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September 2011
Creating My Own Kind of  Motherhood  backtotop me

 Those of you who know my story of the wacky, round-about way I became a mother know that I am far from being a traditional mom. Always wanting a large family, but unable to to biologically conceive, chasing that dream was not  easy. But from a young age, I was determined to make it happen. By my 29th birthday, I was a single mom with one adopted child -- a slow but good start.  That year, I kicked it into high gear.  I married a widower I'd only know 30 days, added 4 full time step children to the mix.  And because life wasn't crazy enough, I took on the challenge of a Native American foster child. Do the math.  It adds up to six kids, all calling me mom and singing Happy Birthday to me by my 30th birthday.  


Since I figured this was my one and only shot to do "the Mom Gig," I quit my job and decided to be a full time, stay at home mom.  It was the most difficult thing I've ever done. Between the sheer amount of work it took to keep a family that size going, the challenges of budgeting on a single income, not to mention the nonstop drama of it all, it was not easy. There were moments I doubted my sanity.  I can honestly say I have never worked so hard or cried so much. It's not something I recommend to the faint of heart. And I made a lot of mistakes -- all mothers do. But I did a lot of things right, too.  Today, 25 years later, I'm still happily wed and have an amazing family.  All the kids are grown, educated and married. I have 12 grandchildren and I'm hoping for a few more with our youngest son just recently married. I've started a new career and I am still following my heart and my dreams by sharing my art, writing and wacky philosophy with anyone who will listen.


For me, it was the right choice. 


The art of motherhood is not about carrying a child in your womb for 9 months and physically giving birth to a biological offspring. Its about choosing to raise, rear, nurture and care for the future generation. It is about leaving the world a bit better because you decided to spend your life teaching someone else how to live. For me, it has made all the difference.


All women are not mothers, but we've all had someone in our lives who at one point or another fulfilled at least a portion of that nurturing roll in our life. Whether she is biologically related to you or not, take a moment this Mother's Day to thank that special woman who took the time to mother you.


You can click through to see the tributes I am sharing this Mothers Day with my own mom, as well as my daughters and daughters-in-law -- the mothers of my grandchildren!           




A Teacher: Another Kind of Mother

Some women are made for birthin' babies, others, like me,find ways around it. But some women love, help and nurture children without ever assuming the title of mother.  We call them teachers. 

She Who Is Called To Teach


The honors we bestow upon those selfless men and women who spend their days teaching our children often reap rewards far less than they deserve. Face it, no one wakes up one morning and says, "Hey, I wanna get rich, I think I'll be a teacher." I have often been asked why I have a piece of art called "She Who is Called to Teach" and "He Who is Called to Teach" but not of all the other professions.  My answer is simple. I do not believe that teaching is a job or profession. I believe that teaching is a Divine Calling.  I believe the ramifications of teachers' work has eternal significance. They are the people to truly help shape our world.  And they do it in overcrowded classrooms, while fighting budget cuts and politics. So for them, I wrote this tribute: Click  Here. 


As your children wind down this school year, take a moment to really thank their teachers for the impact they have had on your child, the future community and the world. Thank them for making a difference.


54 Years Old and
in Braces!

So at the ripe old age of 54 I've decided to get my teeth straightened. Why did I wait? Well, it was always a money thing.  I never had the opportunity to have them as a child and then, as a young mother,  I always had a kid who needed them worse.  


The upside to the wait is now they have these wonderful "invisible" braces that, truth be told, are not as invisible as one might think. And they still hurt like the dickens as the teeth loosen and shift. But they are far better than the metal braces of yore.


The downside is that taking them out to eat is not as easy as it sounds. I look at yummy stuff to eat or drink and think, "Nope, not worth the hassle."  But I can drink water! So I've got my travel tumblers all over my studio filled with filtered water. (They are my grown up sippy cups so I don't knock my drinks over and ruin my latest creation!) I do think this is going to make me healthier though and it's beginning to seem plausible that I might lose a few pounds along the way.   


Bottom line, I'm smack in the middle of my 50's, going through adolescence again with the braces, comparing notes about it with my 14-15 year old Sunday School class. That is followed up being lectured by my grandchildren about why I need to keep my lid on my sippy cup at all times. (I wonder where they learned that speech?)  


Click the image if you want to see the tumblers I have all over my studio:  







Run with Us...
Lives are Depending On It

making waves

Preparations are in high gear  for Redneck Riviera's 2012 Wonderful Wacky Women Making A Difference Race on Perdido Key...just off the coast of Pensacola. 

Proceeds of this years race go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation at Florida Hospital. They have a team of amazing doctors doing cutting edge work in the field. They are ready for human testing and women are lined up for a chance to be in their trials. 

A newsletter will be out later this month that is just about the race. Please, take the time to read it and if you can't make it this year, pass it along to someone who might be able to. We are determined to make this the best year yet. You can also support the cure by purchasing one of our Gathering of the Goddesses Bag.

 Click here to sign up through! 

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