 2011 Rally Blog

Read the personal blog of an ER nurse who joined us during the 2011 Rally For Health.  

Rally For Health - India 2013
 Mobile Medical Rickshaw Run

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